Lieber Rocked In Philly

In case you forgot, there is an actual baseball game going on today.  Jon Lieber has been taken out of today’s game after just four and two-thirds innings, but not because of an impending deal.  He was yanked because the Marlins destroyed him with eleven hits and nine earned runs.  Looks like Lieber’s staying put.

At this point, if David Dellucci or Pat Burrell is pulled from the game, it may just be to rest them because it’s become a blowout.  With Burrell, I think there’s little sense of urgency because his contract would probably pass through waivers.

UPDATE: My knowledgable colleague Matthew Pouliot of RotoWorld reminds me that Burrell has a no-trade clause, so he has the option of rejecting any waiver claim made on him.  Todd Zolecki of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently discussed this very topic in regards to Burrell and Mike Lieberthal.

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