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Indians Look At Alexei Ramirez

Remember Alexei Ramirez, the 26 year-old Cuban defector/shortstop/center fielder?  He's a wild card in a terrible shortstop market.  He'll soon establish residency in the Dominican Republic, and then he'll be a free agent. It's pretty tough to say how Ramirez would fare in the big leagues.

The Indians, always hunting for a good bargain, recently took a look at Ramirez in the DR.  The Tribe is hunting for a run-producing left fielder; maybe they like Ramirez in that role.  Maybe they just want to build up extra middle infield depth to trade later.


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Could be a good bargain, a lot team should show interest.

I agree. There really doesnt seem to be a lot of risk with him. He's only 26 so he's fairly young. He'll most likely come pretty cheap, and he can play multiple positions, including shortstop. I can think of a lot of teams that wouldn't mind giving him a shot

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