Cubs Rumors: Wood, Matsui, Crawford

The Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan has the latest on the Cubs this morning.

  • It’s been known for a few days now that the Red Sox like the idea of adding Kerry Wood as their setup man.  Sullivan confirms the interest, and quotes Cubs GM Jim Hendry saying Wood is "getting a lot of action around the industry."  In a pitching-starved market, teams will convince themselves Wood can stay healthy and dominant.  Sullivan speculates that it could take multiple years at $5MM per.  To see a team go 3/15 would not shock me.
  • Kaz Matsui is still on the Cubs’ radar for a three-year deal.  They could consider using him at shortstop or second base.  Two days ago Tracy Ringolsby had said Matsui "appeared headed to the Astros," but Ken Rosenthal chimed in noting the Cubs and Rockies are ahead of Houston in the Matsui derby.  Hendry met with Matsui yesterday, but no deal is imminent.
  • A left-handed hitting outfielder remains on Hendry’s wish list.  Carl Crawford hasn’t yet been made available according to Sullivan, but the Cubs will surely look into it if he is.  Kosuke Fukudome remains a possibility as well.  Bruce Miles adds Ryan Church to the mix.
  • The Cubs expect to increase payroll beyond last year’s $110MM.

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