Larry King Expects Kent To Return

TV’s Larry King spoke to Jeff Kent recently, and came away convinced he’ll return to play in 2008.  Odd source of information.  The same sentiment about Kent has recently been expressed by Joe Torre and Ned Colletti.  It sounds like the Dodgers will be set at second base for ’08.

Torre also provided thoughts on Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez recently.  Torre said Pettitte was "leaning towards staying home" and it was "possible" the Dodgers could sign A-Rod.  Such a signing would not cost the Dodgers their valuable 15th overall pick next year.  The Yankees have to be rooting against this. 

I recently watched an ESPN video (top right corner) where Keith Law said he didn’t see Colletti patching things up to cut a deal with Scott Boras.  If the Dodgers are to sign A-Rod it might have to be Dodgers owner Frank McCourt taking care of things.  It’s assumed that Pettitte will either retire or pitch for the Yankees, though Nick Cafardo speculated he could go to L.A. to pitch for Torre.

A couple of vets would like to re-join the Dodgers in David Wells and Luis Gonzalez.  They’ve already made a minor addition in Chan Ho Park.  Others who have been connected to the Dodgers: Miguel Cabrera, Luis Castillo (probably only if Kent retires), Hiroki Kuroda, Andruw Jones, and Torii Hunter. A note on Kuroda – Phil Rogers’ straw poll indicated that roughly 20 teams have some level of interest in him. 

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