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Mariners Close To Signing John Thomson?

The Mariners requested medical files on starter John Thomson today and could sign him soon.  U.S.S. Mariner says it could be a one-year contract with an option for the second year. In my free agent summary I wrote:

"Thomson turned 33 in October.  Elbow soreness and a blister slowed him down in the beginning of the season, followed by shoulder problems from a mild labrum tear.  He's going to take the rehab approach and hopes to start fresh in '07.  Thomson made $4.75MM this year; he spent two years as a solid innings eater from 2003-04.  That seems like a long time ago."

Thomson would probably fit into the #4 or #5 slot in the Mariners' rotation, leaving room for one more acquisition.   


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I assume this won't affect their persuit of schmidt.

Too Bad.

I assume this won't affect their persuit of schmidt.

Too Bad.

Okay, what ever happened to Thomson's well-known desire to stay with the Braves and possibly take a discount as well as a bullpen spot? Guess Schuerholz gave him the cold shoulder like he has to many other free agent vets who love the organization and desire to stay there.

Braves dont need Thomson.

Besides, now that they don't have Mazzone anymore, they cant just take any shitty arm and turn him into a #2.

They need some actual pitchers now.

OK, with Glavine's signing with the Mets and Thomson possibly going to Seattle, what does this do to the Braves' staff?

1) Hudson
2) Smoltz
the rest being Chuck James, Horacio Ramirez (for now- subject of many trade rumors) and Mike Hampton (assuming he's healthy!)

Personally, I am afraid to rely on Hampton or Ramirez because of injury-plagued careers.
What are the possibilities that the Braves are looking into signing Lilly or Padilla? A good lefty like Lilly would fit in as a solid #3 starter for Atlanta. Any thoughts?? I know someone out there has at least one on this...

I'm guessing Lilly's well out of Atlanta's price range. I would probably assume the same about Padilla, though I can't say for sure. Not really sure about what Vincente is seeking, or what exactly Atlanta is looking to spend.

Honestly, I don't know what ATL is gonna do...I'd be pretty worried about them too...

What about Kyle Davies, he looks like he can develop into a nice 3

ESPN just said that the Red Sox might consider sigining Barry Bonds if and when Manny Ramirez gets traded.

You mean Steve Phillips? He's a fricken moron. There's nothing to that rumor, he's just talking out his ass.

Boston would NEVER have an interest in somebody like Barry Bonds, and Bonds himself has already said he would never play here.

Bonds has publicly stated that he would never play on Boston becuase its too racist there.

He's right.

As destrubd1 said, Phillips is a horror show. The guy has the easiest job on TV and he still manages to fuck it up with simple mistakes.

Definitely one of the dumbest guys in sports.

phillips comment is just retarded. The Redsox are the last team that Barry would go to. They also have no place to put him. An old man with horrible legs. It makes me wonder why Steve Phillips has a job at ESPN.

Im confused. Yesturday i heard that the Padres were offering Jake Peavy. Now today foxsports is reporting that they wont. I rather see a deal with San Diego. Try to pry Gonzalez and Young. I havn't heard anything new from the dodgers.

Please update me on the Manny situation

"Im confused. Yesturday i heard that the Padres were offering Jake Peavy. Now today foxsports is reporting that they wont. I rather see a deal with San Diego."

Wecome to the Hot Stove League.

As an aside, does anyone know when the arbitration news will be released? 25 minutes and counting...

The starting staff is actually a relative strong point for the Atlanta Braves in 2007, despite losing out on Glavine and not resigning John Thomson. As it stands right now, we still have to lose one of our starters, it's likely to be a trade of horacio ramirez. Here's our current options at the staff:

1. John Smoltz (Ace)

2. Tim Hudson (2nd Ace if he bounces back)

3. Chuck James (Rookie prodigy, very very very good)

4. Mike Hampton (people forget he had a sub 3.00 ERA before injury in 2005, always has been a top pitcher with Atlanta)

5. Kyle Davies (one of the top pitching prospects in baseball for many years now)

6. Horacio Ramirez (had many ups and downs, very inconsistent in 2006. In all of his starts he either pitched brilliantly; 8 IP with 1 or 2 ER, or horribly; 3 IP with 7 ER. Likely to be traded, but has the potential to become an unexpected top 2 or 3 pitcher in the future)

7. Anthony Lerew (constantly rated among the top 100 prospects in America. 95+ mph fastball, and a wicked slider, he struggled in AAA last year, then got demoted to AA and was on fire, then promoted back to AAA at the end of the year and continued his AA success).

8. Lance Cormier (exceptional control, he was excellent as a fill-in starter for the Braves in 2006).

9. Oscar Villarreal (will be on the team as a long-relief man, but he too was exceptional as a fill-in starter in 2006).

vt brady2705

cmon man you make it sound like after smoltz and hudson the braves have 3 Liriano's.

Steve Phillips has a job on ESPN because he was a former gm and apparently close ties to "people" in baseball. The guy isnt all bad, he drafted David wright. Though what really irks me about the guy is that he always has to squeeze in the fact that it wasnt him who traded kazmir.

The Braves have some good young arms behind Smoltz, Huddy, and Hampton but we do need another good dependable arm for next year. Schuerholz has said he plans to strengthen the rotation and bullpen and I believe he will. Schuerholz always delivers, it may take some time but he does. As for Thompson, I beleive he can be good when he's truly healthy but he is so much of an injury risk. The Braves are better off saving they're money on someone more dependable.

"Try to pry Gonzalez and Young." HAHA... getting peavy is a heck of a lot easier than getting chris young, and forget it, kevin towers won't get rid of adrian gonzalez and a quality starter.

Excuse me, excuse me... can anyone believe the nonsensical hype-ups of the Atlanta Braves' pitchers a few posts above? We're supposed to be all excited about Anthony Lerew? Always rated in the Top 100? Where, at 99? Pretty much every team has guys like Anthony Lerew. And Chuck James is already "very times 100" good? We'll see.

I've had to listen to Braves' fans blab about Kyle "Cy Young" Davies for a while now. I say before you brag and hand him the trophies, put up or shut up. Tim Hudson, is he going to bounce back? His home run rates have just bloated ever since leaving Oakland. Mike Hampton has "always been a top pitcher?" Excuse, but what planet are these people from?

Are the Braves in that bad of trouble they have to talk up Lance Cormier? The worse things get the wilder the predictions become. I thought Jeff Francoeur was supposed to be Albert Pujols this year (according to Braves' fans), instead he looks like the lefty-masher in a platoon, a lousy .703 OPS against right-handed pitching. I believe we were also led to believe Saltalamacchia would be the 2006 Rookie of the Year by now according to Braves' fans, not crapping out in Double A.

I'll believe these grand proclamations when I see them actually happen. By now Joey Devine was supposed to be Mariano Rivera, the list of unfulfilled boasts by Braves' fans lately is growing by the day.

Talk about an over-reaction to what I posted. Everything I posted above is dead the truth.

1. John Smoltz IS an ace

2. Tim Hudson I said is a second ace IF HE BOUNCES BACK. We all know he stunk in 2006, I don't need to rehash that, however he has always been one of the top pitchers in baseball throughout his career, and I don't expect him to repeat 2006 in 2007. Maybe he won't be as great as he was in Oakland, but if he can repeat 2005, then he'll be a pretty damn good pitcher.

3. Chuck James is a rookie prodigy. You don't believe me? Let me throw you some stats:

A 2.25 ERA, 156k in 132 IP
A+ 1.08 ERA, 59k in 41.2 IP
AA 2.09 ERA, 104k in 86 IP
AAA 3.48 ERA, 30k in 33.2 IP
AAA 2.67 ERA, 25k in 33.2 IP
MLB 3.78 ERA, 91k in 119 IP
Now I don't know what you consider to be a very promising rookie pitcher, but if you give me a guy with those minor league numbers, he comes up to the big leagues, and puts up a 3.78 ERA, with 7k's per 9 innings, then I'm going to have to smile and say we've got a darn good young pitcher on our hands, thank you very much.

4. As for Mike Hampton, was I lying? He has been an excellent pitcher when IN ATLANTA (notice I wrote "while with the Braves"). He was a very solid pitcher for us, and in the early part of the 2005 season, he was the front-runner to win the Cy Young award. Of course, the injury bug hit, his numbers inflated, and it wasn't too long before he was out for the season and all of 2006. However, he's always been a great starter in Atlanta, and he also finished 2nd for the Cy Young in 1999, and is a two-time all-star, so I wouldn't label him as a "nobody" just yet.

5. Kyle Davies has yet to prove himself at the MLB level, but he's never really had a fair chance. He's never been given the opportunity to consistently start, and now he should get that chance. Besides, are you going to look at a guy who posts these kind of minor league numbers, and tell me they're not promising?

A 2.89 ERA, 148k in 146.1 IP
A+ 2.63 ERA, 95k in 75.1 IP
AA 2.32 ERA, 73k in 62 IP
AAA 3.44 ERA, 62k in 73.1 IP

I mean please, the guy has been praised as one of the future great pitchers for a reason. He did about as well as a rookie would be expected to do when he came up in 2005, was pretty much the same in 2006 until he got injured, and was then rushed back to the big leagues because the Braves pitching staff was depleted at the time. Not entirely his fault. Give him a full season to start, and he may surprise some of you people who really think the Braves staff is so horrible.

6. Horacio Ramirez - I stand by what I said, and it's highly likely he'll be traded anyways; besides, he's 6th on our depth chart, so I'm not praising him as some future Godsend for us, but if you've watched him when he's on, you can tell he's got some good stuff. If he can harness it, he'll be a better pitcher than most people think.

7. Anthony Lerew has some nasty stuff, very reminiscient of a younger John Smoltz. He may not have the head on his shoulder John Smoltz did, but HE IS rated as a high prospect for a reason guys. Besides that, I'm putting him down as 7th on the depth chart, so it's not exactly like I'm saying he's a #1 stud or something.

8. Oscar Villarreal was an amazing pitcher out of our pen, and filling in as a starter for us, in the 2nd half of 2006. Anyone who actually watched the Braves last year could tell you the same. But again, I'm listing him flippin' 8th guys, it's not like I ever even want him to start, but should 60% of our rotation go down at the same time, it's nice to know we have an emergency plan.

9. Lance Cormier - come on guys, I'm in no way claiming Lance Cormier is some great pitcher, but he does have great command of what pitches he does throw, and when we actually needed him to pitch for us in 2006, he was a pretty darn good pitcher; surprisingly too. So yeah, you all may think the Braves are horrible because they rely on a guy like Lance Cormier; but I mean, come on, they really don't. He's our 9th option for a SP, and if it comes down to needing to go that deep to fill a rotation, I'm sure Lance Cormier is better than what a lot of other teams could go muster up.

I would't say Villereal was great comin out the pen but he definitely was valuable and I like his rubber arm. C.James & K.Davies are very good young starters. Their potential was talked about in the same breath as all the Marlins young guns. Sorry Brady but Cormier is a bum.

Just throwin this out there tell me what you think Braves sending Salty,Escobar, Lerew & Davies/James either or to Blue jays for A.Rios and League.


it would be a good offer it made any sense at all for the Braves, but since it doesn't, it's not a good deal.

why don't it make sense for the braves. It gives them an OF who can play center if A.Jones leaves next year or is traded this year which is inevitable and gives a young bullpen arm. Gives the Blue Jays a 2 young SP & a C for the future and a SS that tore up Arizona fall league to take over for Clayton sometime this year. The Braves def. have the depth in the rotation with Hampton comin back.

I don't think now is the right time to trade Salty. He was injured with some sort of wrist injury and played horrible in the first half of AA last year, but hit over .300 in the second half as he became healthy. If he can produce another full-season with a .300+ average and good power numbers between AA and AAA next year, his value will soar through the roof. It would probably be best to wait on him to trade him, or to possibly consider moving his position to LF.

In the meantime, I don't want to give up Kyle Davies, I think the Braves will need him in their rotaton this year.

And as for Escobar, he's really come alive with his bat, and if we do end up trading Marcus Giles, then Escobar is one of our top candidates to replace him at 2nd base, especially after winning the batting title in the Arizona Fall League, or wherever it is he played ...

While our bullpen was a weakness in 2006, a big part of that was because we had a bullpen of Jorge Sosa, Ken Ray, Chris Reitsma, and Mike Remlinger all at one time, with all of those guys getting opportunities to close. After the trade-deadline, with Bob Wickman as an established and frankly, exceptional closer for us, everything else fell into place. After we got rid of the previous guys, and let Tyler Yates, Macay McBride, and Chad Paronto get more innings, our pen wasn't nearly as bad as it had been. Not exceptional, but probably league average or maybe slightly better. It's highly likely Phil Stockman will be in our pen next year, his AAA season was unbelievable, and he looks to be a promising arm. Joey Devine probably still needs more work in the minors, and if we trade Giles, we'll probably get one more established arm for the pen, and that should complete it.

As far as Andruw's replacement, I'm not sure we need to think about it now since he keeps saying he's going to use his no-trade contract and refuse to play anywhere else in 2007, and besides, we apparently don't have any legitimate trades lined up for him at the moment anyways. Matt Diaz is a solid hitter (you don't hit in the .380s twice in AAA without knowing how to hit), and could hopefully repeat what he did for us last year, only over the course of a full season, getting the every-day job.

Well I hope they do trade A. Jones so he can get a taste of what its like playin for somebody other than Bobby Cox. Then he looks to come back and appreciate what he got in ATL. FIRE BORAS and give the braves another discount or hope the team gets sold all ready. So they can spend to resign him. I dont want him to leave but I hope they get something in return if he does.

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