Mets Notes: Carlos, Quesada, Castillo, Wheeler, Niese

The Mets have long been on the lookout for a shortstop, but while many have speculated on the possibility of a trade with the Cubs or D’Backs, Mike Puma of the New York Post reports that the team will take a look at an under-the-radar Cuban shortstop in the coming days. Roberto Carlos, a 28-year-old Cuban defector, is in the Dominican Republic and garnering attention from the Mets. Carlos left the Cuban National team in 2012 and defected to America, but he is believed to have “slipped through the cracks” because he did not initially seek representation after defecting. The switch-hitting Perez last batted .339 with four homers for the Cuban National team in 2012, Puma writes, and he did have a brief stint in independent ball last season. Carlos, who until recently played under his full name of Roberto Carlos Ramirez, batted .357/.394/.425 in 293 plate appearances between two indy league clubs. He didn’t homer, but he did go 19-for-24 in stolen base attempts.

Here are some more Mets-centric links as we head into the weekend…

  • Also from Puma’s piece, while the Mets weren’t involved in the Rusney Castillo sweepstakes, the money required to sign him wasn’t the reason, according to GM Sandy Alderson. “I think it’s a matter of there might be some scouting differences of opinion, and kind of where we are and what we’re going to do in the immediate future, so there are lots of issues involved,” said the Mets GM. “We scout [the Cuban market], so it’s not as if we’re not aware of what is going on. It’s not like we’re not aware of who is out there.”
  • Puma also tweets that the Mets will work out Pavel Quesada as well, a Cuban third baseman who is said to possess some power.’s Jesse Sanchez tweeted last month that Quesada worked out for several teams at the Yankees’ facility in the Dominican Republic.
  • Zack Wheeler spoke with Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News and said that while he’s aware that the Mets have a perceived starting pitching surplus, he’s hoping to remain with the club rather than end up elsewhere via trade. “I’d like to be here,” said Wheeler. “I know they could use one of (the young pitchers) to get a bat or two, but I’ve been here for the rebuilding. I know it’s part of the game, but I want to be here after the rebuilding. I want to see the results.”
  • In an appearance with Chris Russo on the MLB Network (video link), Peter Gammons revealed that the Mets at one point last offseason offered Jon Niese to the Mariners in a trade that would have sent shortstop Brad Miller back to New York (it’s unclear what other pieces were in the deal).  The Mets may be happy to have held onto Niese, who has posted a 3.50 ERA in 141 1/3 innings while Miller has struggled to a .199/.273/.326 batting line.
  • Gammons also opines that the Mets and Cubs don’t line up well for a trade because the Mets would likely have to part with at least two young pitchers to make a deal, and that would thin out their depth considerably.

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  1. The same Niese who just cleared waivers? As an Ms fan, I’d much rather have Miller.

    • wnymetsfan 11 months ago

      As a M’s fan you would rather have a guy batting below 200 than a lefty starter with a mid 3 ERA on a pretty team friendly contract? Every major league player gets put on waivers in August. It isn’t like they put him on waivers to release him or send him down to the minors.

      • harperhill 11 months ago

        True, the Mets had no intention to release him or send him down. But the fact that no team made the waiver claim does illustrate that he is somewhat overvalued. If the contract was that good relative to performance someone would have made a claim.

        • Senor_Met 11 months ago

          You don’t understand how this works. Literally about 75% of players get put on waivers, and hardly any of them get claimed.

          Bryce Harper was put on waivers a couple weeks ago. Nobody claimed him. Does that mean nobody wants him?

          • Bob Bunker 11 months ago

            Harper got claimed and pulled back.

        • Out of place Met fan 11 months ago

          Not so much as over valued as it may have been perceived as a waste of time to place a claim on him. Sandy would ask for a kings ransom to a contending team in August for Niese. Additionally, why tip your hat for off-season planning and give pertinent information to competitors?

      • anon_coward 11 months ago

        niese and gee have histories of injury, if the mets can dump one or both of them they will do it

      • Quilcene 11 months ago

        NL pitcher stats don’t always carry to the AL- Miller will someday get his game together-

        • Out of place Met fan 11 months ago

          No but Safeco field is just as vast as Citi, with a better defense behind him Niese could show better numbers

      • harmony55 11 months ago

        Lefthander Jon Niese’s “mid 3 ERA” in the NL would pull down Seattle’s team ERA of 2.93 as the Mariners remain on pace for MLB’s lowest full-season team ERA in 40 years. I suspect the M’s still prefer the younger, cheaper and longer-controlled upside of middle infielder Brad Miller.

      • Out of place Met fan 11 months ago

        Met fan prospect beer goggles, blurs vision to that every prospect is better then a major league contributing player.

  2. melvin brookes 11 months ago

    i gotta admit–i just love the Mets. A place where careers go to die. No one even remembers that Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, Frank Viola or any of a hundred other vet superstars played for the Mets, because when they went there, their careers died. In the middle of NYC, empty ballpark, roaring planes overhead, the distinct feel of being the second best team in town, it’s all wrong.

    The entire team should just shove off and move to Brooklyn. At least they would be loved there. No one in Queens cares about them. At all. Even North Jersey would love them more.

  3. Dogger27 11 months ago

    I believe there was other pieces involve in the niese trade! I remember a few year ago the blue jays said they were willing to send Travis DAruand for just niese but the mets said no! At that time D’Aruand was ranked top 10 prospect by mlb!
    I figure the mets were asking for Miller and another piece for niese who is on a very good contract!

  4. chicothekid 11 months ago

    Just a couple of notes to add to this. I’d have to agree on Castillo. He’s just not a great fit for the Mets right now. Heading into this offseason, they need a cleanup hitter, RF and SS. They have to get those things out of two players. If they sign Castillo to play RF, that means they have to get a cleanup hitting SS. The only one of those out there right now would be Hanley, and with his contract demands, attitude, and defensive woes, he’s not a good fit. Because there aren’t any other cleanup hitting SS’s out there, that means they have to get their cleanup hitter from RF, so Castillo doesn’t fit.

    Second, the Mets should not be trading Niese unless they are offered a king’s ransom. We have a glut of pitching, and he’s the only lefty in the bunch until Matz is ready.

    • Senor_Met 11 months ago

      They would have Duda to bat cleanup, or Granderson if they get someone to bat leadoff. If d’Arnaud keeps hitting the way he has been since he’s been recalled he could slot in there against lefties.

      I’d take good players in any form the team could get them.

    • Bob Smith 11 months ago

      The fact he’s a lefty also increases his trade value though, so you have to factor that in. I love Niese, he’s been one of the lone bright spots the past few years but he’s expendable and a package built around him can bring back a nice haul.

  5. natfan 11 months ago

    Gammons also said that the Rays Dewon Brazelton was the second coming of Roger Clemens. LOL

    • rich 11 months ago

      Yes, the Rays have had a lot of trouble developing pitching lol.

  6. Pei Kang 11 months ago

    Honestly, I’d rather the Mets have gotten Miller (and others) for Niese. As good as Niese is, Miller’s potential is still 1000x more than whatever Ruben Tejada has given the team.

    Niese’s trade value has never been higher, so dealing him now for a Ss of the present makes too much sense.

  7. Matt Mosher 11 months ago

    Ummm….yeah, it actually was the money, Sandy.

  8. ReneNYM1 11 months ago

    The Angels are desperate I would do a Niece for Sean Newcomb

  9. calamityfrancis 11 months ago

    Mets must be thrilled they said no now.

  10. ric 11 months ago

    Problem is Alderson. No speed No power No wins
    How can you win without any speed and power? You cant

  11. ric 11 months ago

    Imagine this job description
    Once a year trade a veteran for a minor league prospect
    Never make a trade besides the 300 hitting speedy Pagan
    Make the worst signings. Young Grandy FFrancisco wright
    How do you keep this job and get the best staff and a few million a year!
    He has inherited all of Omar s prospects except wheeler and the catcher
    We need another 3 or 4 years at this pace!
    One thing is for sure. He will trade the WRONG pitcher!!!!

  12. Senor_Met 11 months ago

    Leave it to Mets fans to twist facts in order to fit into their “woe is me” attitude.

    You didn’t even mention the careers that have been revived with the Mets the past couple of seasons, like R.A. Dickey and Marlon Byrd.

  13. chicothekid 11 months ago

    Mets have a bright future. We are not very good now, but we can deal with that if there is something to look forward to, and there is a LOT to look forward to. I’m not sure what you mean by Mets fans twisting facts though. I’m a Mets fan and gave plenty of facts that show quite clearly that Viola and Glavine didn’t “die” with the Mets. How dare I let facts get in the way of a perfectly weak story? As for the other guy, he is clearly not a Mets fan.

  14. ric 11 months ago

    Omar signed Dickey and Byrd BEGGED the Mets and Alderson they did not pursue him but had nothing to lose! !! Worst GM in baseball second to none

  15. Senor_Met 11 months ago

    Sorry, I was referring to Mr Brookes, I completely agreed with you. I was just adding on with the point about Dickey and Byrd.

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