The Abreu Option

Bobby Abreu is really struggling this year – he’s hitting just .250/.325/.309 in 136 ABs.  Even his occasionally Bondsian walk rate is down around 10%.  The Yankees are paying him $15MM this year, and have a $16MM option with a $2MM buyout for 2008.

In my 2008 Club Options post a couple of weeks ago, I voted that the Yankees would decline the option.  At that point I was ignorant to the buyout price, however.  It’s more like a $14MM decision, and that’s a bit more palatable.  If Abreu was on track for a line around .290/.420/.450, I think it’s an easy choice to exercise.  Commenters in the earlier post leaned towards the Yanks exercising it but then looking to trade Abreu.

Since we still have 80% of the season to go, it’s much too early to call.  But if Abreu plays to his 25th percentile PECOTA – .263/.372/.413 – he’ll join the ’08 free agent class.  Does his slow start change your opinion on the option?

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