Shawn Green Rumors

Trade Candidates Part 2

Last time we looked at players in their contract year and trade possibilities.  Today we’ll open the field and see who else could be available.

Dealing Shea Hillenbrand or Eric Hinske would probably make sense for the Blue Jays.  It looks like the two will enter 2006 splitting DH duty for the Jays, and Hillenbrand may have twice as much value with the bat as Hinske.  The problem is figuring out which team actually has a need for a middling 1B/3B/DH type.

The Red Sox have six starters (seven if you think Papelbon is rotation-ready), but they shouldn’t be so eager to send one packing.  Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling are highly unlikely to make all of their starts.  Epstein might send Arroyo over to Tampa Bay for Julio Lugo anyway.  More likely, of course, is a signing of Alex Gonzalez and a trade of David Wells for a spare part or prospect.

A lot of folks think Carlos Pena still has some good seasons ahead of him.  For example, PECOTA projects him to hit .255/.349/.482 in 514 ABs in 2006.  The Tigers could probably use some sort of contingency plan in case Carlos Guillen misses time again.

The Diamondbacks have too many veteran OFs and no place for Carlos Quentin.  I’m sure Shawn Green and Luis Gonzalez are available, it’s just a matter of finding clubs to take most of their salaries.  Both outfielders are still contributors.

Shawn Green: Not Headed To Cubs

I caught wind of a December 14th James Renwick article by way of loyal reader Brian today.  According to Renwick, "Shawn Green is going to be dealt, probably to the Chicago Cubs, in the next couple of days."  Keep in mind that Green has a no-trade clause that stipulates he can veto a trade to any team besides the Angels, Dodgers, and Padres.  It’s been said that Green’s wife prefers to live in Arizona or California, although it should be noted that Green is from Des Plaines, IL.

The D’Backs would love to trade Green, but it won’t be easy.  I’m still pretty confident that the Cubs’ new RF will be one of the eligible players from this list.  As mentioned then, it appears that the frontrunners for the job are Aubrey Huff, Kevin Mench, and Craig Monroe. Preston Wilson, Juan Encarnacion, and Jacque Jones are also legitimate possibilities.