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Sorry about the down period for the site over the last few hours; my blogging service had a power outage.  Here are some evening links to peruse.

  • Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune speculates on what it would take to bring Jermaine Dye to the North Side.
  • Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus gives his contribution to the rumor mill.  Interesting notes: the Angels’ Nick Adenhart is untouchable; the Nats could acquire vets like Eric Gagne or Omar Vizquel for the draft picks; the Phillies could re-acquire Kenny Lofton if forced to use Shane Victorino in a trade.
  • Bugs and Cranks has a well written post about how sandwich picks are ruining the trade deadline.  However, I respectfully disagree.  The trade deadline rules.  It rules now and it always has ruled.  If you are the type of person who enjoys this site, you will find the trade deadline fun no matter how few big names change teams.  Rumors fly with reckless abandon.  Players you never thought available are suddenly in play, however unlikely.  Misinformation is spread like wildfire.  Is a trade deadline really judged on the biggest names to change hands, or is it just the thrill of the chase?  I vote for the latter.  I will be writing nonstop here on July 30 and 31, and trust me, it’ll be great.

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