Giants Pursuing Corner Infield Help

I’m not sure of the Giants’ plan – are they rebuilding?  Playing for 2008?  Kind of rebuilding but trying to seem respectable?

At any rate, the Giants don’t have much going on at first and third base.  I like the idea of going after a cheap under-30 third base upside play like Dallas McPherson.  But I wouldn’t fill the spot with a vet just to fill it.  As for first, I’ve said before I’d just toss Dan Ortmeier there for 550 ABs in lieu of adding some stopgap.  But that’s just me; here’s the latest on Brian Sabean’s corner infield pursuits:

  • Tony Clark is a target, and San Francisco is a good fit for him in terms of playing time.  He’d probably get a one-year deal and be paired with Ortmeier.
  • The Mariners are apparently shopping Adrian Beltre for pitching.  Doesn’t seem to be a smart move for Seattle but it may be a moot point if they are nearing a Carlos Silva signing.
  • No doubt Joe Crede can be had.  Paul Konerko, not so much.  Crede makes sense for the Giants in that they might be able to flip him if he has a good April-May.
  • Morgan Ensberg is a free agent who would probably play for $3MM and jump at a full-time chance.
  • Pedro Feliz remains on the radar, but apparently still wants three years.  C’mon now.
  • The Giants have "moved in opposing directions" with McPherson, a Scott Boras client.

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