Angels Discussing Konerko?

UPDATE, 1-10-08 at 9:45am: This one isn’t dead quite yet.  According to Buster Olney this morning:

Heard that while the Paul Konerko-Angels talks are not blistering hot now, there is a chance they will get hot sometime in the future.

UPDATE, 1-5-08 at 10:17pm: Kenny Williams said tonight that he hasn’t spoken to anyone with the Angels since the Winter Meetings, and that he hasn’t had trade talks about Konerko this winter.  Nor has he been asked about his first baseman.

UPDATE, 1-5-08 at 10:33am: Doug Padilla of the Daily Breeze has a source confirming the talks described below.

FROM 1-4-08 at 7:41pm:

Just got a solid tip that the Angels and White Sox are discussing a possible Paul Konerko deal.  No idea how serious these talks may be.

The Angels made an offer to Konerko in the winter of 2005-06, when he was a free agent.  Konerko does have a limited no-trade clause to consider.

Some names being bandied about include Ervin Santana, Howie Kendrick, and Chone Figgins. Of course, all three would not be in the deal. The Sox also seek relief help.  Moving Konerko would mean putting Nick Swisher at first base, while Figgins could be the leadoff hitter the Sox are after.

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