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Red Sox Scout Las Vegas 51s

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Red Sox sent Allard Baird to scout the Dodgers' Triple A affiliate when they were in Tacoma earlier this week.  The 51s are back in Vegas now.

Cafardo says the Red Sox like third baseman Andy LaRoche, and that the Dodgers are looking for relief help.   Hard to picture how the Red Sox would fill that need though.  Some other interesting names on the 51s' roster: Tony Abreu, Chin-Lung Hu, and Jonathan Meloan

How do these two teams match up?  The Dodgers don't have much need for Wily Mo Pena.  And why would the Dodgers trade LaRoche to Boston for prospects?  Maybe it's a prospect-for-prospect scenario.


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my only guess for a match is Mike Lowell......maybe after the Sox get texiera

Theo loves to try and get multi-team deals set up.

The Sox and Dodgers both have the bats they need. The only way I see a trade happening is if it was pitching, and the Sox have the bullpen arms and with Schilling making a return, what's the point?

Agree with Kramerica, must be a Lowell thing...

i was thinking the same thing arod but i cant come with another team Theo could work with to set this up with. A lot of people forget that there were 4 teams involved in the Nomar deal. Theo will think out of the box and is capable of these mega deals

Well, since the Royals have been dealing with both the Sawx and the LAD, perhaps some sort of three-way trade is in the works.

Are you serious? The Sox don't have any relief help? Right now they have the best bullpen ERA in the minors. Kyle Snyder has an ERA under 3. Timlin has come back as a force, Delcarmen is establishing himself as a solid presence, Tavarez is back in the pen There are several guys in AAA that are clear trade chips Hansack, Breslow, Hughes, Hansen. This is a clear area of strength for the Sox with the emergence of Gabbard and Lester. La Roche can be tucked away in AAA till next year when we let Lowell go.

well the way I argue against your proposal george is the Red Sox must be getting something back from the Dodgers in the deal so the dodgers must be getting something from the Royals(Dotel?)but what would the red sox give the Royals that would make them want "it" over an Adam Laroche....If its a three Way it has to be a little bigger(Texiera or that surprise name we have not heard that always pops up) Personally im thinking the Dodgers want Lowell

How bout

Sanders/La Roche to the Sox,

Dotel, Perez, Lowell to the Dodgers

Wily Mo, Piniero and Hu to the Royals,

or something like that.

The Red Sox don't match up in the bullpen because they don't want to trade the guys they have. They don't have a surplus in the bullpen, in fact, they'll probably look to add a power RH setup man, or a situational lefty like Marte. The only thing I can see is the Sox trade Lowell to the Dodgers for a prospect or 2, then flip those prospects in some sort of combination to get Teixiera.

Right. That was my point - Sox don't have a bullpen surplus.

Hughes?????Brisox there is no Hughes in the sox system maybe you are thinking of Edgar Martinez. And you are right the Red Sox have the best relief staff in baseball but Tim thinks they don't have a match with the Dodgers(and I agree) because only one or two guys are actually expendable(Snyder and Tavarez and I'm pressed to say not to play with this relief core if its not broken don't fix it,or mess it up.)

The Dodgers no longer want offense, they purely want pitching - either another starter or another reliever. So if there's any merit to these rumors it's got to be for one of the Sox relievers. (As a Dodgers fan, if it involves Tavarez in any way, I'm going to blow a gasket. But i could see one of their other young relievers going.) Or, as others have said, could be a 3-way. But I don't see the Dodgers acquiring Lowell. They have Nomar playing 3rd, they have Betemit, too, and well, they have La Roche who I'd rather keep than acquire Lowell.

(Btw, it's Andy, not his brother Adam, La Roche, Kramer, but you knew that. ;-)

This Teixiera to the Sox idea is driving me crazy...enjoy going from gold glove defense from Lowell to Youkilis.

Actually there is.

wow Arod. Wily Mo, Pineiro and Hu to the Royals...does LA or Boston throw in the jar of vaseline on that deal?

Let's see. Dodgers get a proven closer, Perez (Odalis??? i think not!) and a good corner.

Red Sox get a proven 4th OFer and a future OF-3b.

Royals get a guy being BOO'ed out of Boston, a DFA'ed pitcher and a SS that would have to be converted to 2b??

yea. forget Vaseline. Just get the Crisco, cause that's just a prison shower raping right there.

This will be a prospect for prospect trade, because the red sox have the best record in baseball and don’t need a major shake up with a blockbuster trade. Lowell is aging and is in the last year of his contract so the red sox might be looking for a young long term replacement in Andy LaRoche. Craig Hanson and David Murphy for Andy LaRoche would benefit the futures of both teams.


#38 Travis Hughes.
29 yr old closer for Pawtucket.

54.1 IP
52 k
1.07 WHIP
13 SVS
1.66 ERA

Maybe it is something like:

Red Sox get Sanders
Royals get Hu
Dodgers get Dotel and Tavarez

Thats got the Sox adding a 4th outfielder, when they already have a 4th and a 5th. Gotta subtract Wily Mo to add Sanders.

Sanders and Dotel for Hu


ARod you are right. Brin fart im sorry, but mlb.com thinks he is still on the Nats http://mlb.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=407889

In the end Hughes will not have an impact on the Red Sox this year

That's not too bad, I don't think (and I am a Royals fan). Maybe Boston could add Wily Mo and the Royals toss them some bucks.

there has been previous mention of redsox interest in laroche. I suppose a deal could be made.

I'm hoping this is part of a bigger 3 way deal.

Who knows

Why would the Red Sox be scouting Hu if he was going to the Royals in the trade?

"Mark Teixeira to Atlanta?

A move to the National League East team would make sense in many ways, but it remains to be seen whether the Rangers and Braves will be able to reach an agreement on a trade that would send the 27-year-old first baseman from Texas to Atlanta before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

For now, however, Atlanta has apparently moved past Boston as the front-runners for Teixeira's services.

As of early Wednesday afternoon, the two sides still had not reached agreement on a deal that would send Teixeira to the Braves for switch-hitting catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and prospects. The identity of the other players involved is believed to be one of the holdups in completing this deal. According to sources, Braves pitching prospect Jo-Jo Reyes and 18-year-old shortstop Elvis Andrus are among those who have been discussed.QUOTEIt may only be a matter of time before Kielty joins the Red Sox in Wily Mo Pena's current role. Pena has been mentioned in rumors involving the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates."


Dodgers get Dotel and Tavarez? Uh, no. They are obviously interested in Dotel, that's true, but how seriously who knows, and would they give up a top prospect for a rental relief pitcher? I hope not. (I wouldn't mind giving up Hu if it meant getting someone real solid in return, though.)

Hey, does anyone know if a team acquires Dotel and loses him at year's end, what sort of draft compensation would they get in return? (a la the Dodgers last year getting and then losing Lugo, but getting picks out of it.)

Haha, maybe the Sox get Nomar back

Why did you have to bring up the braves

why why why why why did you mention salty and the braves

He's B compensation at most, Tavarez has a team option for `08.

Well, the Dodgers don't get Dotel without a close to ML ready prospect. Hu and Abreu have been the names most often discussed. The Royals also want to move Sanders (and the Sawx want him) so the idea is that the Royals ship Sanders to them in return for a bit of relief help to sweeten the Dotel-for-Hu deal.

i know everyone is sick of hearing about salty and the Braves....no one should disect this to death because it already has but this is news they have moved in front of my Red sox to get Tex and im not happy!

the only problem with your explanation George and trade offer is why would the red sox scout the Dodgers when they arent getting anything from the Dodgers?

Dotel didn't pitch last year, so most likely he won't give a team any draft pick compensation.

However, I believe he has a player option for 08.

Youkilis. Third basemen. THINK ABOUT IT.

Exactly Kramerica, which is why the current 3-way we are discussing probably doesn't make sense.

ehh. Like I've said before Id love tex as long as Lester/Buchholz stay.

Maybe the rest of our prospects simply arent valuable enough? If that is the case then oh well. We have plenty of money freed up next year. Lets just solidify the bullpen, add the 4th of and see what happens in the playoffs.

SBE Dotel does have a player option worth 5.5 million plus bonuses but i think he would make more on the market


Not sure what buehrlebro's point is about Youkilis and 3B. He came up as a 3B, still backs up Lowell over there, and while he may not be GG-calibre, he's fine over there. If the Sox got Tex and slid Youks to 3B while moving Lowell, infield defense wouldn't be my concern.

Craig Hansen has little value at this point, and any of my fellow Sox fans trying to sell him as more than he is (horrible performance this season) should take a look at his AAA Pawtucket numbers. Scary. Like, don't let small children see them numbers.

David Murphy: similar. His OBP at the AAA-level is no longer that of a leadoff hitter, he has no power and little speed.

Tim, is that Choo in your banner? I've always meant to ask. Seems to be Asian, seems to be wearing a Mariners jersey. Just wondering.

Andy LaRoche is someone that's been on the Sox radar for a while dating back to the Manny trade rumors. Of the 51s roster, he's the most attractive to the Sox as Meloan likely isn't going anywhere (especially since the Dodgers are looking for relief help).

On Hansen: He's rediscovered his slider recently and has turned the corner (again). If he's not traded away, he's likely to start 2008 in the Boston bullpen.

If the Dodgers won't trade Abreu for Dotel, they're not trading LaRoche for a combo of sox relievers. That would be an awful deal.

I admit that I haven't seen Hansen, but in his last 10 appearances (15 IP):

The positive: 20 Ks

The negative: 1.73 WHIP.

He's been pretty good in the month of July alone (7 appearances), but I would think that other teams would want to see some more sustained success if they were to take him as more than a throw-in.

The Dodgers have one thing on their mind..A Starter..That is whats has caused the bullpen to erode,too many innings.I could see the Red Sox/Dodgers/marlins doing a deal..involving somthing like Furcal/Laroche/Hendrickson the sox

Lowell/Lugo and a prospect to Marlins

Willis/Cabrera to Dodgers????

Wow, yup that makes sense.

Lugo might have 30 million left on his contract which is the Marlins entire payroll for this year, but I can see that happening.

Hu and Abreu are back up when this deal is done. Colletti will not give up MLB's best prospects especially after the Schmidt fiasco. They will pull the trigger when Wolf is 80%

Wow, ArnieBlue is now labeled the official Dodger Homer of MLBTradeRumors. All they hvae to give up is Furcal (big salary; mediocre this year,) LaRoche (good prospect; not as valuable as he was in the offseason,) and Hendrickson (need I explain?) and they get the most coveted position player in all of MLB (Him and Pujols are 1-2) and Willis.

The Marlins, well, they get Lowell (FA after this year) and Lugo (Happy, Happy Joy Joy.)

Just let Tim make up the potential trades...these are just flat out crazy.

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