Mets Sign Billy Wagner

Ken Rosenthal is single-handedly blowing ESPN out of the water today.  First he scooped the Esteban Loaiza signing, and now he’s broken the Billy Wagner deal with the Mets

While’s source may have jumped the gun by a week, he was correct in asserting that the Mets would definitely guarantee a fourth year to Wagner and complete the deal sooner rather than later.  The Mets hold an option for a fifth year of Wagner for $10MM, a move necessitated by the market-setting B.J. Ryan signing

Wagner was the reliever closest to a sure thing this winter, as he boasts a 2.40 career ERA, 0.99 WHIP, and 11.99 K/9.  Should Aaron Heilman continue his relief dominance and remain with the club in 2006, each game will essentially become a 7-inning affair for the Mets.

Thanks to the many emailers who have passed along information about this signing.   

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