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Olney Speculation: Dye To Diamondbacks

Buster Olney had an idea today worth discussing.  With the Diamondbacks in the thick of a pennant race and Carlos Quentin pressing, how about acquiring Jermaine Dye from the White Sox as a rental?

GMs Josh Byrnes and Kenny Williams seem to get along, matching up on the Javier Vazquez/Chris Young deal in December of '05 and the smaller Alex Cintron trade in spring 2006.  Olney believes Williams is ready to trade Dye now.  So far the Padres and Dodgers seem to be the main contenders, so keeping Dye away from those clubs would provide an additional benefit.

Earlier this month Williams said he wouldn't be trading for prospects, but I don't think that rules out good young players.  The Diamondbacks won't be returning Chris Young, but they do have expendable quality guys like Alberto Callaspo, Mark Reynolds, and Scott Hairston.  However, I have a feeling KW would ask for Micah Owings given the demand for Dye.  25 year-old reliever Tony Pena could be a target as well.  Dustin Nippert is another intriguing arm for the White Sox, even if the results haven't been there recently. 

Owings may be off limits or simply too much for an impending free agent.  But two of the other players mentioned above would make a nice package for Dye.


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Cant see why the Sox would go after Reynolds, but Callaspo and either Pena and Nippert would be a pretty decent package.

Makes perfect sense, as KW could complete his stockpile of young arms, and the dbacks could keep all of their young prospects in tact while still getting an impact bat. My question is, how would the diamondbacks bullpen be without pena? I can understand Lyon taking over the setup position, but I do not know if the dbacks could afford that. Callaspo probably would go to teh sox has a replacement for iguchi if he likely leaves for free agency.

I think the Sox could find some use for Reynolds, maybe at 2B. Callaspo seems more likely to me though.

A bit off topic - but Roto, can you see the Braves entertaining trading Renteria as a means of shedding salary to make a run at either keeping AJ or going after a suitable upper-tier replacement. With Escobar around it would seem either of them will have to go.

That's perfect actually. Dye moves from one bandbox to another. Are the Sox more interested in young arms or young bats? Seems like they could use both.

Can't imagine the Snakes giving up 2 of those guys for Dye but I would love it if they did.

Maybe with their young depth they can afford to do it and they know that it keeps LA and the Padres from getting him.

I can only hope.

If the D-Backs are willing to take on a decent amount of salary, a big deal for Teixeira would make more sense given his ability to hit lefthanded.

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