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Brian Bannister Available?

Word from my Mets source is that the team is in a holding pattern until Tom Glavine makes his decision.  He feels that the club will end up with either Glavine or Barry Zito and fill the other spots internally.

There is a chance Brian Bannister is traded for a solid reliever to replace Chad Bradford.  Interested parties include the Rockies and Mariners.  He mentioned the D'Backs as well, but their interest may have waned now that Doug Davis has been acquired.


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What kind of reliever would he get back? Do you think Mark Lowe is a possibility from the little i saw of him in 06 he actually looked very good. How bout a Soriano?

I guess probably not Lowe, i didnt realize how young he was, and I dont know much about the M's minor leaguers, I would assume Lowe would be destined for the rotation eventually, only being 23.

Maybe Ramon Ramirez? He is solid.

Zito visited Texas today, would you rather have Glavine for 2 years or Zito for 6 or 7?

no way bannister fetches rafael soriano

no way, soriano is too good.

I would rather keep bannister then trade him for an okay bullpen arm. If anything, just throw brian in as a long reliever. Maineman i saw screw glavine he obviously doesnt want to be in NY. Bring in Zito the mets havent spent anything yet. Those extra innings out of the rotation will make the job a lot easier for a bullpen losing a lot of guys(which i still think will be extremely solid)

I totally agree, I would so rather Zito than Glavine. He is younger, and more durable. A better fit. I don't like how I am hearing "one or the other"-- if that's the case, get Zito in here.

by "durable", I mean can pitch into the 8th and 9th innings on occassion, before I get harrassed for calling Glavine not "durable", please know I am aware he has never been on the DL in 35 years

I think we havent seen anything yet though, even tomorrow things will pick up once the arbitration deadline is up, and once the winter meetings start, thats when the hot stove gets hot

Yeah, I am still holding hope of a Jake Peavy trade, I love his stuff, age, etc. Would take a lot, though...

Mark Lowe is out after elbow surgery.

NY MAine Man,

U might as well hope for Sandy Koufax too.

The odds of acquiring either are about the same.

NR Max,

I hate to say it, becuz I actualyl want to avoid Zito at his price, but ur right.

With our depleted pen, Zito is even more important.

Goes to show the kick ass job by the Mets brass last year.

Omar, Willie and Peterson are a kick ass team.

My main hope is that John Maine and Ollie can hold down the 3 and 4 spots, maybe 4 and 5. If peterson works his magic, then we have nothing to worry about. I still am somewhat sure the mets will have Jennings, Vazquez, Garcia, Garland or somebody like this in their roatation come april. I like garland a lot, but do you really think Omar would throw milledge and pelfrey at the chisox for him B sox?

With Pedro gone until midsummer, I'd like to have Glavine, Duque, Perez, Maine, and another big name free-agent starter in the Mets rotation in 2007. Bannister was great before he got hurt, but the Mets may have to make a deal.

Kinda of sad they lost Bradford, he was one of keys to the success of the 'pen last year, but the O's went wild and spent 10 mil on him and a bunch of other relievers. Weird stuff down there in Baltimore. Better not make too much fun of them cos my mom is a fan.

Another Mets note, I heard Roberto Hernandez (grandpa2) is going to sign w/ Cleveland (yes, no?) I thought he'd retire by now, but he was a solid reliever. So was Darren Oliver and I haven't heard a word about him (yes, he's 36, I know.) Wonder what will happen with him.

I also heard Bert is destined for the tribe. I think oliver will probably not even get signed, probably just a spring training invitation like the mets gave him this year. All speculation though i really duno

I think Padilla offers the best value right now.

He's the one I want.

The thing about losing Glavine is that he'd be joining a division rival; that's a double whammy. From what I understand, Zito won't be pitching in NY next year (SD and Texas would be my front runners in those sweepstakes) so the Mets could be in real trouble here. Their lineup is still top-notch, but their rotation could end up looking like the third best (behind Florida and Atlanta) in the NL East. The 2007 Mets are probably going to be worse than the 2006 version that failed to win the NL pennant and the rest of the league is only getting stronger. All in all, it's a glummy picture in Queens.

Bannister projects a 4-5 accordingto BA and BP. Curious what he is really work on the market for relievers.

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