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Marlins Looking To Trade Cabrera

Halos Heaven is the best Angels blog on the 'net.  I recommend bookmarking it as a daily stop.  I was perusing Rev Halofan's latest material after fending off some angry Angels fans.  They were less than amused that I ranked Dan Haren over John Lackey in 2006 fantasy baseball value.  It brought up an interesting topic for another day: would the baseball world have praised the Esteban Loaiza signing if he were adopting an Angels cap instead of an Athletics one?

Anyway, let's get down to business.  Trade rumor business.  Back on Monday, Halos Heaven reported various detailed trade rumors with all sorts of new juicy information.  Go read that post and then come back here.

After reading that, I went directly to the source to dig for more info.  Rev Halofan was gracious and responsive, providing enough off the record info about his multiple inside sources to convince me fully.  As far as his connections, I can vouch that they're impressive.

On to the first rumor from the site:

"So many teams are scouting Dallas McPherson that if he explodes this Spring, Angel GM Stoneman is prepared to be bowled over by a multi-player offer and is planning a few contingency trades.This might explain recent discussions for what was initially a confusing trade possibility of Adam Kennedy to the Astros for Jason Lane."

I asked Rev why the Astros would give up Lane to get a second baseman with Craig Biggio already in the fold.  He told me that Houston is somewhat concerned with Biggio's durability and that "if he twists something this spring, look for Kennedy there within 48 hours."

Rev told me that Howie Kendrick just needs to flash halfway decent leather in the minors and Kennedy will be a goner.  Lane could play left for the Angels if Juan Rivera is used in another deal.  Stoneman is still in the hunt for middle relief.

I'd surmised McPherson would be available back in January on RotoAuthority, but it was just a logical assumption.  Even with 40 HR potential, he seems to be the odd man out.

On to the big gun, Rev's Miguel Cabrera rumor.  Some more details:  the Marlins requested Chone Figgins and assorted Angels top prospects for their young superstar but were turned down.  The Fish are definitely shopping Cabrera at this point.

As for the Cubs portion of the rumor, he commented: "They will definitely want Felix Pie and lots more from the Cubs - but my understanding is that the Cubs were just begging to be let into the party."

Back in late February, I mentioned that the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, and Mets would probably have the prospects, cash, and desire to acquire Cabrera.

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I've no idea where the Kennedy to the Astros rumor would ever come from, as the Astros have Chris Burke ready to step in at 2B if anything happened to Biggio. For a team in need of power offense, its highly unlikely they would be dealing Lane for a zero power guy in Kennedy.

No Red Sox?

And the Mets interested in Cabrera? Why, when they have David Wright? I can't see Minaya trading Wright for Cabrera. It's just not that much of an upgrade. Mets need starting pitching, not a power hitting third baseman.

Why would the Astros be interested in trading Lane for Kennedy? That trade makes no sense to me at all.

The Astros have Chris Burke playing out of position in the outfield because Biggio is at 2B. If Biggio goes down, moving Burke back to his natural position makes a lot more sense. Burke is not a good fit in the OF. But at his natural position, he is a good young, cheap player.

On the other hand, the Astros are thin in the OF. If they move Lane, they lose one of their better hitters, and end up with an OF of Berkman, Taveras and Wilson. That is a pretty big downgrade.

Why would the Astros trade away one of their better hitters for a third second baseman? It just makes no sense if you look at Houston's roster.

Astoria, Cabrera can play LF for the Mets for a long time. Erik, I will refrain from making a Latino connection. As far as the Sox, I haven't heard it, but who knows. They'd really have to mortgage the farm and I'm still not sure if Lester + Papelbon would work. The Fish probably want one bona fide position playing future star.

I am not sure about the Kennedy for Lane thing. I asked, told you what he said...if I were the Astros, I would look for something other than Kennedy for Lane.

.. Back in late February, I mentioned that the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, and Mets would probably have the prospects, cash, and desire to acquire Cabrera ..

The Yankees? Prospects that the Marlins want? Eh.

Yeah, on second thought it'd be a stretch for the Yanks. Hughes is worthy of the hype, but there's really nothing else they can offer. Actually a Cano + Hughes thing seems like it could get the ball rolling.

I think the yanks could definately get it done they have a lot of low level talent and a little upper level talent. A deal of lets say Philip Huges, Jose Tabata and Eric Duncan would definately get it done. The fish would get a good pitcher, third baseman, and outfielder. Personally I dont think the yanks have any need for Cabrera. If I could have any young outfielder I would rather have Carl Crawford

If the Fish really are looking to move Cabrera, St. Luis HAS to be interested.

There is no other proven young OF to be had on the cheap, at least for now, that comes close to comparing to Cabrera.

That he can also play 3B is the clincher. If Rolen is slow coming back, or for some unexpected reason never returns to form, Cabrera would hardly be a let-down.

If this rumor is true, I'd say Jocketty & Co. are all over it.

St. LOUIS might be interested, too. =)

Jocketty doesn't have the young players. Reyes plus B-level prospects won't work.

Kyle, your offer would definitely not get it done. Hughes is the only legitimate prospect on that team. There might be some good very raw players, but why would the Fish take that for Cabrera given what the Angels and Dodgers have available?

I've spent a little time at Halos Heaven (being an Angels fan) and just been frustrated. Those guys have Angels blinders on and can't accept the fact that the offense just isn't that good.

Although, I have to say I have Haren and Lackey ranked right next to each other for fantasy purposes, and I do think Lackey will be a little better than your predictions. But what do I know?

As for the Cabrera rumor, I'm sure the two teams have discussed it, but the Angels are so reluctant to move their propects, that I would be surprised if anything happened.

I hope the Kennedy/Lane possibility is true but I agree that it doesn't make much sense for the Astros.

I would think the Dodgers would be the most likely to get this deal done. They have the prospects, they're looking to make a huge splash, and they aren't afraid to trade prospects.

While I personally think the Angels have a better farm system (I know, nobody agrees with me, but it's just my opinion) to get this type of deal done, I don't think Stoneman can be coerced into giving up all of the talent the Marlins will want. Stoneman is a smooth operator and isn't going to jump all over a deal for the sake of making a deal.

Sounds reasonable...a package of both Guzman and Billingsley would be outstanding.

Rumor...on the comment about Felix Pie and 'lots more' was there any speculation as to what 'lots more' entailed?

The fish are using Cabrera as a 3b now and the Cubs position prospects are lacking in that area...well, lacking in general. I don't see the Cubbies spending all that many prospects for one uber-prospect in return, although I believe they should.

if the Cubs could get involved it isn't hurting that some of their bigger prospects are doing well this spring and getting some play-time...i.e. Pie, Dopirak, marshall, etc.

No...I had asked what it would take beyond Pie and Hill and that was the reply. If Guzman could stay healthy he'd become more valuable; not sure how the Fish would feel about Murton. It seems like a long shot.

I'll predict the Dodgers land Cabrera at the trade deadline for Billingsley, Kemp, and Guzman.

Tim's right - the Marlins aren't going to mess around with the Yankees' low-A prospects when they can get propects who have proved themselves at higher levels.

By the way, if Eric Duncan were in any other organization (other than maybe Red Sox or Mets), he would barely be talked about. It's just Yankee hype. Hughes is legit. I'll give you that.

You know Duncan was MVP of the Arizona Fall League. The coaches at Trenton screwed with his approach which resulted in the sub par season. But he lit up the AFL. I agree on many other teams with less media coverage than the Yankees he wouldnt be talked about much but he would be a top 10 prospect on probably 25 of the 30 teams in baseball. Especially since on most of those teams he would be a third baseman instead of a first baseman

Weren't the white sox looking to add another bat?

How much more than McCarthy and Sweeney would it take for Cabrera? (crede or dye would be thrown in the deal to make room for miggy)

Sweeney kind of struggled with Double A pitching, though he's still young. McCarthy is a stud but beyond that the Sox system is kind of barren. Maybe if Cotts and some other guys are included with McCarthy. Still seems like the Fish would want a future star.

"the Marlins requested Chone Figgins and assorted Angels top prospects for their young superstar but were turned down."


No offense, but Brandon Wood and Howie Kendrick will never, EVER, be the player Cabrera is.

You'd have to be psycho not to give up anything but another young ML-proven stud for him.

Hey real Erik. I don't know if there is any player in baseball comparable to Cabrera at a similar or younger age. If it was Wood + Kendrick it'd already be done.

"I don't know if there is any player in baseball comparable to Cabrera at a similar or younger age. If it was Wood + Kendrick it'd already be done."

Mr. Wright was CLOSE. ;)

I concede that Miggy's a better player. However, if I was Bill Stoneman, it could be Kendrick/Wood/Figgins. I'm still doing it.

My logic? Cabrera is a one-of-a-kind talent. None of those players are the next coming of Willie Mays.

Brandon Wood is NOT the next A-Rod. Kendrick is a solid hitter, but is terrible at drawing walks. His lack of improvement in this area scares me.

And if the Marlins ask for Mathis? I'd feign resistance, but he'd go too.

Yeah, for once I think I agree with you Erik. Although I'd try to do Kendrick/Wood and not Figgins.

"Yeah, for once I think I agree with you Erik."

I thought this day would never come.

"Although I'd try to do Kendrick/Wood and not Figgins."

Sure, but if you think Desmond DeChone Figgins, he of the 103 OPS+ is keeping me from Miggy, he of the 151 OPS+, well...

I can only ascribe such a statement to the briliance of a higher education.

The only way that Halos Heaven is the best Angel blog on the net is if there are no other Angel blogs to compete with, period.

Rev is a humongous asshole. Is he a dedicated Angel fan? Yes, but he even terrible his own readers and if you bring any sort of logic to a conversation...

Well I haven't done a comprehensive survey of the web I must admit...but I like it. That's kind of Rev's persona on the site, seems like more of a shtick than anything. I don't know him well but he was helpful to me.

Erik, on second thought, I'd probably throw in Chone without a lot of hesitation. McPherson is fine at 3B and Chone's value is kind of a fantasy baseball thing anyway.

"Erik, on second thought, I'd probably throw in Chone without a lot of hesitation. McPherson is fine at 3B and Chone's value is kind of a fantasy baseball thing anyway."

Yeah, the Marlins are going to lose on just about any trade. Unless they get David Wright, Felix Hernandez or Grady Sizemore back, it won't even be close to equitable.

I'm calling BULLSH*T, but the Astros would never give up Lane for Adam Kennedy. No knock on these sources, but this can't be right.
The only way I can see this going down is if the Astros had something else up their sleeves. But Lane for Kennedy straight up is highway robbery.

the phillies should step up and make a huge offer. 3B is our one glaring weakness.

So, I'm sorry but I have to try and imagine a deal where Miggy is in a pale hose uniform, rumor monger do you think a deal based on Josh Fields, McCarthy, Sweeney, and Ray Liotta could get a Cabrera trade done?

I think Miggy goes to the Angels. They have the prospects and being in the AL gives them an advantage. No way the Fish ever trade him in-division.

The Sox are NOT a good match for this deal and I doubt they'll talk.

The Sox do not want to trade McCarthy period.

The fish don't want anyone that costs any money so they won't take Dye, Crede etc.

Fields, Sweeney and Liotta are not enough for the fish - these are not studs.

The Sox acquired Alex Cintron today, I assume to be a backup 2B, SS, 3B utility type. Rumor, how does this impact Pablo, Cub killer Mackowiac & Joe Borchard/Ross Gload?

Randy, your ideas are intriguing. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter!

I agree with Ryan and Erik here - the Angels get the deal done.

All that team needs is someone like Cabrera hitting behind Vlad.

And, they have the best ML's to trade,no doubt.

Should mean Pablo leaves Mike...


It looks like the Cubs haven't been discussing a Cabrera deal with the Marlins - check out the posts over at http://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/story/2006/3/7/22210/46299
There, Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue says he checked into this with his own sources, and they denied a deal was in the works.

I don't see the dodgers trading away Billingsley, Guzman, and Kemp for anyone.

For the twins Liriano, span, Moses and A couple more A ball pitchers?

Small comments by Purpura over the last year have included very veiled hints that many GMs do not respect him and have been submitting terribly one-sided trade offers to him. It wouldn't suprise me that Stoneman is just trying to screw Purpura.

Astros are willing to upgrade 2 things right now: Shortstop and SP. If what they are getting isn't one of those 2 positions, forget the rumor.

I'm not sure the Cubs have what it takes to get Cabrera. The Cubs Farm system has been extremely disappointing in the last so many years. I don't mean that as a Cub bash cause I actualy like the cubs but I think their recent Struggles to get into the playoffs are a result of their poor farm, not really producing MLB talent.

Devin: I'm not going to compare the Cubs' system to the Angels or Dodgers, but they do have some very promising prospects. While the vast majority of those are pitching prospects, they do have guys like Pie, Harvey, Sing, Dopirak, Patterson, Fuld, Moore, etc. The argument can definitely be made that not too many of their position player prospects have panned out, but the Marlins are probably looking for raw talent and maybe a couple of higher-level prospects with talent that could be ready in the next year or so. The Cubs' failure isn't because of their farm system, but poor management and failure to produce. I'm sorry, but when you have a 3-1 series lead, you need to win game 4. The bitch of it all is that Zambrano as he is today would have put up a much, MUCH better performance in game 4. But then again, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts...y'know?

I think the Angels have the best talent to get a deal for Cabrera done, but I think the Dodgers are far more willing to part with their talent. While Cabrera is probably the second best young position player in all of baseball (for my money, I'm picking Pujols as the best...I still consider him young), Stoneman knows that his team will be competitive without him. His team will also sell tickets. So really, the issue for him becomes Cabrera's price. While Cabrera could definitely help the Halos, so can Kendrick, Morales, Wood, Santana, and others...the names that I'm sure Beinfest is asking for.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, seem to be looking to make a huge splash this season. I disagree with most of their moves (Furcal was grossly overpaid, Nomar at 1st...we'll see) this off-season, and I'd disagree with them mortgaging their future for Cabrera. As great of a player as he is, I don't know that he guarantees them a trip to the WS--not with their question marks.

I think the Fish are going to see from Miggy's people just what it would take to sign him through arbitration...when they realize they can't afford him, they'll trade him. The Dodgers and Angels are the two best fits...the Cubs could make it work, but I wouldn't want to see the Cubs give up all of their young talent for one player when, realistically, their biggest need isn't a left fielder...I think the Angels will ultimately continue to balk at Beinfest's demands, and the Dodgers will swoop in to make the deal.

Cabrera will be traded to the LAAOA's. Stoneman balked at giving up Wood, Figgins, Kendrick, Morales, Shields, Mathis, MacPherson and/or Santana in trade proposals for Manny because he would also have to assume--at least part of--Manny's huge contract. Stoneman should jump on this right away.

I'm not referring to him balking at dealing for Ramirez; I'm referring to Stoneman being a damn good GM who is not going to overpay. I believe Florida is going to ask for more than Stoneman is willing to pay, and while he may try to negotiate with them, I believe the Dodgers would be working dilligently to make another impact-player signing.

It's not so much that I think Stoneman wouldn't eventually be able to make a deal to his liking, but rather that the Dodgers will overpay where Stoneman won't.

Florida wants Gathright really bad, Tampa wants to improve their team , but not bring on a lot of salary this season. This is a deal that would help both teams (for a change in Florida).

Florida wants Gathright really bad, Tampa wants to improve their team , but not bring on a lot of salary this season. This is a deal that would help both teams (for a change in Florida).

You aren't really suggesting a Gathright for Cabrera trade. That would have to include Young for starters then alot more.

Would the WSox and Marlins do this deal: Cabrera for Crede, Contreras and Lance Broadway? Your probably wondering why Contreras. The answer would be in July they would be able to deal him for more prospects.

Cards get Cabrera

Marlins get Gathright and a prospect (or Marquis)

Tampa Bay get Olsen and cash

I suspect Astrosfan and kyle S is the same person.

Anyways are u serious?

why should any of us believe this halos site. i remember when the same guy on that site said the angels got manny a few times throughout the offseason. if the marlins were really smart they would of traded cabrera this past offseason with the weak free agent market out there. im a red sox fan here id love to see them jump at it but it would probalby take a deal like papelbon or lester along with hansen, one of our top outfield prospects and another top guy. i dont see the angels landing him just cause they dont want to give up prospects. the dodgers are possible if they dont care about trading away prospects. if i was the gm of a team i would do whatever it would take to get cabrera. prospects come and go all the time but a guy like cabrera is a rare find.

I'd do a Milledge and Reyes for Cabrera swap. Then I'd put him in right for a year, until Floyd's contract is up. I would then move AHernandez back to short and put Kepp at second.

All I can say is that I vouch for his sources.

halosheaven called the Jeff Weaver signing before it was reported anywhere else in the media or on the internet.

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