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Phillies Sign Jayson Werth

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Phillies have signed Jayson Werth to a contract, pending a physical.  The outfielder turns 28 in May; he was nontendered by the Dodgers.

Werth played in the Baltimore and Toronto systems before a trade to L.A.  He plays all three outfield positions.  He was actually a catcher with Baltimore and considered a backup at times in L.A.  Perhaps the Phillies would pursue the idea once again. 

He's had plenty of injury problems: a strain in '03, an oblique strain, two cracked ribs, and a torn elbow ligament in '04, a broken wrist from an A.J. Burnett heater in '05, a sore knee that same year, wrist surgery that winter, and a second wrist surgery last August.  Whew. 

Werth got Major League offers from the Cards and Padres as well this winter.  He'll join Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand, Jeff Conine, and Shane Victorino in the Phillie outfield if healthy.  The signing might add some flexibility for a trade.


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Yikes! Looking at that OF the Phillies would need to trade for offense if they dealt Burrell.


I think no matter what the Phils are pretty set offensely.... Alot of people are speculating that this is an indication the Phils are going to trade either Rowand or Conine for pen help.... The Phils were searching for a left handed outfielder... Now they just sign a righty??? Doesnt make too much sense to me....Especially with Trot Nixon still out there....

Trade Conine for bullpen help? That's laughable. If they want anything of value, they'll have to deal Rowand.

I agree, I dont know how much "help" you are going to get for Connine. I do know a few teams that would go after Rowand if they didn't ask too much. Does anyone know the status of Rowand's contract? How many years are on it?

The Answer to the Nuggets. Now there is no reason to root for any philly franchise.

He is a free agent after the upcoming season.....

arodsucksatlife this is great! Carmelo can show AI how to cheap shot other players while hiding behind a coach, and AI can show Carmelo how to skip out on practice and start beef with all the coaches! What a match made in heaven!

Practice, and Stop Snitching on the same team...I love it.


Greatest news conference ever! I could watch this for days.

24 1/2 times.

"The Answer to the Nuggets. Now there is no reason to root for any philly franchise."

Eh hmm, eh hmmm...there is the reigning National League MVP to consider, who, I'm sure you already know, put up better numbers than Big Papi last year--while playing a position in the field as well......

I'm beginning to dislike your attitude sir.

Great player, and I love watching him crushing bombs on baseball tonight. What I meant was that AI actually made me root for the Sixers, nobody on the Phillies makes me root for them. That and the Eagles, and Flyers are completely worthless.

The man's name is Ryan Howard. He's actually a pretty easy guy to root for. Not only is he a great player, but he is also a great person.

Lets all stop rooting for our respective teams, drop everything, and go root for the phillies because Ryan Howard is not only a great player, but a great great man.
Ryan Howard... Whata guy (sighs)

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