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Olney: Red Sox Discussing Andruw Jones

According to ESPN's Buster Olney:

"The Red Sox and the Braves have talked about a deal that would send Andruw Jones to Boston for Coco Crisp, Craig Hansen and a prospect. But according to an executive familiar with the discussions, the Braves made a counter offer, asking for Jon Lester to be the third player."

This may be the surprise blockbuster that's been rumored; it's a testament to Theo Epstein that there hasn't been a whisper of this til now.  We've got just 2.5 hours to go.

If I'm John Schuerholz, I'd just try to get Lester involved and not worry about the rest.

UPDATE: Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe tells us that the Andruw Jones talks are dead, and that they didn't really go anywhere.  He says the Sox may still be in on Soriano.  He also throws Chris Young of the Padres into the mix for the first time.


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Believe it when i see it

If that trade goes through, I think that officially puts an end top the Braves playoff streak.

would the actually trade lester? ive seen him a couple times, he looks good. i dont think its gunna happen

i think if the Sox trade Lester, that effectively puts an end to their playoff hopes.

Hey sounds good to me, but I have my hesitation.

Kramerica, for what seems like once in a long while we agree.

The Sox ain't trading Lester, no way no how.

they cant trade lester they are looking for a starter and are going to trade 1? makes no sence

I too will believe it when I see it, but hey crazier stuff has happened.

Anyone know what is going on with Willis in Florida. Is he definately stayin?

From what I have read, yes.

i'd say that the sox losing lester would kill them both short and long term.

i'd say this is kind of a lose-lose situation


Thats on boston.com

The Red Sox turned the lester deal down but still are negoitiation.

Jones, and Clemens.

My understanding is that Florida put both Willis and Cabrera on waivers (revocable) and that a player absolutely cannot be traded while on waivers so they will not be going anywhere.

really? dang, there goes my Neifi-for-Willis trade idea.

hansen and coco with emart is good enough

Hey wood... while you're at it throw in Josh Johnson for a bag od popcorn... ;-)

that just might work..! :)

'If I'm John Schuerholz, I'd just try to get Lester involved and not worry about the rest.'


I love Lester. Don't do this to me. Don't make me root against him. Gah.

Erik, Lester ain't going anywhere. Epstein would have to be crazy to toss away the future of the BoSox

If Lester were added to such a deal, and I just don't see it happening, it would be prudent to demand Smoltz in return so that the Sox could worry about solidifying their rotation in the offseason and make a push this season.

If Lester goes, the Sox have three question marks in the rotation, rather than two.

On the ESPN boards, Buster Olney answered a question "What player is most likely to get dealt near the deadline and to who" Olney answered Miguel Cabrera and to the Red Sox.

I'm a Met fan, but this kid has serious balls. Trading him would be a grave mistake.

Gordon Edes of Boston Globe is saying that the Jones Deal is dead (they asked for Lester, Hansen, & Crisp)

Cabrera ain't going anywhere today. Maybe during the offseason, but not now.


makes sense

From Gordon Edes on Boston.com
Officially staying put!
It seems we can officially put an end to any speculation about Dontrelle Willis being traded before today's 4 p.m. deadline. From ESPN.com's Jayson Stark: "The Marlins made sure nobody would even waste their time asking about Willis this weekend. How? They put both Willis and their other walking trade rumor, Miguel Cabrera, on waivers late last week, according to multiple sources in both leagues. Those waivers were a meaningless technicality, and the Marlins clearly would have revoked both names if any team claimed them. So the only possible reason to place those particular players in waiver limbo at that particular moment in pre-deadline time was this: Players aren't allowed to be traded until their waivers expire. In the case of Willis and Cabrera, that happens to be just after Monday afternoon's trading deadline. So any Dontrelle rumors that pop up between now and the deadline are as fictional as 'Gone With The Wind.' And that's official."

Man, I think Lester would have been a nice addition to Atlanta but I'd hate to see Andruw go, especially to the Red Sox.

Update in post - link to Boston Globe blog post from Edes.

Padres aren't going to trade Chris Young. I really don't see why they would.

read theblog post from Edes..

lowell to padres seems like a good idea.

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