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Contraction On The Way?

Interesting article over at The Cub Reporter today by Arizona Phil.  According to the post:

"MLB owners have the unilateral right to contract MLB by two clubs effective with the 2007 season. To do this, MLB owners have a three month window starting on April 1, 2006 to make the decision, and then the owners only have to notify the MLBPA by July 1st.

Look for MLB owners to travel "under the radar" and then suddenly announce sometime in June that two teams will be contracted for the 2007 season. Personally, I believe it WILL happen."

This is something on which I’ve remained willfully ignorant.  I really just hate the idea of eliminating teams, even if it makes sense economically and for the cities.  I just think you’re going to crush a couple million baseball fans.  I couldn’t imagine being a lifelong Twins fan and watching a contending team like that simply dissolve.

UPDATE:  Here’s a poll so we can see which teams you’d like to see go.

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