Mariners Leading For Kuroda?

John Hickey has an update on Hiroki Kuroda this morning.  It seems the Mariners, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks are competing for his services.  Kuroda only wants a three-year deal, giving himself a chance to go back to Japan for the 2011 season if he chooses.  According to Hickey, "Kuroda’s final decision will be between the Dodgers and the Mariners."

  • Mariners: Hickey thinks they’re in the lead with a three-year offer in the $33-36MM range.  The rumors of a four-year offer were false.
  • Dodgers: They’re at 3/30 and are considered the Mariners’ biggest competition.
  • Diamondbacks: Hickey says they’re also close to 3/30 but on the fringes, which might imply his source was not aware of their recently improved offer.

It seems Kuroda will make a decision within a week or so.  Maybe by then the starting pitching market will start moving.

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