Latest Braves Rumors: Glavine, DeJesus, Dotel

Here’s a look at the recent dealings and rumors surrounding the Braves.

  • Frank Wren publicly admitted that the Braves would like to add Tom Glavine to their rotation for 2008.  They’re hoping for a hometown discount, which he may be amenable to based on this report.  At the minimum, the Braves will have competition from the Nationals, Cardinals, Astros, and possibly the Mets.
  • Wren also stated that the Braves will look outside the organization for their center fielder.  David O’Brien (linked above) indicates that the Braves won’t make offers to Torii Hunter, Aaron Rowand, or Mike Cameron due to the size of the likely commitments.  Since Cameron would seemingly only take two years, it’s surprising the Braves will pass.  O’Brien says David DeJesus is a reasonable option even though he’s signed for three years, since he’s cheap and trade-able.  A Coco Crisp acquisition would use similar logic.
  • Unless he comes at a discount, it sounds like the Braves will pass on Todd Jones.  Jones had expressed interest in pitching for his hometown team, but Wren stated yesterday that he will not pursue a free agent closer.  There had been speculation yesterday that the Braves were interested in Japanese closer Masahide Kobayashi.  They could still add him as a set-up man.
  • Though the Braves declined his $5.5MM option, Octavio Dotel could still be in the picture.  Most likely, he’ll seek more money and the opportunity to close elsewhere.  It was a mutual option so Dotel would’ve declined it on his end anyway. 

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