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Braves/Tigers Reliever Swap

The Braves and Tigers swapped relievers today, with the Braves sending Macay McBride over to Detroit for Wilfredo Ledezma.

McBride, a 24 year-old left-handed reliever, has experienced control problems for most of his Braves' career.  The Braves drafted the little lefty 24th overall in 2001, and he was converted to relief in '04.  He did have a solid second half year, crediting a change in his delivery.  His control was again terrible in April of this year but he seems to have corrected that.

Ledezma, 26, is also a southpaw.  He was a Rule V pick out of the Boston system, which caused him to jump from A ball to the Majors.  It's been an odd development path for him.  A sore elbow surfaced in '05, but he's been OK since. Ledezma can be used as a starter if necessary; he's got a good curveball.


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That makes much more sense.

How when he's not a starter. We don't need relievers, we need starters!

Didn't know he could start. It does make sense.

Ledezma has some experience as a starter, but he can't really give you more than 5 decent innings.

He's got tons of ability, but really wore out my patience because of his nibbling ways. Even on days when he's feeling it, he still tries to paint everything and never challenges anyone. Has a fairly high walk rate too. I think the change of scenery will do Wil some good.

What can Braves fans tell me about Macay? I noticed his ERA is solid but his WHIP is nearly 2.

Pretty easy decision for the Tigers. Ledezma is out of options and would've lost his job to one of the returning players next week. This way they get an arm (with options) in return.

ok...I thought Maroth was coming to Atlanta and thought that trade was totally one sided. This makes much more sense.

gtliles, McBride is nothing special. The only reason the Braves made this trade was because they lost confidence in him. Cox was peeved the other night when he came in the ninth to get the final 3 outs and only got 2. He had to bring in Wickman to get the final out and he was peeved so that had to lead up to this.

The Tigers are said to be trying hard to trade Maroth as soon as possible - what do people figure he is worth?


Ledezma is going to start for the Braves. And Chipper, I would have to disagree. McBride is an incredible lefty reliever. He doesn't have great command and should be around 4 walks per 9 always but he is death to lefties. He held them to a .176 BAA last year I believe and strikes out over one per inning.

I agree that mcbride is an underrated reliever. He has his struggles, but he is a very young lefty specialist. I hate to see him go, but I kinda like this move. i am not sure of ledemzma's numbers against lefties, but he is effective, that just makes it a bonus to go along witht he fact that he could be a starter, i could definately view him as a left handed version of an oscar villereal. i completely agree with was385, he will start out as the fifth starter and could put up reasonable numbers, plus it gives us a second lefty in a divison that has some purty good lefty mashers, and if he does not work out, could take over mcbride's role in the pen. Another under the radar move by the braves that increases our versitility and could improve the team. I like it, will miss mcbride, but i like it

Yea, so take that back, ledezma is allowing lefties to bat .340 against him this year, even more reason why the braves appear to slot him in as a fifth starter

Startup is in Richmond and Jo-Jo Reyes just got moved to Richmond. I could see either as a lefty specialist around the all star break

This move also brings to mind that the braves appear to want to make an upgrade over carlyle or davies in the rotation. After checking the numbers, carlyle has been the better starter, but a very interesting split stat is the fact that lefties are only hitting .230 against kyle davies. My guess is that davies gets moved to the bullpen and is used late in the game when two or three lefties are due up, and ledezma takes over his spot in the rotation.

ah yes, very good point, we could also bring up startup as a lefty specialist and send davies down to triple A to continue starting and hopefully regain his confidence

Davies probably won't move to the pen because Devine, Stockman, Startup, Boyer, and Reyes are all in the minors.

Mike Gonzales is back next year. Why trade a guy with the upside of McBride?

Because the Braves have a huge amount of relief depth and needed a starter.

McBride was inconsistent as a Brave, but he's shown flashes of brilliance to go along with some of the most inexcusably bad stretches. This season is a perfect examplr of this, as he started out with an ERA of 6 and a WHIP of 5 (yeah, that's not a typo) in April and came back up to the ML level after a brief stint at Richmond with a renewed sense of awesomeness. Even then he had two catastrophically bad outings that were just too much to bare, apparently.

I don't think Ledezma is going to start for the Braves right now, though I might be wrong. But if they did, it would leave them with exactly zero lefty's out of the bullpen. And why would they do that?

I also think that JS is obsessed this season with having hard-throwing relievers and he made this deal essentially to replace Mike Gonzalez. Macay McBride is a good, inconsistent young pitcher and (a former #1 draft pick), but I've read that Ledezma throws harder.

And I think after Buddy's BP session tonight, they will (finally!!) think about using Oscar Villareal in the rotation and using Peter Moylan, who has been really great so far, as the long relief man.

But Ledezma sucks against lefties. I think they are just counting on a very strong group of righties that can also come in and get lefties.

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