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Jacque Jones A Fit For Mets?

Jacque Jones has become something of a punchline for the commenters on this site.  Cubs fans, who frequent MLBTR disproportionately, think he is worth something decent.  Everyone else does not.  Even as a Cubs fan I have to side with everyone else.

Chris De Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times writes today:

"The New York Mets are in the market for outfield help at a time when the Cubs are expected to renew their efforts to trade Jacque Jones."

An update on the Mets' situation: Shawn Green comes off the DL from a chip fracture in his foot today.  Endy Chavez should miss a month with a hamstring strain.  Moises Alou had fluid drained from his strained quad on Monday, and said at the time he wasn't close to playing.  Carlos Beltran at least seems recovered from his bruised knee. 

Given that Omar Minaya acquired Green last year, it's not impossible to envision him snagging Jones on the cheap, hoping for a revival.  Jones still wouldn't get regular playing time a few weeks from now if both Green and Alou are healthy, however.  Jones makes $4MM this year and $5MM in '08, and one would assume the Cubs would eat some of that to move him for a warm body.  Even a lukewarm body.

To my knowledge, Jim Hendry has only made one trade with Minaya.  That was Hendry's December 2003 acquisition of Jose Macias when Minaya was GM of the Expos.  Theo Epstein and Dave Littlefield are Hendry's favorite trading partners.


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I'd be down with trading for Jones, but I'm not sure what the Cubs want for him. If we could somehow pawn Schoeneweiss off on them, it would be even better.

If the Cubs could trade Jones to the Mets for a viable reliever, it'd be a win-win for both teams. The Mets get a guy to platoon in the outfield, which seems to be about all they're looking for right now, and the Cubs can help their pathetic bullpen.

As a Cub fan, I don't see how the Cubs will get anything other than the "Hendry speciality," in other words a flawed low level organizational minor leaguer. Which doesn't mean that the Cubs shouldn't dump Jones for anyone willing to take on some contract or give up a warm body for Jones.

Jones is really just a .250, low on-base 4th or 5th OF for a good team and a drag on a poor team that needs to rebuild. He's got some power, but he really doesn't produce enough to be the left-handed part of a corner OF platoon and while he can fill in in CF in a pinch, he's lost a few steps on defense from his peak with the Twins.

The sad part about Jones, DeRosa and other Cub multi-year contracts is that while they are very useful utility guys on a contender, they're just going to block young players on a team that should be thinking about rebuilding at the trade deadline. Sadly, of course, there's no incentive for the current management or ownership to start that rebuilding process since they are going to be sold soon. So they're likely to delay that process and be in a weaker position when the next owner is forced to rebuild. The Cubs will be saddled with a few mediocre veterans (DeRosa, Dempster, Jones, Eyre) for a couple years and receive zilch when Big Z walks out the door.

Honestly, I would rather see the Mets try to go after Brad Wilkerson or Kenny Lofton if they're honestly thinking about Jacque Jones

Who will Jones platoon with on the Mets???

Rightfield--Shawn Green is comming back anyday now, maybe you could use a righty compliment to use with him, but not a lefty.

Centerfield--Beltran, while not 100%, is not hurt. He got rested a few days as a precaution. He obviously doesn't need a platoon.

Leftfield---There was talk that Alou was going to be ready to play this past weekend. So barring a major setback like surgery(on a quad?) he will probably be good to go within 2 weeks or so.

Bench--- While Chavez does bat lefty, he wasn't really used as a lefty bat. He was mostly a speed/defense and start 2-3 days a week guy. One of 3 players(Milledge/Gomez/Johnson) could step in and fill in doing that will getting regular playing time to get a feel for the majors. Kind of like what Pie is doing for the Cubs. So the only use that Jones would have would be the lefty pinch hitter role. Which Jones may be a little over qualified for what the Mets would want to spend to fill that spot.

spieldogg, Alou is going to miss time on a relatively routine basis, he's old and is breaking down...Jones is also actually a good option against righties. He's got some speed, and CAN play all 3 outfield positions...he's nice to have on the bench.
However, I understand your point...he's not going to be even a regular platoon player, just a nice bench option.

"To my knowledge, Jim Hendry has only made one trade with Minaya."

Well of course Hendry and Minaya were both involved in the whopper Nomar trade in July 2004.

The cubs have been trying to trade Jones for almost a year and I haven't heard of any team making any offer for him.

Has anyone ? My guess is that he's still there because no one has offered the cubs anything of any value for him.

I hope the Mets don't trade for Jones, not with Carlos Gomez off the bench and Shawn Green now back and Lastings recovering in AAA. If the Mets wanted to get outfield help wouldn't they have gotten it when Green and Alou went down with injuries within a week of each other? Sure, I'd prefer Jones over Ricky Ledee (unbelievable situation considering a $100 Mil+ payroll), but it would only be for a month and the Mets aren't hurting for offense. LEFTY IN THE BULLPEN. Schoeneweiss is terrible, try to fix that instead of outfield Omar.

Do your homework. Schoeneweis is awesome against lefties, and has trouble with righties. It's not his fault Willie insists on using him wrong.

vs. Lefties: .176/.555
vs. Righties: .348/1.209

And a .349 OBP against Lefties. That is bad. And 7+ ERA. Just to compare, Joe Beimel has an OBP of .233 against lefties and even Damaso Marte is coming in at a .211 OBP against lefties. Schoeneweis does has troubles with righties, no doubt about that, but he is not performing well against lefties either. For $3.6 mil he should be doing much better against lefties.

As much as Jones gets made fun of on here, a lot of it by me, I wouldnt mind having him for right now. The mets offense is really bad right now, and they just need somebody to hit. Having Endy and Gomez in the same outfield was good for our pitching, but those guys just simply cannot hit. Endy cannot hit when he plays more then like 4 or 5 games in a row, his swing gets long and loopy. Atleast Green is back and BenJohnson is back in the minors. I doubt the Mets are going to trade any sort of valuable bullpen arm, as their pen has also been horrible lately. Schoeneweis has been awul, but it also came out that he has a severed tendon in his leg. Dont ask how the hell he is pitching with a severed tendon in his leg, but he is, and he shouldnt because he sucks. I also wouldnt mind Jones coming off the bench, he has to be better then Julio Frnaco who is the Mets main bat off the bench. I just wouldnt give up anything more then what we gave up for green last season.

I agree it might be nice to have Jones off the bench, but the Mets did pretty well alst year without Moises Alou. The fact is the Mets are gonna hit, sure they're slumping a little bit right now but they're still in first and are tied for the best record in the NL. I don't think there is enough need for Jacque Jones, and it especially should not take priority over bullpen help.

Let's all remember this rumor was started by a Chicago sports writer, not someone in NY.

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