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Rumor Roundup

There's not much going on today in the world o' rumors.  By now you've heard most of the spring training trade candidates, and they're not thrilling.  That said, here's what's going on:

  • The Boston Globe quotes an AL GM who thinks the open fifth starter spot in Boston inches them a little closer to Roger Clemens.  The GM favors Houston despite the financial power of the other two contenders.  The Astros need Clemens the most.
  • Clint Barmes was sent to Triple A, with the Cubs and Rangers still tracking him as a possible utility infielder.  Wouldn't be a bad move for either club, though the Rockies would be selling low.  Really low.
  • Byung-Hyun Kim was moved to the bullpen as Josh Fogg won the Rockies' fifth starter job.  The Denver Post reports stronger interest in him as a reliever.  The Rocky Mountain News says the Royals, Rangers, and Marlins are considering trading for him.  Perhaps the Rangers could acquire Barmes and Kim in one deal.
  • Giants' pinch-hitter Mark Sweeney is on the bubble, and the club might trade him.  He'll make $950K this year and is a solid bench bat.  It's going to be Sweeney or Jason Ellison, who is out of options.  The Fish have scouted Ellison but were told he's not available.
  • The Pirates' Jose Castillo, who played second base last year, lost the third base competition to Jose Bautista.  It could spell a trade for Castillo.  The Braves were previously interested, but I think they'll give Kelly Johnson an honest shot.


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I just hope Clemens does not look at the standings and say "which team gives me the best chance to get a ring", I'd disrespect him more than if he said "where can I get the most money". They guys act is old and the people in Boston are over it/him, wish he would just call it quits and give us all a break. jeesh. I would like to see him come back to the yanks with all the fanfare and things that go along with it and then see someone (maybe the redsox??) beat them in the playoffs, that would be SWEET and worth the price of admission.

Its people like the person who made the comment above that amuse me. SoxJox, your comment is just ignorant. Everyone knows the redsox and the redsox fans would love to have clemens back as a fifth starter. And you know what else, no one blames you, you have the money and talent to win a title. And another thing, I wish people would quit saying that Roger coming back every year is bad, be cause its not. If the man has teams offering him 20 million to pitch for four months, hell yea he is gonna do it. Anyone in their right mind would. So plz stop bashing clemens for the way he does things, because if teams keep giving him the opportunity, he by all means will keep pitching, i am going to enjoy watching him continue to dominate.

SoxJox, you are an idiot. No one can honestly say that they would not like to have Roger Clemens, he is perhaps the greatest pitcher EVER and would give the Sox unquestionably the best staff in baseball, providing that there are no major injuries.

you're right, nobody in their right mind would turn down 20 mil to pitch for 4 months...but he still hasn't accepted it yet. that's what pisses people off about him, if he wants to come back then he needs to get himself in camp like everyone else. soxjox isn't retarded, this prema-dona act of his is getting old. i hated it when he came in during the season for the stros last year, coming and going as he pleases, and everyone went back to saying poor old clemens, his talents are being wasted in houston. it's bullshit, and it's detrimental to the team concept. i don't think he'll end up going to the yankees either b/c joe torre won't let him come and go as he pleases like he does in houston. i wouldn't put it past the sox though. but the bottom line is that if he can't go the full season then he shouldn't go at all, and i don't think he can pitch a full season anymore.


I don't think its crazy to say Clemens isn't really worth it. I mean, yea he is a good pitcher,but he really wasn't dominant when he was with the Yankees. I think he stats are really misleading. If he was in the AL East i think a 4 ERA is about where he would land. Plus the fact that he will only pitch around 100 innings makes him less attractive as well. I am personally indifferent to him coming to Boston. I just don't know if they need to break the bank for a guy that might not be much better than Lester.

Any team would welcome Roger, as long as they can afford him.

Roger will help the team, because even at his age he is by far and away better than any team's 5th starter (yes, the guy that gets pushed out of the starting spot when Roger signs), thus he improves your team.

He probably won't get ALL the same treatment he got in Houston with the Yankees, especially with Cashman having more control. I think the Yankees offer the money and familiarity with the players (with Pettitte being his close friend, and all the other players from Roger's last go-around in NY, while most, if not all of the people involved in Boston from the last time Clemens was there are gone, so there isn't a sense of familiarity with them now). The Astros and RedSox offer money and convienience, by allowing him to go home on off days and such. The Yankees and RedSox offer him the best chance to win a title. The Yankees offer Clemens a better chance to win more games, with a better bullpen (than the RedSox), and offense(than the Astros).

It will be interesting to see how Roger decides this. The favorite should be the Yankees, the second being the Astros, and I believe the RedSox are probably there just to insure the Yankees pay up, but you never know, especially after who I thought were the players in the Matsuaka deal before it went down.

Obviously he is better than any 5th starter or 4th starter for that matter. Hell maybe even every third, but i don't see him being much better than that. Looking at everything, in mu opinion, he looks like he would be a good #2 or great #3. That being said, he is going to ask for $20M, thats a damn lot of money for a 2-3. Maybe if he was going to pitch more than 120 innings i would like him but its not going to happen, even if the contract is prorated. I think Hughes or Lester can pitch well enough to make a signing of him unnessacery. Idk, it just seems like this gets way to much hype and probably isn't going to be a deciding factor in the East unless some scenario where both teams pitchers and dropping like flies and they both NEED another starter.

All that being said, I still think Houston is the favorite. He is there all the time even wearing their uniforms. I think they will offer him enough money to where he wont be getting ripped off. I don't understand the Pettite thing. Like its nice to have a friend around but its not like these guys are married. The friend card just sounds dumb when you think of the fact that the other team has his son. I don't have a kid so i can't speak from the father POV but i really would hope my dad would choose me over his drinking buddy. After Houston, i think its anyones guess. Speaking off the top of my head not knowing anything really, i just feel like Boston would make more sense if he was going to leave the Astros. Idk my vision is too jaded on this issue.

I don't understand all the hubub about Clint Barmes. He's not very good, I think his 2005 has been proven pretty fluky. Considering what you'd have to give up to get him, is Barmes really much of an upgrade over Ryan Theriot for the Cubs?

There are two things, that go against Houston, one is winnings a championship. The team isn't really set up to do so, because their bullpen is average, and so is their offense. And Roger, only having won one championship ('00) kinda wants one last run, and he may not be sure if Houston is the place to do it. The second is the chase of history, where Roger is climbing up the ladder in the all time wins chart, and he feels that the lack of run support has cost him a bunch of victories. Both the Yankees and the RedSox offer a legitimate shot at a World Series title, especially when adding Roger to either rotation.

With Hughes and Lester, it maybe best for both clubs to have them not come up this year. Hughes, is still 21, and considering that he basically didn't pitch much they year he signed, he doesn't have a lot of innings under him. And the Yankees placed the pitch limit on him last year, so it maybe best for his long term health to just have him pitch on pitchcounts in the minors all year, and start out the year in "08 as part of the rotation. They Yankees also have options in Humberto Sanchez (although my feeling is that he becomes a reliever soon), Ross Oheldorf (He was supposed to compete for a spot in the D-Backs rotation), and Tyler Clippard (Who has done great at every level with great command and an array of pitches, and is the strikeout leader since his debut in '04 in all of the minor leauges, but goes un-noticed nationally because he doesn't have a 95 mph fastball). Those are all options the Yankees have, if they get struck down with injury. But keeping Hughes in AAA for most if not all of the year would be the best thing, because he's too valuable to them to risk it. On the RedSox, it might be a stretch to ask too much out of Lester this year. Chemotherapy can be very dehabilitating, and considering the fact that pitchers are used to a routine (as witnessed by how pitchers struggled to start the year last year after the WBC), he may be better off in the minors pitching easily. Chemo can take a lot of a person, and the chemicals have side-effects that are immediate and also long term that are not visible now. If I'm the RedSox, I wouldn't want Lester to come back and not have the energy late in games, but in competitive spirit over-compensates with his arm, and injures a shoulder or elbow. Prospect wise, Snyder and Delcarmen could both start for them. I doubt Bucholz is ready this year, but he can help them next year. Ditto with Bard, although that guy needs to get some control, but the stuff is there.

Would Roger help the RedSox more than the Yankees? Yes, but both teams can afford to not have him. I doubt money is going to be a factor with either team's because it would be just a one year deal, and the fact that the Yankees have been shedding payroll probably indicates that they are setting up an offer for Roger.

Who knows, we'll find out in 3 months.

And apparently Barmes steroids prescription must have run out last year, lol.

Whats it say about patching leaks in the Sox FO that the Globe went to a rival GM to gauge the Sox interest.

On Lester, people need to remember something, he is healthier now than he was when he was starting every 5th day.

He doesn't need special treatment, if he struggles, don't pitch him, but you would do that same with any other guy in any other rotation, especially if there are other options. He has fought back to get to spring training because he wants to play.

Forget the Cancer, and see what he has got, holding him back because of it is insulting.

Declarmen is going to spend most of the year in AAA and isn't going to start. Synder, Lester, Kason Gabbard, Devorn Hansack are their backup options, and Hansack and Gabbard have impressed, especially starting good games last september. Buchholz is just starting at AA, don't read anything into him yet.

I would say Clemens helps NY more at the moment. Pavano and Igawa are completely unknown quantities (side joke, is Pavano re-eligable for ROY now?) Wake and Tavarez are proven to be good, average, good enough, Matsuzaka is just looking good, without starting a major league game, he looks about a lock for success as any 'rookie' or 'prospect' can.

If the Sox get Lester back into that rotation, which is probably going to be a goal, I think Roger helps the Yankees more. Obviously if Pavano pitches like the guy a few years ago, and Igawa does well.. but as of today, Roger helps the Yankees more.

clemens has won two championships, not one. and their offense is quite a bit better than it has been recently. their bullpen is pretty deep too, especially if lidge gets his act together this season. clemens would help the astros a lot more than he would the other teams. i think the astros would be the most complete team in the nl central with him. having that said though, i'd rather see the astros cut the cord and look somewhere else for rotation help

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