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Zrebiec On Bedard, Roberts

The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec was recently named Rumor Royalty for the Orioles.  Here's the last in a series of questions we asked him.

MLBTR: Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts are elite players under team control through 2009. If you had to guess, will both be playing for the Orioles on Opening Day 2008?

Zrebiec: Yes, I would guess that both will be Orioles on Opening Day. I've been surprised about the lack of trade buzz surrounding Roberts. I can't help but think that it is because O's owner Peter Angelos has already nixed one deal involving Roberts last year and has made his fondness for the second baseman known. I just think Roberts means more to the Orioles than he would to any other team and I don't see MacPhail moving him unless he's totally overwhelmed. And even then, good luck convincing Angelos to sign off on the deal.

Bedard is a little trickier. MacPhail and Mark Pieper, Bedard and Roberts' agent, have been talking "conceptually" about an contract extension for Bedard. I think people in the organization are split on whether they should secure long term the team's first legit ace since Mike Mussina or trade him and get multiple major league ready young players in return to a roster that is badly in need of them. If Bedard's contract demands aren't reasonable, that could make their decision for them. But even if that's the case, I don't see the O's in a hurry to do anything since Bedard is still under contractual control for two more seasons.


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I see the Orioles holding onto Bedard for one more year, during which he will define himself as an elite ace and prove last season wasn't a fluke. Then the Orioles will attempt to sign him longterm, but will fail and eventually trade him, I'm just not sure it happens this winter unless the Dodgers come in and offer something that includes all three of Kershaw, Kemp and Loney, which they almost definately will not


Rob at the Cub Reporter just posted an article about the Cubs targeting Brian Roberts at next week's meetings, according to Bruce Levine, and another rumor about the Cubs and Padres talking about a deal involving Mark Prior.


Hemingways, your rumor comes from a blog that came from a guy a Cubs guy (Bruce Levine) on ESPN 1000 who said the Cubs MIGHT look at a 2B next week and that COULD be Roberts.

My guess is Levine was asked to name a darkhorse roster move that not many people have read about. It would be hard for the Cubs to upgrade at C, 1B, 3B, LF, CF and the rumors for RF and SS have been exhausted so 2B 'shakes' things up.

Roberts would top that list because yes, the O's could use some talent and guys like Cano, Kendrick, Utley, Uggla, Weeks, Kent, Pedoria, Kinsler, aren't on the market and few other guys would be upgrades over DeRosa.

A trade for any 2B would happen unless DeRosa was in the deal too. However, he's a player that is more of dead weight in a trade than an assest. Don't get me wrong, I think he's perfect for the price, but that makes him bad trade bait.

Orioles should blow the thing up. Moving:


Should clear a bunch of money in payroll (not just today's payroll but payroll in the next year or two). You would score a ton of solid replacement players and rebuild your farm system.

I just don't understand what value Tejada brings to the team. On the team or off the team they are terrible.

One more note - I would move Bedard today. How much better could he really be next year? If they are already mentioning Santana like offers for him I think he can only go down. If he is injured or comes back and posts an ERA around 4.00 the guys value plummets.

Again, the Orioles won't compete with him this year anyway. Trade him now while he is at peak value and start your rebuilding process.

DeRosa wouldn't go in a deal for a second baseman. If you read the Chicago papers or listen to Chicago sports radio, the Cubs would like to have DeRosa as a super utility guy. That's why they went after Kaz Matsui.

I doubt the O's would deal Roberts, but you never know.

As for dismissing the Cubs Reporter or the source, Bruce Levine, well, Levine broke the Scott Linebrink signing before everyone else last week. He might just have been speculating like you say. One thing you can't dismiss is that Jim Hendry loves second baseman for some reason. He always seems to want 4-5 on a roster - last year he had current or former 2b in Soriano, DeRosa, Theriot, Fontenot, and Eric Patterson, not to mention Ronnie Cedeno played 2b with the Cubs last season as well.

In 2006 Hendry gave Dusty Baker a group that included Todd Walker, Hairston Jr., Theriot, Freddie Bynum, Tony Womack, Ronnie Cedeno, and the immortal Neifi Perez.

So if there's anything a Cubs fan would want to walk into a Vegas casino and bet on it would be Hendry adding at least one more second baseman to the mix. Who it will be is anyone's guess.

one thing that surprises me is ...not once has anyone mentioned the cubs as that mystery team after santana . think about it . how high would the cubs sell for if they had the best pitcher in baseball pitching for them and i'm not talking about zambrano . if the twins wanted to trade santana to the nl , the cubs could put together a better package than the mets . only the dodgers could put together a better package AND be able to afford his yearly salary and the dodgers are looking for power . think about it ..hill or marshall , marmol , pie ,patterson ,and whoever the cubs could unload . hendry did want to make a huge splash last year . how could he do it two years in a row ?

unless the mets unloaded reyes or wright which i don't think would happen

The Cubs don't have anyone the Twins would want.

This is off-topic, but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Pirates are going to non-tender Xavier Nady if they can't trade him at the Winter Meetings. Way to automatically lower his trade value, Buccos!

This proves, once again, that the Orioles aren't the dumbest team in baseball.

Im not sure Mark, I think I would prefer Rich Hill, Carlos Marmol and Felix Pie over some of the other packages I have seen thrown around here. Patterson might be a useful piece also. They atleast get a cheap arm to go right into the rotation, their CF of the future guy, and next potential closer. It could take another guy or two, but I am sure if the Cubs gutted their system they could get it done.

I would love to see Nady non-tendered. Omar could pick him up as the other half of that platoon, Church and Nady would probably be a very good platoon in right field. Nady was also a fan favorite with the Mets from his first week or so.

Bedard won't get dealt. Its the Oriole way to over-value players/prospects and then to trade them when they have no value.

I'd rather see them sign Andruw Jones then blow up the team but thats me. Of course I live in Baltimore so I'd like the team to win more then 50 games next year. Also like to see them sign Teixeira next offseason as well. But McPhail rather not do that.

Maybe he will notice that the AL East is a much different place to play then any other division. This is where big money rules.

I think if the mets wanted Nady they would have offered Milledge for Nady and Morris. Pretty sure Pitt would have taken it. Mets get a started and a guy the fans loved. Pitt dump contract and get kid for the OF.

I remember when Angelos shot down Roberts and Hayden Penn for Adam LaRoche and Marcus Giles. Jeez would that have been a steal - I'm still steamed about it.

The Orioles problem is the owner Angelos. They need to admit that they are a small market team. Their only chance of competing in the AL East is through internal player development and judicious trading, with some free agent signings to fill out the roster. There is no hope in sight for this franchise. Their farm system is barren, currently ranked 29/30 by Hardball Times (the Nats are 30, sigh).
Remember this?

To announce an offical dismantling after fans have already staged a walkout is to guarantee Pittsburgh like attendance by 2010. Balt. ranked 23/30 in home attendance last year in one of the nicest stadiums in the game. After 10 straight sub .500 seasons, fans will revolt if they blow it up and trade everyone including Bedard and Markakis. You do have to keep something when you rebuild. (sidebar - IMO Tejada, Roberts, and Gibbons all have PED question marks, and should be traded w/o hesitation).

Baltimore isn't a small market city. You look it up online we are a top 10 city.

Our team was at or near the top of the league in payroll when we were winning (10 years ago). Free Agents just stopped taking our money after Tejada.

"Free Agents just stopped taking our money after Tejada."

Free agents stopped taking Orioles money when it became clear that Angelos is running the baseball end of the team and does not have a commitment to winning. He also has dealt in bad faith with free agents and with the GMs of other teams. Can you imagine a GM working a trade with the Orioles only to have the owner veto it? This team has a proud history and a historical commitment to strong fundamentals and a strong commitment to player development. With Angelos, however, this commitment is history.

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