Chad Billingsley Rumors

Jake Peavy Rumors: Tuesday

9:58pm: Peavy apparently rejected one trade, to an American League team with a small ballpark.

12:12pm: David O'Brien says Braves and Padres officials met Sunday and Monday to talk Peavy, discussing proposals not including Tommy Hanson.  The Braves remain the favorite.

12:08pm: Brewers GM Doug Melvin says he is not engaged in talks for Peavy.

10:32am: Joel Sherman says the Yankees have shown no early movement toward Peavy.  Free agents just make more sense.  Still, Jay Paris snagged some good quotes from Axelrod and Towers about the Yankees possibility.

8:52am: Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod, says they have not given approval for the Yankees or Angels.  Axelrod reiterated that the Yankees would have to pay a premium (likely an extension).  Towers said he doesn't believe the Angels would have to pay the same premium.

8:35am: Towers also doubts Peavy would approve a trade to Milwaukee.

8:03am: Let's kick off a fresh post for today's Jake Peavy rumors.  A reminder of the latest news: Peavy has preapproved the Yankees and Angels, bringing his total to seven teams.  Padres GM Kevin Towers indicated that Peavy would not approve a trade to Boston.

Towers referenced the Dan Haren and Mark Teixeira deals while indicating he wants quality over quantity back.  CBS's Scott Miller has info on some players discussed.  He says Felix Pie, Ronny Cedeno, and Rich Hill are available from the Cubs.  With the Dodgers, Chad Billingsley and James McDonald have been discussed.  We know Towers wants more from the Dodgers, but Billingsley seems unlikely.

Sherman's Latest: Yankees' Off-Season Plans

Earlier this week Hank Steinbrenner promised changes this off-season for the Yankees. Today Joel Sherman of the New York Post speculates on what those changes could look like...

  • Sources tell Sherman that Steinbrenner wants to make CC Sabathia the highest paid pitcher ever.
  • Sherman thinks Shane Victorino would be a nice fit for the Yankees in center field.
  • Some Yankees officials are toying with the idea of trading some of their young pitching if the Yankees do land Sabathia and another veteran such as AJ Burnett. Sherman thinks a player like Phil Hughes could be used to land a young center fielder or first baseman such as Joey Votto of the Reds.
  • Sherman feels giving Mark Teixeira a 10-year deal would be a mistake.
  • Sherman also wonders if Robinson Cano should be dangled this off-season in an attempt to land a starting pitcher like Zach Greinke, Chad Billingsley or Matt Cain.
  • Sherman thinks the Yankees should offer Bobby Abreu arbitration in hopes of landing two draft picks, and says if Abreu accepts the arbitration it would not be a terrible thing, but would force somebody else to be moved.

Cork Gaines writes for and can be reached here.

Angels and Dodgers Battling For Miguel Cabrera

UPDATE, 11-15-07:'s Joe Frisaro says the Angels are in the lead now, and trade talk for Cabrera is picking up with A-Rod on the verge of signing.  Frisaro says a deal could be done by Thanksgiving, in contrast to Joe Capozzi's suggestion that this would happen at the Winter Meetings.  The L.A. Times explained several Dodgers/Angels scenarios on Wednesday; that's also worth a read.

FROM 11-13-07:

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post says the Dodgers and Angels are leading the pack in the Miguel Cabrera derby.  Four other clubs are said to be in the mix.  The Marlins will continue to field offers and hope to trade Cabrera at the Winter Meetings in a few weeks.

Both the Dodgers and Angels are also in the mix for Alex Rodriguez.  Scott Boras must love Cabrera messing up his market.  A friend of Tommy Lasorda's told me today that Lasorda puts the Dodgers' chances of signing A-Rod around 25%.

From the Angels, the Marlins want Howie Kendrick, Nick Adenhart, another pitcher, and an outfielder.  Now that's a tall order! Ervin Santana or Joe Saunders could be in the mix.  Maybe the Marlins like Terry Evans, Nathan Haynes, or Reggie Willits as well.

The Dodgers are being asked to pony up four of Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw, Andy LaRoche, James Loney, and Matt Kemp.  Capozzi suggests the Dodgers would probably only include one of the pitchers.  Even so, a Kershaw/LaRoche/Loney/Kemp package is insane for one player.  That has to be well over $100MM of value - a bit less than 20 team-controlled seasons.  Three of the five would still make for a sweet bounty.  The team acquiring Cabrera would probably be compelled to lock him in past 2009.   

An educated guess at the other four teams in the mix for Cabrera: White Sox, Red Sox, Yankees, and Giants.  I'll guess that the Indians have bowed out. 

Kemp/Kershaw for Santana

Well it's what I call an "official possibility" now.  In his chat yesterday afternoon, Jonah Keri of Page 2 confirmed the Johan Santana for Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw rumor that's been generating a lot of buzz here at MLBTR.  Let's discuss, shall we? 

Kemp and Kershaw both have 6 years before they reach free agency.  Santana has 1.  There's the obvious red flag right there, Dodgers fans.  But if Los Angeles GM Ned Colletti wants to win now, and he usually does, Santana could be the golden ticket.  I shudder to think of how dominant Santana could be not only in the NL but also in Dodgers Stadium.

If you're the Twins, and you know you can't afford Santana, I think this is a no-brainer.   Especially if (big if) you think you have Francisco Liriano returning to form.

The question remains:  Is an ace like Johan what the Dodgers need to win?  I'm not so sure.  They're rotation has been solidified by the emergence of Chad Billingsley.  With a scrapheap lineup of Gonzo, Nomar, and Pierre, Matt Kemp could become their best hitter as early as... tonight.

Posted By: Nat Boyle

Jays Offered Rios For Myers, Billingsley

According to Ken Rosenthal's latest column, the Blue Jays wanted either Brett Myers or Chad Billingsley plus Matt Kemp or Jonathan Broxton in return for right fielder Alex Rios.  Both clubs are known for their current starting pitching surpluses; the Phils actually have the need for an outfielder.

Not too many teams are looking to unload an AL-East-ready starter, so the Jays might have to lower their expectations.  Plenty of teams could make room for Rios as a right or center fielder.

Billingsley Day!

Curious about this Chad Billingsley guy debuting for the Dodgers tonight?  He's one of the game's best pitching prospects, and RotoAuthority has the details on him.  Read up.

Also, click here to view his career stats and here to view his work in Triple A this year.

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