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Will Gagne Become Trade Bait?

Rangers closer Eric Gagne has quietly tossed 7.1 scoreless innings this season.  He hasn't pitched back-to-back days since returning from a hip injury, but the Rangers haven't been winning much either.  At 17-27, the Rangers are battling with the Royals for the worst record in the American League.

T.R. Sullivan writes in today's mailbag that beyond Mark Teixeira, Gagne is the obvious candidate to be traded this July.  Gagne is on a low-risk one year deal for $6MM, plus many tiers of incentives based on games finished and awards.  According to Cot's Baseball Contracts, Gagne also has "no-trade protection."  I'll have to do some digging to try to determine exactly what that means.


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I can see the Yanks, Red Sox, and Indians chasing Gagne.

I wouldn't give up much, 7 innings and the guy is no longer an injury risk? Yeah right.

It could be hard, for about every reason possible, Gagne isn't the guy in the Rangers Bullpen teams would want.

The Indians seem like an option to me. Of course, they're the team you think of any time reliever name's start getting tossed around...

maybe Toronto? Jays haven't started their firesale - maybe Gagne holds off firesale which may increase what they could get for Glaus. Can't cost them much. With the talk of Dempster going to the starting rotation maybe cubs will gamble for rest of year?

Gagne to the Cubs?? A Jim Hendry type of risk, with a low salary. But what would the Rangers want in return?

Agreed, the Rangers would get much more if they dealt Otsuka. But since Gagne is only on a short term deal, he will be dealt to someone willing to absorb the salary and throw in an ave. minor leaguer.

I'd love to see Gagne in Boston. With Papelbon a "liability" because he can't go all out, having a reserve (even though Okajima is doing great) would be nice. I was pulling for it when Papelbon wasn't going to be back in that role, but if their is an issue with our pitching, its the fact we still have Joel Pineiro and J.C. Romero in the bullpen.

I think he has a better chance of being a good bullpen guy than Troy Percival. His changeup and curve are still excellent.

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