New To MLB Trade Rumors?

With the trade deadline nearing and rumors flying all over the Internet, I’m sure many of you are finding MLB Trade Rumors for the first time.  Welcome!

My name is Tim, and I comment on this site as RotoAuthority and occasionally RumorMonger.  Here you’ll find all variety of baseball trade rumors that I find interesting and worthy of a look.  The rumors may originate from other websites or blogs, newspapers, radio reports, or my own sources (the source will always be clearly labeled).  I’ll also provide trade analysis and suggestions, free agent info, and useful links.  Also, if you scroll down the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see a Browse All Rumors section.  Here you can easily find certain players or teams and everything I’ve posted on them.  I try to write something daily on MLB Trade Rumors, so bookmark and come back every day.

Also, if you’re interested in fantasy baseball, check out one of our partner sites, RotoAuthority.  RotoAuthority is a fantasy baseball blog with a helpful community and daily fresh content for most types of fantasy baseball leagues.  I do all the writing for RotoAuthority currently, though we’ve got an advice guy behind the scenes and a guest writer on the way.

Finally, I’ve got a team of writers contributing to a blog aptly named AllCubs.  If you’re a fan of Chicago’s National League ballclub you should definitely take a look.

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