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Mark Buehrle To The Cardinals

Disclaimer: this one is pure speculation.

Over at the premiere Cardinals blog, Viva El Birdos, lboros dropped a very intriguing name: Mark Buehrle.  There haven't been many published reports of Buehrle being available.  Here's the logic behind the Buehrle idea according to commenters Demetre and lboros.

Demetre: There really isn't anything concrete about Buehrle being available (I don't think) except for his unapolegitic, vocal, native STL love and desire to be a Cardinal at all costs.

Its about as pre-ordained a cardinal pitcher-to-be as i can remember outside the system.

lboros: the Buehrle is pure speculation on my part, but based on two considerations:

  1. He's due to be a free agent in 2007 and almost surely will leave Chicago, as Reinsdorf won't pay big money for him.

  2. Reinsdorf is well known for blowing his teams up. A few years back he even dumped half the team when they were only 3 or 4 games out of 1st place. If the sox aren't doing well at midseason, Reinsdorf may be tempted to get frugal, and get what he can for Buehrle.

This is very sound logic (although it comes from a couple of die-hard Cards fans). 

If the White Sox are looking to trim payroll and get the best value for Buehrle before free agency, the Cardinals would be the ideal trading partner.  Jocketty's Mark Mulder trade set a precedent that he's willing to give up top prospects for proven pitching.  If Jocketty made Jason Marquis and Anthony Reyes available, I think Kenny Williams would pull the trigger on this blockbuster.

What do you think? 



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No chance whatsoever. Buehrle is absolutely unavailable. Garland is the only one on the staff for the Sox that I see being traded (if anyone).

i'm the originator of this wild idea; thanks to MLBTR for the link. just so ev'yone understands the chain of speculation: i'm not suggesting that buehrle might be available this winter. i'm suggesting that under certain circumstances, he might be on the block by midseason. the sox hold a $9.5m option on him for '07 (i had incorrectly thought he was in his walk yr), but they're already committed to garcia for $10m in 07, and garland and contreras will both be free agents. reinsdorf's a cheapskate and unrepentant salary dumper, so my wishful thinking is that a) the sox have a sluggish 1st half, and b) reinsdorf gets skin-flinty. the cards will have $$ to spend after '06; mulder marquis and suppan will all be free agents, shaking loose $16.5 mill in payroll for the rotation.

prob'y never happen, but we've all seen stranger things

Mark Beuhrle for Jason Marquis - and his 4.15 ERA against national league competition - and a prospect?
Trade a 1/2 for a 5th starter who, right now, couldn't make our roster?
Come on

Get real.

Reinsdorf broke up the Sox once and apparently you think it's a common custom for him?
Who says Buehrle will "surely" leave Chicago once his contract is up?

Mark Mulder is a Sox fan. I'm speculating that the White Sox and Cards are working on a Mulder-Buehrle swap just so the two lefties can pitch for their childhood teams.


If Reinsdorf can't afford Buehrle @ $9.5M what makes you think the Cardinals can? Buehrle isn't going anywhere.

Dr. Box, I think you're underestimating the value of Anthony Reyes. 6 cheap years of that are worth a hell of a lot.

MartyD - could it be the additional 15,000 fans at every Cardinal home game and the new stadium revenue?

I don't buy it, he's their most reliable starter and their only left-hander.

Not to mention he is a team leader, and close friend to Konerko.

If they trade any pitcher, it will be Freddy Garcia, who has the same years, inferior pitching, and more money.

Why trade Buerhle for the purposes of saving, etc. when you could trade Garcia instead?

He'd be able to get plenty for Freddy


You may be right - don't know about him. He didn't pitch in playoffs, so I assume he's still basically a prospect.

I look for the Sox to lock up Garland and Buherle

Good points Neifi, although there is something to be said for trading the better player/bargain and getting tons of value back for him.

I think one of Garland and Buehrle will not be with the Sox in 2007.

Why would the Sox break up that incredible rotation? Especially for Marquis(nothing special) and an unproven prospect in Reyes. It would take lots more to get a lefty like Buehrle. ChiSox would never do this.

Ultimately the ChiSox may do it just to receive some quality players back if Buehrle truly has every intention of pitching for STL once he hits free agency.

Maybe, but you'll have to do a lot better than Jason Marquis. Starters like him are a dime a dozen, to be honest.
As for this playing for the cardinals stuff - he isn't 10 years old anymore.

True, he's not a little kid and the Cards would have to pony up great prospects. But he was talking on Chicago radio a couple of years ago making it sound like a done deal.

u actually think they'll get rid of Buehrle instead of Garcia? did u guys know Garcia is married to Ozzie's sister, how do u think they'll let him go?

I'm not sure what you're trying to say - that the Sox would never trade Buehrle, or that they'd never trade Garcia?

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