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Trade To Padres Likely For David Wells

As you well know, the Padres are the frontrunners to acquire David Wells by midnight tonight.  The name that's been bandied about is catcher George Kottaras.  Keep an eye on tonight's 7:05 contest between the Portland Beavers and the Fresno Grizzlies to see whether Kottaras starts for the Beavers.  If not, he's probably the guy.  He went 0 for 4 last night.  According to the Boston Globe, the Dodgers could have Wells if they would step in with one of Matt Kemp, Andy LaRoche, or James Loney

Here's the tricky part.  Based on info from a Steve Phillips article a year ago, I learned that "all 40-man roster players must go through waivers in order to change teams even if they are in the minor leagues."  All four prospects mentioned above are indeed on the 40-man roster.  So how does this work?  The key, I believe, is slipping the player through as a player to be named later.  The rule for waiver trades is that the PTBNL cannot be an active Major League player.  So, the Red Sox can acquire a top-notch prospect in exchange for Wells if they are willing to wait until spring to see him in a Sox uniform.  I think these rules debunk the notion that the Red Sox could somehow acquire Adam Wainwright in a deal.  It's a moot point, as Wells won't play in St. Louis.   

The Padres are three games back of the Dodgers in the NL West.  San Diego currently holds a half-game lead over the Phillies for the wild card.  If the Padres were to sneak into the playoffs once again, their playoff rotation would boast Jake Peavy, Chris Young, David Wells, and Woody Williams.  All have pitched decently or better this month; it would be a fairly deep group.  And fifth starter Clay Hensley has a 1.82 ERA and 1.25 WHIP this month, so maybe he'd be in the mix instead of Williams.


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I just don't see why anyone would want Wells to begin with. Its not like washed up 6th starters are hard to find.

And why would you give up a blue chip prospect to get him? You could have just claimed him off waivers in the first place!

Are you kidding me?? Wells a 6 starter? Everyone thinks he is horrible because hes fat! He is a veteran with a lot of Experience that can COMPLETLTY shift the balance of power in the national league! I have watch every game he has pitched as a Red Sox this year and especially in August he looks like the David we all remember.

Yes you could have claimed him off waivers on August third were he had one start off the dl which wasn't so good. The reason why it will cost a blue chip prospect is because The Reds Dodgers Cardinals Padres Diamondbacks have all made offers competing for three different playoff spots with each other. Not to mention he is the best pitcher on the market with his resume AND skill! He is probaly a Padre UNLESS the dodgers offer Lomey Kemp or Laroche(The sox can only hope)

Wells to Padres is now official.

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