Rangers To Pass On Bonds?

Here’s an MLB.com article from T.R. Sullivan that I’m just getting around to discussing (hat tip to Joe Siegler of Rangerfans.com).

Sullivan’s article mainly discusses the possibility of bringing Sammy Sosa back as a platoon designated hitter.  Not a terrible idea if Sosa is limited to facing southpaws and perhaps Jose Lima.  But here’s an interesting throwaway line in the article:

Club officials have made it clear they will not be interested in pursuing Barry Bonds as a free agent.

You may recall that the Rangers got some press in June as the "mystery team" that had pursued Bonds the previous winter.  Jon Daniels confirmed the discussions but said no offer was made.  In browsing that USA Today article again, I also noticed that Bonds apparently would’ve retired if he didn’t receive an offer of at least $10MM.  So that might be his bare minimum this winter.

So far the Rangers and Tigers have already distanced themselves from Bonds.

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