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Angels Sign Darren Oliver

ESPN reports that the Angels have signed free agent southpaw Darren Oliver to a one-year deal with an option for '08 worth around $3.5MM in total. That's one less lefty for the Tigers to consider.

Oliver, who turned 36 this year, wasn't on anyone's wish list before his 2006 with the Mets.  He stepped up with 81 innings of 3.44 ball after switching to relief full-time.  Like many before him, Oliver has found new life out of the 'pen.  Perhaps failed starters like Matt Clement or Russ Ortiz could become bullpen weapons as well.

Angels fans are still waiting for the major move they've been promised, as a Todd Helton deal could not be reached.


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Lets see how well he does in the American League...it would be cheaper for the Angels to pay him by the out

The Angels made their big move---signing Little Sarge.

A move doesn't have to be smart to be big.

does the Angles front office really expect the fans to beleive signing GMJ is a "big time move"?

They are from CA...they aren't to bright out there anyway...we are talking about people who think the raiders will be win "next year"

Now wasnt there just a post stating not to make personal attacks?
I do not mind anyone disagreeing or arguing sports topics, but to attack people from California is a little farfetched for me. I am not even an Angels fan, but I took offense to the CA remark.
P.S. Not all Californians are raider fans.

we are talking about people who think the raiders will be win "next year"

We are apparently also talking about people who can't construct a sentence properly... anyway...

Arte has already said the Angels may not make a big move this offseason, thanks to the small number of opportunities to do so.

Oliver is a good long reliever. Effective against righties and lefties. Throws a nice little cutter in on righties and moving away from lefties. I wont really miss him as a met fan, but he could be a nice little pickup for the halos

It was just a joke...people think everything is offensive...jease...thats what is wrong with today's world...pretty soon talking badly about food will be offensive

The Angels won't make a big move because they seem to think they can acquire a big bat without trading one of their starters. Not going to happen.

Food sucks. Anyway, I was kind of disappointed when the Astros didn't retain Oliver a few years ago. As I recall, he was a pretty decent reliever. I'd say it's a good move for the Angels, and I'm pretty anti-Angels, with their monkeys and their multiple goofy two city name. As small as a move as this is, I think a few more moves like this will keep them in the race.

keep them in the race? What team in the AL west is better then the angels?

texas is awful, seattle not much better, and the Angels and the A's will be fighting for the division like every year. I think Aneheim is clearly the best team in the AL west

"does the Angles front office really expect the fans to beleive signing GMJ is a "big time move"?"

Tell Art Moreno that a 5@50MM signing is a "small" move...
The only way they are going to acquire a big bat is by trading for a Brian Giles or Pat Burrell type... I wouldn't put it passed them though... The winter is far from over.....

Damn..good for Oliver, but why didn't the Mets keep him? We need another long reliever. Congrats to Ollie tho, he had a great year for us.

the mets pen is definitly gunna be short this year P.S- Duaner, stay away from the taxis.

Hahaha wow we probably have the best bullpen in all of baseball now. Great signing. Ok now we sign zito trade colon to new york for arod and boom world series is in our grasp. I would feel bad tho if we got a rod cuz i am a big figgins fan n want to see him play everyday cuz he plays with heart n determination. Sure he isnt good but he plays with tremendous heart n passion, kinda like that angel that we let go a couple of years ago.....damn wasnt it eckstein?? Wow n look wut he did in a lil under 2 yrs of bein with that organization, he became a world series mvp!!! Imagine that....

Ok so i went a lil off topic but the point stays the same the angels have the best bullpen n MAYBE rotation in baseball. Im lookin forward to some really close n exciting games this season!!

O n nrmax88 is right, only team we have to worry bout is the a's but idk cuz they lost big hurt n zito. Ok ok ill give that the rangers went out n got KENNY LOFTON!!!! Hahahahaha wow id take sarge jr ove lofton n e day, well actually for this next yr.

you just suggested the yankees trade Alex Rodriguez for Bartolo Colon?

And everybody hates on sox fans for coming up with crazy scenarios?

Let me first state I am an A's fan. That said....Nice signing by the Angels, again. Finally they have a bullpen that isn't K-Rod, Shields, and "etc". Let alone JC Romero was just junk as there only lefty last year, this was NEEDED for them. I'd still put the A's/Angels bullpen dead even with the rotation edge to the Angels.

About the Mathews Jr. signing and how much they paid, let us all just be honest and admit that 90% of free agents get overpaid, whether it be Meche or Lilly or Mathews Jr. or Pierre or Schmidt, let's just start worrying about what the signing does for the TEAM. Mathews Jr. if nothing else stops Figgins from misplaying routine fly balls out in CF and greatly improves there OF defense and IF last season wasn't a fluke...only the Angels will be laughing at those who criticized.

So far, the Angels have made the RIGHT moves to win the AL West next year. People say they "need" a big bat but with all the hit and running and stealing they do, a 20-25HR guy would be fine. The problem is, will there GM ever part with someone another team really covets?

feelthebyrne - "...but idk cuz they lost big hurt n zito" Well, we didn't have Rich Harden basically all year last year and still won, Rich is easily more dominant and better then Zito...of course, Rich will probably be out all over again anyway...

The A's have a chance to be a better team this year(with actual health) then last and that's after losing Zito and Frank.

Piazza isn't going to replace Frank's numbers but a healthy Eric Chavez and Piazza could combine to and at least we have a legit DH, again. Let alone a third season for Swisher and with any luck Dan Johnson pans out like his rookie year. I'm more worried about our LF situation if Dan Johnson doesn't work out this year to be honest because Swisher would have to play 1B(where he SHOULD be playing anyway). Keilty as an everday player(he should never hit left handed) will irritate me to no end...

Of course, there is always hope for the miracle that Bobby Crosby and Milton Bradley stay healthy ALL year...LoL.

little mely poo, the mets still have the best bullpen in the NL, easily.
Melys maken fun of the mets, and the funny thing is, the mets rotation gets abused all the time for being old and average. How bout the yankees. They have 1 guy who isnt a lock to tire out come september. Wang. Johnson blows, Mussina will break down again like last year, Pavano will get a hemmoroid taken a shit and miss 4 months, Pettitte has had elbow problems, and is moving from a terrible NL Central to a deadly AL east, and Igawa is a huge question mark. And his name is melky not mely.

Ok droptop if u wanna play that game...

Erstad was hurt, kotchman got mono, jeff weaver went 3 n 10, d mac was hurt, o yea and so was colon!!! Haha boom thats a gold glover, a prospect wit tremendous potential, an nl pitcher who we nvr shoulda signed, a prospect wit a lot o power o n the 05 CY YOUNG WINNER.... idk if they would stayed healthy i think we wouldve been a world series contender. O yea and anderson was hurt too n we didnt have jered weaver, kendrick and napoli for a whole season! Yea i can guarantee we woulda won the west.
Now hopefully we will stay healthy n if we do.....WATCH OUT!! Hahaha n droptop usually any team w/o health problems is a better team!

No, I think the Mets bullpen will be fine. They added a lot of new young talent such as Ambiorix Burgos, Jason Vargas and Adam Bostick. Ollie is a lost, but they'll be fine.

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