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Buehrle's Stock Rising

Mark Buehrle's brilliant no-hitter last night still might not be enough to secure him a contract extension from the White Sox.  Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune certainly expects him to hit the open market after this season.

For one night at least, he looked like the Buehrle of old.  And the Buehrle of old is worth a truckload of money in the current market.  Buster Olney believes he's comparable to Barry Zito, and that the Mets and Red Sox could get involved.

Most folks think Buehrle will end up joining his hometown Cardinals, which could involve a small discount.  But it's still a complete unknown here in April.  We don't want to jump the gun - Buehrle had a fantastic April in 2006 (2.57 ERA, 0.89 WHIP).  A typical Buehrle season - 230 innings, sub-4 ERA - would put him in line for the best long-term free agent contract for a starter.  That assumes Carlos Zambrano signs.

There are a couple of guys who would make awesome mercenaries for 2008 - John Smoltz and Curt Schilling.  Smoltz probably remains a Brave if the team comes in with a somewhat fair offer, but Schilling could spark a bidding war. 


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he really does look like his old self again, if not better. it's easy to say that after last night, but even after his start in oakland. he allowed 3 runs the first inning, and it was basically a "here we go again." But he dominated the rest of that game, retiring the last 10 he faced and allowing only 4 hits in 7 innings.
even beyond his performance, he just LOOKS better. he looked out of shape last year. maybe it's in my head, but he looks like a new man.
some people have pointed out he was great last april too. i don't really get why that matters. in 2005 (just 1 year prior, and likely his best season) april was his 2nd worst month. in 2004 it WAS his worst month. sometimes those splits have meaning, but not in this case.

I wouldn't pay him any big money. I wonder who will? He's about 16 months months removed from becoming Mark Redman. The Red Sox? The Yankees and the Blue Jays will slap that guy silly. The Blue Jays love soft-tossing lefties.

The Red Sox aren't entering the free agent starting pitching market any time soon. Unless you count resigning Schilling. Especially not for Mark Buehrle.

I gotta Agree with ARod here.

Apart from Clemens and Schilling (special cases) I really don't see the Sox entering this market, especially if Schilling resigns.

How much better is Buehrle than any AAA pitcher (Sox have a few) and does that really justify 10's of millions difference.

No hitter was great, but hardly reflective.

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