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What Kenny Williams isn't doing

The White Sox rumors have been fast and furious the last few days: here come the denials.  Kenny Williams isn't:

  • talking about dealing Freddy Garcia for Ervin Santana
  • negotiating with Alex Gonzalez's agent
  • likely to sign Dave Roberts

In other words, Phil Rogers needs to make up some new stuff.

By Jeff Sackmann


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I am surprised that they aren't going after Dave Roberts. I thought they were originally looking to move Podsednik to fill other holes, then going with Roberts in left...

"In other words, Phil Rogers needs to make up some new stuff"


All K Williams needs to do is get a goot bat for Garcia and leaves the rest the same.

He just needs to hope the rotation comes back around and that McCarthy lives up to his potential, which I think/hope he will.

too bad about the santana deal, but that was too good to be true from the start.

as for gonzalez. no thanks. he's uribe without the power, and with an average with RISP more than .100 points less.

if roberts is too expensive, i'd agree to not do it. i'd rather persue a leadoff type in a trade. figgins or freel possibly?

oh, also i'm happy he didn't deny the potential deal to texas for john danks/otsuka/nick masset

the sox would make off like bandits in that one.

how would the Sox fans feel about




sloves SS problem nice young arm and figgy is an ideal leadoff hitter for you guys and fits into your OF hole

if the sox trade crede, i will hate kenny williams and the sox orginzation for the rest of my life, and i would prolly move to where ever joe got traded to

I would be really against starting 2007 without Crede or Uribe on the left side of the infield. The Sox pitching relies a lot on defense, and the Crede/Uribe combo is a damn good one.

I personally don't have a problem with Uribe keeping his role as starting SS.

by the way, i'm surprised nobody here has commented on what rosenthal is saying over at foxsports.com regarding garland about to be traded, presumably to the rangers.

Noooo way Jon Garland is traded, he's been too good when we needed him most. He claims he was injured through the first two months, with his 6+ ERA and was lights out afterwards. I don't think Danks' future is clear enough to center a deal around him, maybe if he was a throw in to Michael Young. I'd rather have Edison Valquez or Eric Hurley, but Daniels would have to be stupid to part with either. Danks' Ks surpassed his innings in both AA and AAA last year, but he didn't consistently hit high innings in his games like Garland or Buehrle will, especially without the playoffs.

My problem with trading Buehrle or especially Garland is that they are both very young and have many good seasons ahead of them. I would rather just dump Javy Vasquez, no one likes him in Chicago and he isn't a good fit. This might not bring as high a return, however. Another thing is, it's unclear what the Rangers are offering in return. I would have to assume Michael Young, but then one of Uribe or Iguchi(preferably Iguchi, Young sucks at SS and Uribe is a beast, plus Iguchi's market value is higher after posting two solid seasons and the need for 2Bs on the market). Brian Anderson might have too much ruff over his diamond, but I know he'll be a good player someday and it could be a regrettable move. Kenny already made the mistake of trading CF Chris Young who has star potential.

I am a big buehrle fan, but he isnt that young anymore, will be 28 when the season starts, and i hate to say it but his best years may be behind him.12-13 4.99 98 Ks? That simply just isnt very good, althoughi may be wrong and he will bounce back great next year. The one good thing about him this year is that he was a horse, like all the chisox starters

TBone - Are you serious?? LoL. Crede isn't THAT good...sheesh

The White Sox need to do something about there starting rotation, they had one guy under 4.5 and Garland in 4 full seasons has had only one year under 4.51, 05. That White Sox staff overachieved. They need to get a legit CF and a new LF, find a way to improve there rotation, add one more solid long-reliever and they'd be fine.

TBone - Do you know who Crede's agent is? Unless Crede fires Boras or the Sox can somehow sign him to a long-term deal without breaking the bank (not likely) Crede has one or two more seasons on the South Side.

I can see why Kenny Williams would be shopping Crede now, his trade value is pretty high and the Sox have some concerns about his back.

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