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Should Cubs Add Tony Clark?

Word comes today that Tony Clark is willing to waive his no-trade clause if that's what the Diamondbacks want.  The Cubs are the obvious fit - should they go after him?

I vote yes.  The Cubs' offense was barely acceptable before Derrek Lee went down, and now it's just plain feeble.  This club cannot be backed into playing Neifi Perez regularly once again.

Clark is probably worth a win or two in Lee's two month absence, and that easily justifies the $2MM owed to him through 2007.  Josh Byrnes is a shrewd GM, however, so Hendry has to try not to send the next Dontrelle Willis over.

The issue of what to do with Clark once Lee comes back isn't really an issue to me.  The Cubs can use him to DH against the Indians and Mariners in June if Lee comes back early and otherwise add some pop and OBP to the bench.  If Hendry can flip him somewhere in August, so be it. 

Clark is not expensive and not a complainer.  If Josh Byrnes isn't asking for Rich Hill, I think a deal should be made.  I wouldn't expect Clark to hit .304/.366/.636 again, but he'll improve the team by keeping Neifi on the bench. 


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the Cubs need to worry about what to do with Clark later rather than hope what they have works. His contract is reasonable enough that I would think he'd have some decent value at the deadline.
So could his comments that he'd waive his no-trade clause a sign that him being traded has been discussed with him or more of a sign that he sees an opportunity to start again and is telling the team through the media that they should trade him?

I think it is just a sign that he has heard the rumors and sees the Cubs' need and his lack of PT.

Unfortunately I don't see hendry making a trade anytime soon. Whether that be because the asking price is too high or because he truly doesn't want to have to deal with what to do with a guy like Clark once Lee returns.

I would like to see the Cubs acquire Tony Clark. Clark could put up the numbers the Crime Dog did during his tenure.

What do you think the Cubs interest will be in aquiring JT Snow from Boston?

They will probably have decent interest in that, though I don't think it helps the offense much.

Looking over the scoreboard I noticed Michael Cuddyer. Plays 1B, 2B, 3B, and OF corners. Seems like a guy the Twins don't want to give full playing time to but is young enough to still have upside.

If i'm Jim Hendry i wait for May 1st to roll around (its just a weekend series against the beermakers away) and get Carlos Pena from the Yankees if they don't call him up. If the Yanks call up Pena i trade for either Pena or Clark, whichever one costs less (likely Pena).

Think they would take Sing or any of these "prospects" that Cubs fans seem to think are top notch?

Not to say Rich Hill should be traded for Tony Clark, but do you really think much of him? I don't and think we should unload him while his value is still relatively decent. He's pretty old for a prospect....26?....and Marshall, Guzman, Jerome Williams, and Glendon Rusch all beat him to the majors. I doubt Hill will ever come back to haunt us if he dealt him.

Pena was only sent to the minors because he hadn't seen live pitching in the time between when the Tigers cut him and the Yanks signed him. He's just there to get some swings ... he'll be starting at first for the Yankees by next weekend, at the latest.

And now what about Kevin Millar or Jeff Conine?
Conine being an ex-marlin makes the most sense cause the cubbies love ex-marlins. I think it's trophy envy.

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