Walt Jocketty Likely To Remain With Reds

Walt Jocketty will remain the GM of the Reds beyond this season, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes. Jocketty’s contract is up after the season, and the Diamondbacks could make changes after a disappointing year. That led to speculation that Jocketty could head to the desert to reunite with Diamondbacks chief baseball officer Tony La Russa, with whom he worked in St. Louis. Apparently, though, Jocketty is staying put.

Rosenthal notes that there could be tricky times ahead for the Reds. They already have about $80MM in payroll obligations for next season, not including Johnny Cueto‘s option and arbitration-year salaries for players like Mat Latos, Aroldis Chapman and Mike Leake. After next season, several of their starting pitchers are eligible to become free agents. As Rosenthal points out, the Reds are likely to deal one or more starters this offseason.

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  1. tackett44 11 months ago

    Walt has did a good job overall. Of course, the haters will focus on the negative and not mention the good.

    • Keith Hamilton 11 months ago

      Oh yeah, never winning a playoff series, decimating the farm system, and making absolutely no trade deadline moves the last two seasons just screams quality GM.

      • Ray Ray 11 months ago

        You are complaining about decimating the farm system (which I disagree with) and making no trade deadline moves at the same time? How exactly has he decimated the farm system IF he has made no deadline acquisitions? They still have all of their top prospects (Stephenson and Winker) and actually added David Holmberg to the mix for a superfluous catcher last offseason. Some prospects like Corcino regressed a bit, but that’s hardly Jocketty’s fault. I just don’t understand your logic.

    • BlueCatuli 11 months ago


    • ForeverRed 11 months ago

      Have we won a World Series under Walt? This is all that matters!!!

  2. focuschills 11 months ago

    let him go back to st louis

    • JimEdmondsMVP 11 months ago

      Nah, you can keep him. He looks way better in Cincy red than he ever did in Cardinal red.

  3. TSOLID 11 months ago

    Funny How no one points the finger at Price. Yet, Dusty won with equal/more injuries and they run him out of town. Price gets a PASS, after inheriting a WC team. Dusty Might not have gotten you guys far, but at least he got y’all to the DANCE. Hypocrisy at its finest in Cincy

    • ray_derek 11 months ago

      Dusty is a horrible manager, ask any Cubs or Giants fan.

      • TSOLID 11 months ago

        That’s why his managerial record is 1671-1504. That’s .526 winning %. Smoke on that. You can say how horrible he is all you want, but #’s don’t lie

    • Nathan Boley 11 months ago

      The team rolled over in the last week of the season and the wild card game, they were hardly there anyways.

    • monroe_says
      monroe_says 11 months ago

      So injuries to Latos, Votto and Phillips and the lack of depth on the roster are Bryan Price’s fault? Good to know.

      • TSOLID 11 months ago

        Latos, Cueto, Ludwick were hurt last yr. my point is… What is the DIFFERENCE from last yr?? They still won 90+ games with those injuries.

        • Jaysfan1994 11 months ago

          Shin So Choo providing a .423OBP and a 6.3 oWAR doesn’t hurt.

      • Jerry Redmon 11 months ago

        Hiring a guy with no manager experience was stupid, he had the same personality as Dusty, if they were going to hire a first time manager is should of been Paul Oneil, maybe he could push Votto in earning that stupid contract of his!

  4. schellis 11 months ago

    Jocketty has done nothing to bring new impact talent to the Reds since trading for Latos years ago. Weak GM that is only good for offering contracts on old ex-Cardinals. The fact that he gives multiple years to replacement level bench players infuriates me to no end. Nobody is offering Schumaker, Hanahan, and Ludwick the deals the Reds gave them. Then throw in the big contracts to non-closer relievers. Teams with the Reds payroll can’t have multiple relievers being paid like they’re closers.

    There is a reason why the Cardinals let him walk.

  5. monroe_says
    monroe_says 11 months ago

    Pluses: trading for Latos and Choo. Signing Chapman (although the org loses points for wasting him in the pen.) 3 trips to the playoffs in the last 6 years.
    Minuses: trading Travis Wood for Sean Marshall. Trading Encarnacion for Rolen. Signing Joey Votto to 10-years $225M, Brandon Phillips: 6 years $72.5M and Homer Bailey: 6 years $105M, and to a lesser extent: Ryan Ludwick: 2 years $15M, Jonathan Broxton: 3 years $21M, Sean Marshall: 3 years $16.5M … his love of aging ex-Cardinals, keeping Dusty Baker around ….

    • Jerry Redmon 11 months ago

      Dont forget how he was to lazy to block waivers on Marlon Byrd last year, and he end up hitting the game winner HR in the 1 game playoff!

      • Nathan Boley 11 months ago

        Ha I’ll never forget how stunned us Pirates fans were that the Reds let Byrd fall into our laps. That was an atrocious move.

        • Jerry Redmon 11 months ago

          Would like to hear anyone defend Walt for not blocking Byrd? To me it shows he is lazy and needs to retire!

    • TSOLID 11 months ago


  6. garret 11 months ago

    Walt has accumulated a boat load of pitching he can trade for hitting next year. Speaking of pitching where is the new cuban pitcher?

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