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Blue Jays Sign John Thomson

According to the Toronto Star, the Blue Jays signed 33 year-old right-handed starter John Thomson for $500,000 plus incentives.  The 33 year-old has a mild labrum tear and was affected by elbow soreness and a blister in '06 as well.  The Jays aren't risking much to see if he can rehab his way to a fifth starter job.  In fact, if Thomson can keep his ERA around 5 he'd be on par with most fourth starters.


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Nice signing...low risk/reasonable reward...If healthy, Thomson could end up being a league averag pitcher at small money.

Can anyone explain why Mark Redman has yet to sign and is never mentioned in any rumours?

Very simple DH he isnt good!

I do like him in washington a little(not as much as i like Chen there)

WHat the heck is Philly gonna do with Jon Lieber (or Brett Myers)?

Wow, looks like the rest of the league really dodged a bullet there.

"WHat the heck is Philly gonna do with Jon Lieber"

Save him for a rainy day............ or wait till spring training starts, when plans fall apart and the disabled list club has its first meeting of the new year.

The Jays could easily trade for Lieber...but only if the price comes down still. I can see him being unloaded closer to the year.

Oh and btw. this is a good flier for the Jays. He's injury prone, and has incentives up to 4 million, but if he can pitch league average for a big chunk of innings, that's great.

I've been dying for a Jays Rumor/info I mean for a team that wanted 2 starters heading into free agency its been very quiet.

I love this deal Thomson starts as the 5th guys if he's healthy then you still have Towers Marcum and Janssen. Janssen I like the most out of the group.

However I pray there is a Trade somewhere comming. I'd like to see the Jays try and deal Lind for a starter or some combo of lind and more prospects. I think the offence as is can compete with the yanks and red sox. If e can get a solid starter with prospects thats likely the best option.

This a good cheap signing by the Jays. If thomsen can ever get his body straight, he will be a great addition. I hope the Jays fans get to enjoy his pitching as much as i did when he was healthy.

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