NL Notes: Solarte, Wang, Papelbon

Yangervis Solarte has made a good impression on the Padres since arriving from New York in the Chase Headley trade, Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes. He’s versatile (playing second base, third base and outfield), and he’s hit .271/.347/.383 in 126 plate appearances so far, coming up with several big hits. That’s not bad at all for a solid defender playing in Petco Park. The Padres can move him around the diamond to accommodate their other players. “He’s shown he’s capable of holding down a major-league job,” says manager Bud Black. “What role that is, I think depends on the makeup of the other 12 position players.” Here are more notes from the NL.

  • It’s unclear what the Brewers will do with Rule 5 pick Wei-Chung Wang, Caitlin Swieca of writes. Milwaukee selected Wang from the Pirates last fall even though he hadn’t played above rookie ball. He predictably struggled out of the Brewers’ bullpen, but since hitting the DL with shoulder tightness in July, he’s transitioned back into starting while on a rehab assignment at the Class A level. It’s unclear whether the Brewers will recall him in September.
  • The Phillies have had trouble drumming up interest in closer Jonathan Papelbon even though he’s cleared waivers and the Phillies are willing to eat some of his salary, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes. Papelbon’s declining velocity might be a one problem, but as Rosenthal points out, he’s gotten good results despite it. His personality might be another issue, but GM Ruben Amaro insists Papelbon is well behaved, even though he’s opinionated.

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1 year 9 days ago

i bet the Friars try to extend Solarte this off-season for insanely cheap, mark my words:

2015: $500k w/ $500k signing bonus
2016: $750k
2017: $1MM
2018: $3MM
2019: $5MM
2020: $8MM club option w/$500k buy out
2021: $10MM club option w/$750k buyout

Total possible: 7 years/28.75MM

This is what I think Solarte should extend for:

2015: $500k w/$500k signing bonus
2016: $2.5MM
2017: $5MM
2018: $7.5MM
2019: $10MM
2020: $14MM club option w/$1.5MM buy out
2021: $16MM club option w/$2MM buy out

Total Possible: 7 years/$56MM

1 year 9 days ago

I choked on my lunch.

No, just no. He’s got 400 MLB AB’s, on the back of a pretty average MiLB career. You think he should get 7.5 million in what would be his second arb year? 10 in his third?

1 year 9 days ago

BR says he isn’t arb eligible till 2017. doesn’t it mean they have him for a few more years until they have to pay big money out

1 year 9 days ago


way too much commitment. He bounced around in the minors for so many years, and guys that do that often have trouble having years of continued success. Maybe he is the outlier, but there is no logical reason that the Padres need to jump at paying big bucks, and trying to buy out his free agent years. He is already 27, and is under control for another 6 years, 4 of them arb. They give these long term deals to try buy out free agent years, he will already be well into decline even if he is still in the majors in 6 years. I have said all year that I would be more worried about him next year once the magic has worn off than the end this year. He is worth keeping around, but not worth any sizeable commitment. At the current time he is basically average at everything, and that was way more than anyone predicted. This isn’t some kid who you expect improvement. He is 27, this is his prime, Decline phase will be here before you know it.

1 year 9 days ago

What has Solarte done to show he’ll ever be worth an eight figure salary?

1 year 8 days ago

if they’re happy with Solarte, then it’s a good trade as the Yankees are extremely pleased with Headley… and may look to sign him to a new contract.

hope Solarte continues to do well.

Douglas Rau
1 year 8 days ago

Looks like the Headley/Solarte deal has worked out nicely for both sides. GMs prefer it that way–if it looks like you ripped a team off, that team is less likely to do business with you in the future.

1 year 8 days ago

Extending Solarte based on the last few weeks would indicate this new mgt group is more of the same. That is not a good thing. If you are selling he is better than other options currently availble and he can be a stop gap until Preller can evaluate who in the lower levels could come up; I’d buy that. Let not kid ourselves to think he is a cog from which this team can anchor the future. Refreshing departure for status quo, yes. Recipient of a multi year big dollar contract, ahh no.

1 year 8 days ago

Oh and for Chase, it’s just like him to perform better in an environment where there is little to no expectations. Good riddance, addition by subtraction. He never was a leader and really didn’t want to be. This move should have happened 2 years ago

1 year 7 days ago

A Padres fan calling the Yankees “an environment with little to no expectations”. This made me laugh. Have the Yankees fallen that far? You’re right about trading him during the 2012 season. After 2012 they could have gotten a haul.

1 year 8 days ago

Chase isn’t performing any better? He’s still .235 the last time I checked. oh wait, that is better than how he was performing with the Pads

1 year 8 days ago

What’s funny is that Solarte has better numbers than Headley in
literally every single offensive category for all of 2014 and also their
time with their new teams. Think about that and then consider the idea
that Petco is an extreme pitcher’s park and Yankee Stadium is an extreme
hitter’s park. And Solarte makes about $10 million less than Headley
this year. Obviously it’s a small sample size, but all indications have
been that Headley has been on the decline. Not saying Solarte will have a
better career than Headley, but the fact that Headley denied the Padres
on their big money offers is a major, major blessing for the Padres.
When you consider that Headley’s production + much more can be had for
about 5% of the cost, you realize that that’s the route the small-market
Padres need to take.

1 year 7 days ago

I’m was saying the player, not the franchise. Even Cashman said when the trade went through there was no guarantee to resign him next season.