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Marlins Lean Toward Benitez Over Julio

The Marlins are still very much interested in acquiring Armando Benitez or Jorge Julio to front their bullpen, according to MLB.com. 

A Benitez deal is more likely because apparently the Giants will pick up most of Benitez's contract.  Julio makes $3.6MM to Benitez's $7.6MM, but the D'Backs may not want to chip in at all.

Can the Marlins continue their string of resurrected closers? The parade includes Joe Borowski, Todd Jones, and Benitez. They've also had twenty save seasons this decade from Braden Looper, Vladimir Nunez, and Antonio Alfonseca.


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The Marlins success just goes to show that you don't need to spend big bucks on a guy who only pitches one inning.

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