Orioles Acquire Alejandro De Aza

The Orioles have announced that they’ve acquired left-handed outfielder Alejandro De Aza from the White Sox for minor league pitchers Miguel Chalas and Mark Blackmar. Orioles executive Dan Duquette says (via MASNsports.com’s Roch Kubatko on Twitter) that De Aza had been available for a few weeks, which suggests he cleared waivers.

USATSI_7890034_154513410_lowresDe Aza, 30, has hit .246/.312/.358 this season, with his power, in particular, taking a step backward — he hit a career-high 17 homers last year, but only has five this season, and his slugging percentage is off by about 50 points as compared to the last two years. He remains, however, a solid defender who can play all three outfield spots. He’s making $4.25MM this season in his second year of arbitration, and he can become eligible for free agency after 2015, although at least one executive has opined that De Aza could be a non-tender candidate after the season.

The Orioles already have a strong starting outfield of Nelson Cruz, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis, but they can surely use De Aza as a backup. With Manny Machado‘s recent injury, sometime-outfielder Steve Pearce is needed more frequently in the infield, meaning the Orioles have playing time available for a fourth outfielder type. De Aza’s addition will probably also mean even less playing time for fellow lefty outfielder David Lough, who has struggled at the plate this season.

Even with the Orioles’ need to play Pearce more in the infield, they were fairly well stocked with outfielders, so De Aza represents more of a luxury than a need. It’s no surprise, then, that they do not appear to have paid a high price to get him. Chalas, 22, has pitched most of the season with Class A+ Frederick, where he posted a 4.80 ERA, 6.4 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9 in 69 1/3 innings of relief. He has also appeared in two games for Triple-A Norfolk. Blackmar, also 22, has pitched 130 1/3 innings for Frederick, with a 3.18 ERA, 5.7 K/9 and 2.2 BB/9, pitching mostly has a starter. MLB.com does not rank either of them in its list of the top 20 Orioles prospects.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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  1. What? 11 months ago

    Interesting move…

  2. MAC 11 months ago

    Good for both teams. O’s get an extra bat with some speed, and the Sox can finally keep Jordan Danks on the roster to see what he can do with some playing time. Also clears a 40 man spot for another call up for September.

    • Rabbitov 11 months ago

      From an O’s fan this is a great move for us. We upgrade over Ryan Flaherty and give up nothing in return to do it.

    • colem4n 11 months ago

      If Chicago is committed to seeing Sanchez at 2B, I’d be giving LF reps to Semien. Since July 1 at AAA: .312/.426/.568. More walks (39, 15.6%), than K’s (37, 15.2%). .437 wOBA. 173 wRC+. 6/6 on bases. I’m assuming Chicago still sees serviceable LF as part of Semien’s versatility. LF or elsewhere, he’s deserving of everyday run.

    • Overbrook 11 months ago

      I hope the Sox don’t waste the audition period looking at Jordan Danks. He has limited talent and has had numerous opportunities.

      • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

        I couldn’t agree more. I would like to see Jared Mitchell in De Aza’s spot and Andy Wilkins in Dunn’s spot to see what they can do. They both deserve a shot to play everyday. Kenny and Rick already know what they are going to do with Jordan Danks, Viciedo and Dunn for next year. I would like to see Matt Davidson in there as well.

        • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

          If some reports are true, it looks like they are waiting for Dunn to waive his no trade to Oakland.

        • WillieWildkat 11 months ago

          Shaping up to be an exciting Sept, a reason for Sox fans to trek out to the cell, aside from Paulie’s victory lap. Too bad Michah is on the shelf, but would love to see these lads, along with Rodon or Danish

  3. Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

    Great pickup for the Orioles. De Aza had an atrocious start, but he’s been back to his normal self minus the power with limited playing time. Just a solid player that does everything, will be missed in Chicago.

    • Snag 11 months ago

      His atrocious start included two home runs on opening day.

      • Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

        He also hit .185 in April, .161 in May.

        • SquirrellyQ 11 months ago

          He is also one of the two worst base runners in the league along with gorDon Beckman. Glad to see them both gone from the Sox. Unfortunately, now we are probably stuck with Viciedo who’s another liability.

          • WillieWildkat 11 months ago

            That he is. Still think Dayan can develop-somewhat better plate discipline this yr and raw power, plus the only quality OF arm, at least until one of the kids comes up.

    • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

      Jerry, are you a cub fan?

      • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

        Oh wait a minute. I get it. You’re playing possum. No need for reverse psychology. It’s a done deal. Baltimore is stuck with him.

  4. BaseballBeisbol 11 months ago

    Hahn doing a great job of shedding the dead weight. I’d be fairly surprised if Viciedo was on the team at the start of next year.

    Also makes a Rodon 2014 cameo appearance even more likely now with yet another spot on the 40 man available.

    • Seamaholic 11 months ago

      They didn’t need to trade him for org filler to do it, though. Could have just non-tendered him. Kind of silly move from Sox perspective. Doesn’t really hurt, but no point to it.

      • steimel 11 months ago

        If they non-tender him they don’t get anything. Why not get a couple pitchers in return? It’s better than nothing at all.

      • WillieWildkat 11 months ago

        Sox have a way of turning org filler into useful parts. Look at all the dudes in the bullpen whose names start with the letter “P”. More chum for the revolving door

  5. steimel 11 months ago

    Yay! My day has brightened!

  6. Jacob Cook 11 months ago

    Hopefully he does the exact opposite of David Lough and returns to his better form, not vice versa.

  7. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 11 months ago

    I always liked De Aza!
    Way to go Duquette!
    I thought when they first announced the trade on MASN, I thought they were going to say they traded for Beltre! =P

    However, I am happy with De Aza!

  8. Go Bears! 11 months ago

    Baltimore, the city of Chicago thanks you!

  9. Jack Miller 11 months ago

    Always liked De Aza, him, Adam Jones, and Starlin Castro are my 3 favorite players to watch.

  10. James Flores 11 months ago

    Wow the Orioles got robbed! Pretty sure Rick Hahn would’ve traded De Aza to them for a bullpen catcher, some pine tar, and a fungo..

    • Rabbitov 11 months ago

      They got minor league filler in return. We need our pine tar.

  11. basemonkey 11 months ago

    This move isn’t about the OF. Certainly some of those basic things matter, but this is about his lefthanded bat.

    He’s shown some pop in the past, has base stealing ability and speed. That combo at the top of this order has Nate McLouth-esque potential to maybe catch lightning. He might see some time in front of the RH power, or at least on the flip slot at #9. If he can get on base, he could help unlock a dimension that’s missing in this offense, which Lough hasn’t quite been able to manage.

  12. Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

    You had me until you said De Aza is a solid defender. What else, a smart baserunner? Bad defender, almost always throws to the wrong base or misses cutoff man, bad pitch selection at the plate and probably the worst instinct on the bases I have ever seen. Good riddance Alejandro. Definite non tender candidate.

  13. Chioakcisco 11 months ago

    Looking at his Baseball Reference page, Mark Blackmar might be the only person on Earth to have attended Temple College (TX) and Temple University (PA). Honestly, how does that happen?

  14. Sorry, but DeAza is not a “solid” defender as stated in this article. Jordan Danks needs to go too, though he is a “solid” defender. Can’t hit consistently in the big leagues, time for him to move on too like Gordan Beckham.

    • NRD1138 11 months ago

      De Aza fell over his own stupid feet trying to catch a fly ball this season.. Good luck Os. Danks I dunno, I know one thing, he costs a lot less than De Aza did, both in the field and on the payroll.

    • NRD1138 11 months ago

      double post

  15. MiggyCabby24 11 months ago

    What becomes of Delmon Young? He’s played well for them, getting big hits.

    • Baloo 11 months ago

      He’s been excellent as a late-inning pinch hitter this season, so I’m sure he’ll be back in that role, never hurts for depth.

  16. WillieWildkat 11 months ago

    Hope things work out for Allie. Yes, a boneheaded blunder on the basepaths every other homestand or so, but well liked in the clubhouse and on quite a tear since a frighftul April, hitting over .300 to get to where he is now. Why do I get the sense that one of these pickups will develop into a diamond in the rough?

  17. orangeoctober 11 months ago

    Decent trade, I think. Gives them another left handed bat off the bench, and he could play better defense than Cruz/Young I’m sure. The only lefty they had off the bench before that was Flaherty and Clevenger. Plus they gave up basically nothing. Looking at De Aza’s numbers on BR, he’s been getting more hits and his slugging has been slowly rising for the last two months.

  18. NRD1138 11 months ago

    WOOHOO Christmas comes early, De Aza AND Dunn gone AND you get something for both? WOW, I mean I could care less who they got back, just surprising that Hahn got anything for him.
    Now as long as Hahn does not trade Sale for a 3rd base prospect this off season things should be looking up.

  19. Unassisted Triple Play 11 months ago

    5 homeruns this year and 3 of those were in the first series of the year, 2 in the first game! His power has taken a step back is a total understatement, it’s practially a complete power outage!

  20. Tyler Claus Coners 11 months ago

    Viciedo next? Maybe John Danks?

    • NRD1138 11 months ago

      Danks is stoo hard to move right now, and Viciedo is likely going to be DH to see if they can get his numbers to rise before trying to trade him.

  21. William Warner 11 months ago

    Jordan Danks is horrible not even a (4a) minor player but the sox are moving the right way you can not enough arms or money to put a good product on the field

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