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Odds and Ends: Kershaw, Medders, Tavarez

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Odds and Ends: Royals, Cashman, Tavarez

4:45pm: Updating the Tavarez item – the Boston Herald reports that he’s accepted a minor league assignment in order to buy the Red Sox more time in trading him.

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Odds and Ends: Jacque, Lee Hak-ju, Tavarez

Here’s today’s collection of links.

Julian Tavarez Designated

8:12pm: The Rockies have strong interest in Tavarez, and Troy Renck thinks a deal could be reached within a couple of days.  The Red Sox are just trying to get some kind of prospect out of it.

2:07pm: The Red Sox have designated Tavarez for assignment.  Nick Cafardo says trade talks with the Rockies and at least two other teams didn’t lead anywhere, even when the Sox offered to eat most of the contract.  The Red Sox asked for a pitching prospect from the Rockies but couldn’t get it.

MONDAY, 9:57am: Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post says the Rockies’ talks for Tavarez are dead.  His guess is that the Rockies will end up with Josh Fogg and won’t have to give up anyone.

SUNDAY: On May 8th, Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald reported that the Rockies remained interested in trading for Julian Tavarez, but no advancements had been made in the talks.  On May 9th, Rockies owner Dick Monfort said the team had no plans to acquire a fifth starter.  First, the Rox wanted to try 22 year-old rookie Greg Reynolds.  Today in his big league debut Reynolds allowed four runs in 5.2 innings to the woeful San Diego offense.  Franklin Morales could return to the team in a couple of weeks; he tossed five no-hit innings in Triple A today.

This evening, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe learned that the Rockies’ talks for Tavarez are ongoing.  The Red Sox already traded Bryan Corey; Tavarez could be next.  Bartolo Colon could join Boston’s rotation before month’s end.

Tavarez, 35, pitched in 51 games for the Rockies in 2000.  He set a career high with 11 wins that year.  His groundballing style sounds like a decent fit in Coors.  He has about $2.9MM left on his contract this year.

Rockies Not Planning Starter Acquisition

FRIDAY: Rockies owner Dick Monfort says the Rockies aren’t looking to acquire a starter at this time.  As of yesterday Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald said the Rox remained interested in Tavarez but that no advancements had been made.

THURSDAY: On Tuesday we found out that the Rockies have been looking into a number of trade options for their starting rotation. The two most common names in the conversation are Josh Fogg and Julian Tavarez, both former Rox. Fogg has given up over a run an inning for the last place Reds, and could be DFA if the team opts to go with youngster Homer Bailey, who has a 2.72 ERA in AAA. Tavarez might be expendable for the Sox, though that would mean depending on David Aardsma.

Today, Jack Etkin of the Rocky Mountain News tells us that the Rox have inquired on Cardinals pitcher Anthony Reyes. We’ve heard the rumor that the Cardinals are shopping the former USC star, though they are looking for "an upper echelon prospect back, plus another piece." Any Rox fans want to toss out names of trade candidates? Could Brian Fuentes be the other piece?

After a poor major league showing in 2007, Reyes broke camp with the Cardinals this year as a reliever. He didn’t fare very well, allowing eight runs in 13.2 IP, though of course that’s a measly sample size. He’s since been optioned to AAA, where he’ll be showcased as a starter. He has yet to make an appearance.

Etkin further notes that the Rox have had no substantial talks with the A’s about Joe Blanton or Rich Harden, nor the Rangers about Kevin Millwood. It’s unlikely any of that crop will be traded until much later in the season, if at all. The Boston Herald confirms the team’s interest in Tavarez, and as Tim noted, Walt Jocketty didn’t deny the Fogg rumors.

Posted by Joe Pawlikowski. If you see any rumors, send ’em over.

Rockies Looking For Starting Pitching

7:22pm: Walt Jocketty did not deny the Fogg-Rockies rumor when asked.  Maybe he’ll be a little more loose with the rumors than Krivsky was.

9:18am: Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post has details on the Rockies’ pursuit of starting pitching.  Their search includes some familiar names.

  • Josh Fogg seems like the most likely acquisition; he’s a DFA candidate for the Reds.  Fogg received an early one-year offer from the Rockies this winter that was later pulled back.
  • Julian Tavarez, another former Rockie, is on the radar again.  The Red Sox don’t seem to have much use for him.
  • Kevin Millwood figures to be a popular name in the coming months.  Renck says the Rangers want "the right players in return, not salary relief."  Millwood makes $8.5MM in ’08, $11MM in ’09, and $12MM in ’10 (if he reaches certain innings incentives).  He also has a limited no-trade clause.
  • Rich Harden may come off the DL soon, but he’d have to remain healthy for probably a month before teams become seriously interested.
  • Renck says Joe Blanton is "currently not available."  The A’s are the current Wild Card leader, after all.

Red Sox Designate Snyder for Assignment

Relief pitcher Kyle Snyder was designated for assignment by the Red Sox this afternoon to make room on the roster for Josh Beckett, who is set to come off the DL and start for Boston tomorrow. Snyder is out of options and hence cannot be sent down to Pawtucket.   

Snyder has not impressed in 2008. Today versus Toronto, he pitched a third of an inning, gave up two runs, and walked two. March 25 against Oakland, he gave up two runs on two hits, including a solo home run. He wasn’t terrible in 2007, posting a career-best 3.81 ERA, but the Red Sox still preferred Eric Gagne over the 6’8" righty for their postseason roster.

The move makes sense for Boston, since they have a better long-reliever/emergency-starter/mop-up man/Manny-Ramirez’s-stable-pony option in Julian Tavarez. (Tavarez stanched the bleeding today in Toronto, going two and one-third innings and allowing just one hit and one walk.) The Red Sox now have 10 days to release Snyder, trade him, or put him on waivers.

So where will Snyder go now? It’s hard to say—at this point in his career (he’s 30) there’s not a lot of upside anymore. I don’t see another major-league club making room for him on their roster, so a trade seems unlikely. The probable outcome, in my view, is Snyder consenting to a minor league assignment after he clears waivers.

Sarah Green writes for the Boston Metro and UmpBump.com. She can be reached here.

Cafardo’s Latest: Fuentes, Sowers, Laffey

Boston Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo’s Sunday column has new hot stove material, as usual.

  • Cafardo notes that Kyle Snyder, Julian Tavarez, and Bryan Corey have all been heavily scouted by other clubs.  Snyder is out of options, so he’s a good trade candidate.  Cafardo mentioned on Thursday that the Orioles were taking a look at Corey, who might return to Japan if he doesn’t join a big league ‘pen.  I imagine the Sox are going to want the insurance Tavarez provides.
  • The Phils are hunting for a southpaw reliever and another starter. Brian Fuentes remains on their radar, but they’re competing with the Tigers and Yankees for him. 
  • The Indians could make southpaws Jeremy Sowers and/or Aaron Laffey available, if Cliff Lee maintains his spring success.  Cafardo says the Cardinals, Phillies, and Astros are eyeing them.

Odds and Ends: Gregg, Hawkins, Tavarez

UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 1:12pm: Per Troy Renck, the Rockies denied interest in Tavarez.

UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 9:22am:  The Rockies are one NL team confirmed to have an interest in Tavarez.  He pitched for the Rox in 2000, making 12 starts.

FROM 12-5-07 at 12:31am:

Early Wednesday collection of randomness…

Phillies Rumors: Rowand, Benson, Colon, Reyes, Tavarez

A few articles on the Phillies have surfaced this morning; let’s see what’s cooking on the hot stove.

  • The Phils would pay extra to get Aaron Rowand to take a three-year deal.  Jim Salisbury quotes Rowand’s agent as saying ten clubs are after him.  Salisbury names the usual suspects but throws in the Twins, Royals, Rangers, and Orioles depending on the term.
  • Todd Zolecki confirms the Phillies’ interest in Kris Benson.  He’ll be throwing for teams a few weeks from now.
  • The Phils like Benson best among the rehab project group, now that Randy Wolf is signed.  They’ve also contacted Bartolo Colon‘s agent and may be in on Jason Jennings.  Zolecki also names Anthony Reyes and Julian Tavarez as two possible trade targets.
  • Despite what was said yesterday, Zolecki says Livan Hernandez is not high on Pat Gillick’s list.  They remain in the mix for Hiroki Kuroda