Rangers Would Require Apology From Rogers

There was some speculation a few days ago that the "right circumstances" that would allow a Kenny Rogers-Rangers reunion would be an apology to management.  Owner Tom Hicks erased any ambiguity on that front today, saying Rogers would have to apologize to the Rangers for them to entertain signing him.  Evan Grant notes that made all sorts of apologies after his cameraman incident, but one to the Rangers was conspicuously absent.

Rogers, a Scott Boras client, wants a one-year, $10MM contract.  The Tigers are still atop his list, but the Rangers, Mariners, Phillies, Dodgers, and Mets could also enter the picture.

Regarding Torii Hunter, it turns out Hicks did not attend the Tuesday night dinner.  It was just Jon Daniels; maybe Hicks doesn’t like Arby’s.  Hunter has also met with the White Sox and Royals.  Grant believes a contract offer from the Rangers could come next week.

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