Frank Thomas Rumors

Olney: A’s Offer Thomas Two Years

So the A’s second offer for Frank Thomas is two years, $8MM, not all guaranteed.  Which begs the question, is the Big Hurt still in it for the money?  Because he could command much more on the open market.

As I mentioned in Oakland’s team outlook, there’s a decent chance Beane lets Thomas walk.  It all depends on whether he’ll take a pay cut to stay.

Oakland A’s Buzz

I’ve got a source out of Oakland who filled me in on the latest buzz from the club recently.

Frank Thomas has told his agent, Arn Tellem, that he wants to join the A’s.  Billy Beane holds all the cards here, as Thomas’s confusing medical reports have scared off all other suitors.  Gambling on Thomas’s health is another example of Beane snagging a player undervalued in the market.

Word is that the A’s really don’t want to go to arbitration with Milton Bradley.  Bradley’s due for a sizeable raise from the $2.5MM he made in 2005, and he’s using his leverage to milk the team for some extra bucks.

He’s no longer an Athletic, but the word is that Octavio Dotels medical records indicate that he only has one or two years left in baseball due to some possible shoulder problems.  Dotel also had Tommy John surgery in June 2005.