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Latest On Adam LaRoche

This thing just won't die.  John Perrotto reports that the Pirates' talks with Atlanta about Adam LaRoche are "picking up steam again."

The Braves originally wanted Paul Maholm, but are backing off and could go for Mike Gonzalez and Jose Castillo/Chris DuffyBucco Blog has been on this one for a long time.  Perrotto writes that the Bucs want Kyle Davies in there if it's going to be a four-player trade. 

Meanwhile, the Yankees wouldn't include a second player for Gonzalez and the Red Sox aren't offering anything interesting.


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This seems to be a fair trade if the braves were to acquire mike gonazalez and jose castillo/chris duffy. The pirates wanting kyle davies to go along with crap. Laroche is worth the two players that we would get in return, but if we do include davies, we better at least get malholm and gonzalez in return. And if this trade does happen, i have a sneaky suspicion that we either trade gonzalez to the yankees, of if we get malholm, we may even see chuck james or malholm then go to tampa in a trade for baldelli.

The fair trade was adam laroche for mike gonzalez and jose castillo/chris duffy. The fact that they want it to include kyle davies is crap.

Am I wrong, but isn't this exactly what the Sox need? A great, young, hard throwing, lefty arm for the bullpen, that has closer potential? I don't know much about Mike Gonzo, but what I read about him I like. I don't understand why the Sox arn't making a real push for him.

The reason the Sox arent really that interested is that they dont really have anything to offer for him. Outside of Crisp, who is not worth Gonzo, they really dont have much they can or are willing to trade.

Yeah, that's what I figuerd, but it's deff. not because we don't HAVE what it takes to make the trade, it has to be what we are willing to trade. I'm not sure if I would do this trade if I'm the redsox, but do you think something like Crisp and Hanson would work for Gonzo amd maybe a decent prospect?

Laroche is the player we should be looking into. Gonzo is a nice pickup but his asking price is pretty high.

Go after Laroche!

Per the St. Pete Times, there's also been talks between the Rays, Braves and Orioles where Laroche would head to Baltimore, Chris Ray would head to Tampa Bay and Rocco Baldelli would head to the Braves...

That is what i have been saying, that if the brave get chris ray and hayden penn, the best trade i have heard so far, the we could trade one of our young pitchers in a package to get baldelli, that would be a bad trade at all for the braves, got any more info on that brickhaus

not be a bad trade

Yes that would be a much better offer than Gonzo+Castillo

Kinda odd seeing the Drays give up Baldelli for just a closer

id also throw in yunel escabar if i were the braves

Reports out of Florida are teh the Rays asked for Scott Olsen and another SP for Baldelli. I seriously doubt they are going to give him up for Chris Ray and Yunel Escobar (which bravesbeat said they'd throw in). I'm pretty sure if the Braves wanted to work that deal out then they'd need it to look something like this.

Braves get: Baldelli, Hayden Penn
Rays get Chuck James, Chris Ray, Yunel Escobar
Orioles get: Adam LaRoche.

I'm pretty sure it would be something along those lines with the way the Rays asking price for Baldelli has been.

Yes the rumor I was hearing was Ray to D-RAYS with either Salty or Escobar. LaRoche to Orioles ans Baldelli to the Braves. The DRAYS balked at a Davies and one of the two for Baldelli. They wanted James.

Obviously if this is legit the braves pull the trigger. This deal fills holes for every team.

But... braves fans. Still interest in Coco? Obvioulsy not Coco by himself but I think Theo should make a strong push for Laroche.

Is the Woodward contract a minor league deal or is it a major league deal.

If the Braves trade LaRoche, they will have a hole to fill at 1B. They also need a LF. I would be shcoked if Atlanta does trade LaRoche. If spring training were starting today, the braves have a pretty good team. Their starting rotation is set, their bullpen is pretty much set, they have a few players battling it out at 2B. LF should be the main focus for Atlanta right now. Does the Atlanta front office know something about LaRoche that we don't know? He will only get better, and I wouldn't be surprised if he wins a gold glove in the near future.

Coco+Hinske for Laroche?

Newsflash: Chuck James is untouchable. Stop including him in Baldelli trades because it will never happen.

LoL, sorry bosox, dont wana be an asshole, but that is like the cubbie fans trying to trade jaques jones away for a stud. Eric Hinske really doesnt have any value at all. Everyteam has one of these guy, who they want to trade but doesnt really have value. In the mets case this would be shawn green. No way atlanta would take coco and hinske for larocha. Atleast i wouldnt think JS would be that stupid, i kinda hope he is though. Wishful thinking. JS would laugh at Theo if he proposed that

Crimedog, if we were to get hayden penn and chris ray or paul malholm in a deal for laroche, james or one of those pitchers could be expendable in a trade, because we would be able to come some depth in the rotation as well as make an upgrade to the team. An american league scout said that the drays would take chuck james and escobar in a heartbeat, but the braves would not do the trade because it would deplete our depth if a starter go hurt. Like i say i would like to in some way see the compensation we trade for Laroche help us out in getting baldelli or alex rios.

the compensation we get if we trade laroche

Of all the trade talks, as a Braves fan, I would most like to see the trade hood discussed. I dont want to see James traded. If he was, who is gonna start? Villareal? Cormier?

Penn would start if that one deal goes through with Orioles and D-rays

Ehh I know its a reach. I think Coco could definitely be a piece in a trade, Hinske is just wishful thinking.

The problem with all of this is that the Os are not offering Ray and Penn...it has been only speculated by Rosenthal that the 2nd player is Penn...everyone has taken that as Bible truth and ran with it as fact...it could very well be James Johnson or a John Maine-esque SP too...

hey bravesbeast, do you seriously think that a fair trade is gonzalez and castillo/duffy is fair for laroche? laroche is good, and i want the pirates to trade for him but there is no way we'll give up duffy with him. if you're lucky, you might get castillo. do you realize that they are both under 25 and have not even come close to their potential, and that gonzalez was 24/24 in save opportunities? i dont even want kyle davies cause he sucks. his stats are garbage. the fair trade is gonzalez for laroche end of story.

Sobesman, i believe that laroche for gonazalez and chris duffy/jose castillo is very fair. The pirates are not going anywhere fast, but a nice first step in the right direction is a young developing lefty bat to protect Bay, and that is what Laroche is. Plus the best to help a young infield is to have a pretty good fielding first baseman, and Laroche has gold golve talent. With that in mind, there is now way imaginable that Gonzalez is of equal values. A 28 year old closer would not mean to the same to teh ppirates as a 27 year old who hits 30 homers, drives in a 100, and hits .290, plus plays gold glove d. Laroche is the type of player whom we could feel two needs it, which is what would happen in this trade. A lot of experts on the net and on tv have said the same thing i just told you. The fair trade is mike gonzalez and jose castillo/chirs duffy or Laroche.

whom we could fill two needs with in a trade

How bout a Braves trade James and two others for Brian Roberts and Chris Ray. We get someone who can fill the closer role when Wickman retires and a leadoff man. Davies gets the #5 spot in the order and the BRaves go on from there.

How bout no because there is no way the braves would make that trade, because there is now way that trade could benefit us. You trade james only to acquire baldelli or rios, and that is only if we can get another young stud starter in exchange for laroche.

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