Lowell Seems Open To Yankees

Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald spoke to Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell recently about his future.  Like most players, Lowell has a list of teams he’d consider.  We know the Phillies are on that list, but it also appears that Lowell would also entertain jumping over to the Yankees.

As you know, Lowell came up through the Yankee system and made his Major League debut with the club in ’98.  The strong support Lowell received while moving up the system has kept them in a positive light in his eyes despite the rivalry.  Still, it’s been said that Lowell’s first choice is Boston and he might go for a two-year, $22MM deal.

Lowell is the fairly affordable third base alternative to Alex Rodriguez, should the superstar opt out.  It definitely seems possible that the Yankees and Red Sox "swap" third basemen this winter.  The difference between the two players so far has been 4.2 wins in A-Rod’s favor, according to Baseball Prospectus.   

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