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Mets Trolling For Pitching

Like many teams, the Mets could use another starting pitcher.  I like the depth Omar Minaya came in with, but another rehab project or two wouldn't hurt.  You have to respect this approach to building a rotation as opposed to just signing Barry Zito.

David Lennon of Newsday says that Minaya is indeed working the phones, looking for a deal similar to last year's Orlando Hernandez acquisition.  A minor league contract for Brian Lawrence is one option.  What other starters might Minaya gamble on?

The Indians are one club with an apparent surplus of starters, once the main guys are healthy at the same time.  The price might be too high for Fausto Carmona, though Paul Byrd could be had if salaries can be worked out.  Byrd has looked decent in the early going, but he's earning $7MM.  Byrd made 55 relief appearances for the Mets back in 1995-96.

If for nothing else than the confusion angle, MInaya could consider another O. Perez (Odalis of the Royals).  The Dodgers are already paying a large chunk of Perez's $7.75MM salary.  A little Rick Peterson tutoring could do him some good.

It wouldn't be a minor deal, but the White Sox could start offering up Jose Contreras, Jon Garland, and Mark Buehrle in coming months.  Greg Couch of the Sun-Times thinks a fire sale is in order.

The Angels could spare a Dustin Moseley, but will probably hang on to Joe Saunders for depth.  It seems like the A's are willing to trade anyone in the right deal.  The Brewers go seven-deep with starting pitchers.  The Cubs are about ready to cast off Wade Miller.  And the Rockies are still stuck with Josh Fogg and Byung-Hyun Kim.

I'm interested to see who Minaya comes up with here; he's usually pretty clever when bargain-hunting.


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Oh, please, Omar. Please take the 350-pound talentless lump that is Sidney Ponson off our team, and give us room to bring a pitcher who is actually good up from the minors.

Philip Humber & Lastings Milledge for Jon Garland & Brian Anderson would benefit both teams this year and next. Beyond that though, it's clearly in the favor of the White Sox.

Brian Anderson? I don't know why the Mets would want him.

Also, the D'Backs have 6 starting pitchers; I can't remember who the odd man out is. But the Mets and D'Backs hooked up for that El Duque-Jorge Julio deal last year. Maybe they'll want Ambiorix Burgos for Livan Hernandez? (Just kidding.)

How do Mets and White Sox fans feel about a Buehrle for Milledge trade? (Revisiting the discussion of last winter)

I personally don't like it, but then again I have a blog named after Lastings. He could just be another Alex Ochoa, or at best, Jay Payton. Or he could be Gary Sheffield. I went to see him in Albuquerque and he hurts his foot in his first AB and is out 4-6 weeks.

Mark Buehrle: Solid. Lots of innings. Pitched far better than league average every year except 2006. What happened last year? Still, he's made 32 or more starts for six straight years.

I don't know if the Mets could/would re-sign him, but Lastings Milledge for a rent-a-pitcher?

I hope Omar doesn't make a move for the sake of making a move. I know as of the other day the Mets had the best starter era in the NL(not sure if it still is). Maine and Perez(minus that 1 awful inning) have been everything a met fan could ask for and then some..... so far. Glavine is still Glavine and will win 15 games easily with those bats behind him. El Duque when healthy is a decent starter. Pelfry has been shaky, but I think a lot of it is nerves as he has been over throwing and getting the ball up too much. Sosa/Vargas/Humber are all capable of filling in the #5 spot while El Duque is injured. The only reason Park pitched was because they weren't sure if Hernandez was going to pitch untill last minute and it was Park's turn in AAA. I guess they are going to give Sosa the next turn. I say keep all the chips and wait till July, if the cubs still can't play .500 ball and Zambrano keep getting lit up I can't see them shelling out the kind of money it would take to resign him and may look to deal.

The bullpen is another story. With Sanchez out till who knows when and Hielman's nagging arm injury effecting his pitching, the 8th inning could turn into a problem spot if they get in a bunch of close games in a short time. I could see Joe Smith who has been outright nasty to move into the 8th inning role. But they still have a lot better pen then most so if the starters continue to pitch well, they should be alright too.

That Humber + Milledge for Garland + Anderson idea is a joke. Garland gets wins, but his other stats suggest that he's a mediocre pitcher. The Mets don't need a 6th OFer, so no thanks to Anderson. Buerhle is solid, but not worth those two either. I like the idea of trading for Odalis Perez. He's only a few years removed from being a good starting pitcher for the Dodgers. Peterson could figure it out for him...

How do Mets and White Sox fans feel about a Buehrle for Milledge trade? (Revisiting the discussion of last winter)

Meh, not too good really, Milledge is supposed to net us a better rental (Zambrano, better than Buehrle, even if he's overrated) or a non-rental (like another overrated guy, Dontrelle).

The only pitcher I'd let Milledge and Pelfrey/Humber go for is Dan Haren -- since his name has come up in a few rumors.

Hey you guys want Josh Towers? Seriously, he would do well in the NL.

And he could be gotten for free. He could be potentially be good in the NL actually.

just as much as the mets dont want anderson, the sox dont want milledge. we have enough OF prospects (anderson, sweeney, owens, cunningham, etc). and while phil humber is pretty talented and will have a future, we also have danks, gonzalez, russell, egbert, etc. i wouldnt mind seeing the sox try to get a solid prospect in the 2b/ss area that has leadoff posibilities. either that or keep stocking up on pitching prospects, and use the money to keep 1-2 of our F.A's over the offseason and sign ichiro. outfield of sweeney ichiro and dye, with maybe another OF added in and dye can move in to the DH once thome leaves.....ya that was alotta rambling, but it made sense in my head

Anibal Sanchez got sent down and Florida needs Milledge for CF

"Philip Humber & Lastings Milledge for Jon Garland & Brian Anderson would benefit both teams this year and next. Beyond that though, it's clearly in the favor of the White Sox."

I dont think Omar will give up Milledge and Humber for Garland. The mets dont have any need for Brian Anderson. If they couldnt get a better pitcher then that, they can just hold on to Milledge. They could use a pitcher, but they dont absolutely need one. They used guys like Lima and Gonzales and 12 other guys last year and did ok. I think Omar wouldnt mind going with Vargas or Sosa or even PArk again, just trying to spot start guys until El Duque comes back. For what its worth, Chan Ho Parks first and only start was misleading if you just looked at the line. He pitched great for 2.2 retiring the first 8. Then gave up a bleeder to the pitcher and walked the next 2 on 8 pitches. Then his de let him down with a dropped blooper and a pop fly that fell in. He made his own bed by walking 2 guys, but he could have just as easily been out of that inning with no runs and pitched a solid game if Easley caught a blooper. Adam Bostick is another option in the minors. I dont know what the deal is with Williams if he is hurt or not, but he is an option if healthy. I dont think Omar would trade Milledge for Sanchez either, theres a better chance he would try to package Milledge and Humber and maybe 1 more prospect and go after Olsen or Dontrelle, which is unlikely but I dont think that he would give up Milledge for Sanchez. While people around the country might be down on Milledge the Mets organization seems to be very high on him. During spring training I got the impression that as soon as Green faltered Milledge would be called up, but Green has been solid so far. That said, I think Omar would trade Milledge in a deal for a real impact pitcher, I dont think Garland or Sanchez is that guy.

"The only pitcher I'd let Milledge and Pelfrey/Humber go for is Dan Haren -- since his name has come up in a few rumors."

Me too. I am not tremendously high on Humber, but a lot of people like his stuff, and I agree. I would even trade Pelfrey and Milledge for Haren I think. That guy is one of my favorite pitchers in baseball I just love the way he attacks the strike zone and eats innings.

Ughhh, I forgot to finish my thought. I meant to say, I agree, I like his stuff also, but Im not sure about if he can stay healthy through a whole season, and if he can throw his secondary pitches for strikes consistently. Sorry about that

I could see Livan Hernandez being available if Randy Johnson begins pitching a little better for the D-Backs.

He's on a contract year and will likely not be resigned by Arizona, and as mentioned they have 6 pitchers.

Alou and Green will both be gone next year, so Milledge has his spot in the OF. I'd be hesitant to let him go for a mediocre SP. I'm fine with Glavine/Duque/Maine/Ollie with Pelfrey, Sosa, Park, and Humber getting starts. No need for a dumb trade.

Yeah I agree. I mean, if a situation comes up like where we almost got oswalt last year, then thats different, but for Joe Blanton or Jon Garland, no thank you. Also, Pedro is coming back in August, and I think he will be dealing. I know a lot of people will say he wont ever be the same, but many of the same people were also saying Oliver Perez and John Maine were garbage, the Mets starting pitching staff would be dead last in baseball and all of that and where are they now.

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