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The Abreu Option

Bobby Abreu is really struggling this year - he's hitting just .250/.325/.309 in 136 ABs.  Even his occasionally Bondsian walk rate is down around 10%.  The Yankees are paying him $15MM this year, and have a $16MM option with a $2MM buyout for 2008.

In my 2008 Club Options post a couple of weeks ago, I voted that the Yankees would decline the option.  At that point I was ignorant to the buyout price, however.  It's more like a $14MM decision, and that's a bit more palatable.  If Abreu was on track for a line around .290/.420/.450, I think it's an easy choice to exercise.  Commenters in the earlier post leaned towards the Yanks exercising it but then looking to trade Abreu.

Since we still have 80% of the season to go, it's much too early to call.  But if Abreu plays to his 25th percentile PECOTA - .263/.372/.413 - he'll join the '08 free agent class.  Does his slow start change your opinion on the option?


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Wouldn't a facilitating question be whether the Yanks want to see Melky out there day in and day out. If the answer is yes then Abreu is likely gone.

Abreu has a complete no-trade clause given to him by the Phillies ex-GM Eddie Wade, who was handing them out like candy at the time.

Why Isnt Abreu on the block NOW? He the first guy the Yankees should be using as trade chip. Send him back National Leauge. They can make any combination to trade for any of these guys Padres Young or Maddux, Dodgers Penny, Cardinals Wainwright or Braves James or Davies. The Yankees could easily get of these guys for Abreu and Vizcaino plus prospects.

You can take the braves off that list. Would we love to have abreu yes, but there is absolutely no way we can take on his 14 million, and our pitching depth makes us have a great need for davies or james. There is no chance the braves could make a play for abreu unless they get rid of hampton's contract, and that will not happen either

Abreu for Wainwright? Laughable. Sure the hitting hasn't been good in St. Louis, but why would they trade away their best young arm for a veteran on the decline? If they have any chance of turning the season around, it's by improving the rotation, and trading away wainwright doesn't make sense for now or the future. Plus, if they're going to move into the bottom half of the division, I'd rather they go down with young, developing outfielders getting some MLB AB's under their belt.

Corner OFs who slug .450 aren't worth $16MM. His greatest skill, walks, won't be of much use if pitchers have no reason to pitch around him.

Vizcaino has trade value? Man, if a 55 ERA+ out of a 33 year old RP has value the Yanks should just trade their whole pen.

I only put in the Braves and Cardinal because of the obviuos need for a Corner outfeilder. Any trade with either team,the Yankees would of course send money. Both team with the right combination of players and money would pull the trigger and send their young gun to the yankees.

Vizcaino has value because of experince and the need for soild reliever is high. Many teams think he can turn it around with a new setting.

Russel, there is a lot more that goes into a trade like that. The braves do not have the luxery to trade away either of their young arms, you are completely wrong. The offense is fine, it is producing enough to win. And the braves would need the braves to pay nearly all of abreu's contract which is not going to happen. This is not just trade a veteran all-star for a young arm trade, a lot more goes into the deal. The cards are in the same sitation with their pitching depth. Please understand the game of baseball before you make a post again.

Russel, there is a lot more that goes into a trade like that. The braves do not have the luxery to trade away either of their young arms, you are completely wrong. The offense is fine, it is producing enough to win. And the braves would need the braves to pay nearly all of abreu's contract which is not going to happen. This is not just trade a veteran all-star for a young arm trade, a lot more goes into the deal. The cards are in the same sitation with their pitching depth. Please understand the game of baseball before you make a post again.

make that the braves would need the yankees to pay nearly all of abreu's contract

make that the braves would need the yankees to pay nearly all of abreu's contract

I think russel is in his own world again were nothing about the actual game of baseball applies

If I were the Cardinals...I would try and pry him from the yanks without giving up Wainwright. Maybe Reyes and a prospect, like Hawksworth or whatever his name is? All I know is the Cards offense blows...and Abreu would be a great hitter to put in front of Pujols. With his OBP...he would score a lot of runs and Pujols and Rolen would get many more RBIs. Then, you could bat Duncan 6th..Edmonds 7th...and the lineup is much more formidable. Right now...there is no reason to throw a pitch anywhere near the strikezone to Pujols. No reason whatsoever. You can improve your rotation all you want...but if they can't score, you will continue to lose. Carp and Mulder will be back later...you have to get by with what you have pitching wise. You need a bat...BADLY!

Sorry, I meant the lineup would be...

1. Eckstein
2. Abreu
3. Pujols
4. Abreu
5. Duncan
6. Edmonds
7. Kennedy
8. Moline
9. Pitcher

You could even switch Rolen and Abreu because they both have very good OBPs. Either one would be pretty good as a 2 hitter. If you get the OBP in front of AP...many, many more runs would come.

Cardinals aren't adding that much payroll and the Yankees aren't paying any of that salary if they're just getting Reyes (not good at all) and a prospect. Abreu wouldn't help out the Cardinals as much as you think.


The Cardinals would absolutely add Abreu's salary if they could get him. The only problem is they would have to give up prospects or pre-arb talent for a guy in his walk year, when they are obviously looking towards 2008 and beyond coming off a WS win.

And to say that Reyes is not good at all means that you have looked no further than his W/L record and his ERA, which means you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

By those measures he's by far the unluckiest pitcher in the league. All you have to do is look up his FIP, LOB%, or MiLB record and you won't wound like a moron.


Dunc, who's this 'Moline' guy? Hopefully he can hit.

Whats your issue Bravesbeast? Who sayed that Yankees were ever going to consider making that trade? All I was saying that Yankees need a pitcher and braves need a outfeilder and that are the common sense name that came up. So dont get mad because I suggested a trade that you didnt like. Dont you have better things to do than question my knowledge like drool over chipper.

LOL. i guess you confuse anger with amusement. In response to your suggestion, all I did was put a spotlight on your ignorance by applying reality to your fantastical mindset.

sorry phil. Its Molina...and no, he cannot hit at all!

Well...unless its last years NLCS.

why is it that you don't think the Cards would add the payroll?? They are coming off a WS win, and just got a new stadium...but kept their payroll relatively the same. Believe me, if they want to, they can pull that trigger any time. They have money to spare right now.

My ingnorance? Really because it wasnt the Braves who traded Wainwright and Marquis for J.D Drew. The off season they lost Glavine. How about when they traded for Sheffeild and gave young promising pitcher Odalis Perez the same year they lost Millwood and there was nothing behind the big Three. Because what your telling me is the Braves will never do something like that. And only In only my FANTASY world these trades acctually happened.

russell....i think what braves is trying to say is that yankee fans sometimes believe that because they have money they can squeeze other teams into making bonehead trades when in fact the braves are playing well as a team and most likely wouldnt make that sort of a trade where as in your scenarios up above they were more like desperation moves....

All over the web, this is the type of trade I see being proposed by Yankees fans all the time:

Player A and B that the Yankees don't really need anymore for prized Player C. To somehow even it out, the Yankees will throw in a lot of money.

Those proposals are kind of annoying.

You really are not making any sense at all. The braves made all of those moves because at the time they needed the offense. They do not need it now, and they also had the payroll when they traded for sheffield. The J.D. Drew trade i am sure they regret, I do as well. But if you would actually think, that regretful move would be even more reason why they would not do the trade you are are proposing. The Gary Sheffield trade any gm would have done in a heart beat. Odalis Perez stayed decent for 3 years, and look what has happened since then, he has far below average since 2005. So again you are not making any good points at all. You are only further validating the fact you do not know anything about baseball. Oh and if you need further help understanding what I have typed, look at the two posts preceding this one.

And as for the tom glavine deal, the mets offered two more years and 3 million more per than we did. It was not a stupid move by the braves, the mets had more money to offer.

My point was that the braves do make trade like this and you know John will consider a trade like this if the braves are in the middle of the playoff race in June. Any logical thinking team will be considering upgrades. The point about the sheffelid trade was that the brave traded pitching when they needed it. Who would of predicted that Perez was going to be a bust? People were saying going to be solid for a long time. So its easy now to point and say that was a good or bad trade because you know the outcome.Keeping young pitching is never been one of the Braves strong points.

This is a post about ABREU. Of course were going talk about the yankees and making a trade. What else are we going to talk about? Whenever Yankees make a trade,it involves sending money its what they do, so they dont have to trade prospects. What does Glavine getting more money have to do with the fact that they TRADED pitchers? Shouldnt you keep pitching when your losing pitching? Why would anybody consider it a desperation move to upgrade on a postion to enhance your playoff run. What would improve your playoff run more having a James (who pitches every four days)in the rotation or having an Abreu in the lineup?

I cant understand with all your obviuos baseball knowledge consider to my minsque smarts how you consider it an Incredible insult to have Abreu on your team. It must be because the braves are loaded with .300 and 30 hr guys. Unless you're Matt Diaz (theres a good chance that you are by the way your arguing) I dont understand how you would mind this trade happening?

So please do explain how Abreu would be bad for your team if the price was right?

The reason I was speaking of glavine is because you brought him up as an example of how the braves have made regretful moves in the past. As for sheffield, you are right, we needed the offense and so we traded a guy who at the time was a promising young pitcher. But, this is the cornerstone of my whole argument. We traded away the young pitching when we needed the offense. So far this season, the Braves as a team are 11th in batting average, 7th in runs, tied for fourth in homeruns, 5th in on-base percentage, and 6th in slugging. What all those numbers means is that offense is a strength for the braves. Currently, our staff is lead by two of the best pitchers in the nl, smoltz and hudson, a very streaky chuck james, a struggling kyle davies, who seems to be improving with every start, and anthony lerew, a young rookie who could throw 7 shut out innings or give up 4 homers in two innings. So, judging from these facts, why would the braves want to make their pitching depth even thinner and have even less payroll flexibility? They do not want too. With a player like Abreu, as good a player as he is, you cannot just trade away a young arm to get him. You have to consider what you have to replace the young arm you gave up, how changing the lineup may effect the results, if you can take on the money, how long you can obtain the vetern offensive player, who you take out of the lineup, and what offensive player you send down to bring up a pitcher from the minors. Since the braves have a TOP 5 offense in the majors at the moment, the do not need abreu when it would cost them a starter they depend on.

And another thing, you asked me what wold improve the playoff run, having james every four days or having abreu. You as a yankees fan should now more than anyone you can never have too much pitching, as you have the top offense in baseball, yet a losing record because of injuries to your staff. So in the current situation, i would take james over abreu, as the braves already have a playoff calibur offense.

And again, i say, it really is not fun going back and forth, because you keep making the same lame points. Get some knowledge, such as the fact that the braves do have 4 30 homer guys, with andruw, chipper, francouer, and mccann, and the fact that we have 5 .300 full timers in johnson, chipper, mccann, and renteria, (francouer is currently above .300, but he makes strikesout to much and walks not nearly enough to continue that). I am looking foward to your next response, in the hopes that I can get as good a laugh as I got from your previous one.

Reyes has a fastball that makes hitter's eyes light up. The Cardinals have money to spare....but you think they're going to pay an outfielder on the decline who is a fringe all-star MORE than Pujols?

Duncan's game plan for Reyes isn't working. He has shown what he can do throughout his minor league career into last season and all the way through his world series win. The guy can pitch. He can also throw mid 90's...and if he locates his 4 seam like he has the ability to...(as he is a very good control pitcher if you look at his career) than you would realize that the hitter's eyes do not light up. They light up when they get one that was supposed to be down..and its belt high. That keeps happening when Duncan makes him focus on a 2 seamer. Its not his best pitch, the 4 seamer is. Anyway...I'll leave it at that, but Reyes is better than you think.

The Cards might and I would argue should do something like this because

A) he will only make that much this year...I don't see him getting more than 10 mil after this....but who knows.

B) They got shut out again yesterday. At some point, you have to say F*c* who is getting how much...I need to make this offense better no matter what! Pitching isn't going to win with 2 runs of support each night...sometimes less! Its not about how much Albert is getting paid...its about what is best for the team

I could definitely see the Cards doing something like this, but I just do not think they could lose wainwright or reyes to get him. They have lost reyes for 3 months, and i do not believe they have an adequate replacement for either wainwright or reyes, (even though i am not sure of this, I think they do have 1 or 2 young decent prospects in the minors.) I do think the cardinals could take on more payroll than the braves, but i think both teams are not in the position to lose a young arm.

make that carpenter is out for three months

Yeah...it would be an easy move for them if it was a pure salary dump by the yanks...and they would just take a couple of prospects. Not sure Walt would give up Reyes or Wainwright, just saying that would probably work.

Wait, hold on, a pure salary dump focusing on bobby abreu, did this not just happen last july?

pretty much. I'm not saying the Yankees need to do it...but its a possibility if he isn't performing. They can gain a lot of money if they let him go...but thats less valuable to the Yankees than pretty much any other team.

I'm not saying pure salary dump...but they might go for some prospects and a good reliever...maybe a lefty like Flores? Doubtful...and thats only if they wanted to just dump his salar, which until this offseason, was against their religion.

I agree the Cards should add payroll, but ownership hasn't shown me they will. If they can peddle off Rolen to the Dodgers, I can see them adding Abreu. The only way Abreu doesn't sign a 10mil/per contract next season is if he finishes up with bad numbers, at which point it would suck for any team that trades for him, like the Cardinals.

Did Reyes get sent down? I think so. He's pretty horrible. 1 quality start out of 9. Not getting the Yanks to pay part of Abreu's salary for a pitcher having a historically bad season.

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