Olney On Blanton And Haren

Buster Olney has been digging up all sorts of good trade rumors, and I’m happy to pass along his info.  Let’s start with the A’s.

We recently discussed Eric Chavez, who as far as we know is staying put but wouldn’t get in Billy Beane’s way if he decides to move him.  However, with apologies to Chavez, the hot stove buzz around the A’s will be focused on their young pitching.

We know Dan Haren would draw a huge bounty of three to five very good young players.  We can assume that Joe Blanton would command a similar price, maybe slightly less.  Olney revealed today that Billy Beane isn’t likely to rebuild and try to contend simulataneously.  Instead, he would have a massive fire sale.  If Haren goes, Blanton and Huston Street probably would too.  Olney says Beane’s plan would be similar to the Marlins with Miguel Cabrera – target specific blue-chip prospects and approach those teams.

The Dodgers, Mets, Diamondbacks, and Yankees are named as teams that would figure to be in on an Oakland fire sale.  Those are the clubs with top shelf prospects that are going hard after starting pitching this winter.  This is shaping up to be one hell of a hot stove league.  Matthew Cerrone adds that if the Angels strengthen themselves by adding Cabrera (which Olney expects), that would further encourage the A’s to punt on ’08.

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