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Helton Hints At Approving Yankee Trade

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post has some quotes from Todd Helton that seem to indicate he'd at least consider approving a deal to the Yankees.  Said Helton: "I have never said publicly that I wouldn't go to any team."

That technically puts the Washington Nationals in play.  Just kidding.  Renck then asked Helton specifically about the Yankees, and he replied: "They'd have to want me first."  He makes a good point.  But maybe the urge to play for a winner is getting to Helton; it seems like he'd go to New York if they could work something out.

Helton's contract remains among the worst in baseball.  I don't know who Michael Moye is, but props to him for negotiating this beast.  Helton makes $16.6MM annually through 2010.  Then he makes $19.1MM in 2011 and gets a $4.6MM buyout in 2012.  Or would Helton require the acquiring team to exercise the $23MM option for 2012 as compensation for allowing the trade? 

Back in January, the Rockies wouldn't pitch in more than $36.6MM.  At that point, Helton was owed $90.1MM through 2011 (that assumes no concession for waiving the no-trade).  Based on the talks with Boston, the Rockies will pay off about 40% of this thing and not require much in the way of young players in return.  The Rockies have already paid Helton about $7.07MM this season.  So they'd still probably be open to kicking in $33MM toward Helton's remaining contract. 

An acquiring team would be looking at $57MM for 4.57 seasons of Helton (if he is traded today). That equates to an annual salary just under $12.5MM.  If Helton hit the free agent market after this season as a 34 year-old, could he get a four-year, $50MM deal?  I believe he could.  I'm starting to think a Helton deal may be reached this summer, as his contract is not ridiculous if the Rockies pay 40% of it.


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"The Red Sox have done a far better job developing and retaining homegrown players — closer Jonathan Papelbon, left-hander Jon Lester, first baseman Kevin Youkilis and now second baseman Dustin Pedroia."

Oh well, people still don't get it. Ken Rosenthal is an unabashed Yankee-hater, and him quoting an anonymous GM that says Hughes projects to be nothing more than a #3 or #4 further proves his idiocy.

The Yankees are not going to trade a can't-miss guy who was on his way to throwing a no-hitter in his second start. They just won't, because it simply doesn't make sense for them to mortgage their pitching for some more hitting. There's as much risk in Hughes as there is in Teixiera, who hasn't exactly been mashing the ball as of late. And the rewards for Hughes are much higher.

The Yankees won't trade Hughes because they don't have to. Texas can forget it.

Woops, wrong comment section. The Yankees won't trade for Helton either. No one will, he is the definition of unmovable.

Good points on the Yankees but I do feel I demonstrated that Helton is pretty movable if the Rox will eat 40% of his contract.

But why would the Rox eat 40% of his contract, get nothing in return, to save some cash, they still won't compete unless they get some young players.
I keep hearing Sox fans bring up the Lowell/Tavarez/Craig Hansen stuff from the trade talks - but that was the Sox offer wasn't it? as opposed to the Rockies demand.

"Ken Rosenthal is an unabashed Yankee-hater, and him quoting an anonymous GM that says Hughes projects to be nothing more than a #3 or #4 further proves his idiocy."

Awww, there's someone in the national media that doesn't completely kiss the Yankees' collective behinds. How alarming this must be for Yankee fans. Oh well . . . you always have Joe Morgan.

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