Jack Wilson May Still Be Dealt

Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported yesterday that the Tigers and Pirates continue to discuss shortstop Jack Wilson.  Passing Wilson through waivers shouldn’t be a problem; no team would want his entire contract dumped on them.  Kovacevic describes the current state of the deal:

"One source intimately familiar with the matter said that a deal was virtually done Tuesday and that the Pirates would receive two of Detroit’s top six prospects, including an unnamed pitcher ready to join the major-league staff. But the sides haggled on how much of Wilson’s contract the Pirates would pick up, the source added, and the delay was on."

Kovacevic’s report doesn’t mention it, but there has to be more going to Detroit than just Wilson.  Probably one of the Pirates’ relievers, a group that was oddly retained at the deadline.  Such an addition might compel the Tigers to take on most or all  of Wilson’s contract.  But who are the two prospects?  Bucco Blog believes they’re starter Jair Jurrjens and outfielder Brent Clevlen, and Jake provides a scout’s take.  Jake is not a fan of such a trade.

Personally I think Jurrjens would be a fantastic return on Wilson if he becomes a #3-4 starter one day.  Clevlen seems a long shot to me to realize his potential.  The two prospects might not become Pirates until after the season, as they might not pass through waivers.

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